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Country Critter Sitters


    February 2, 2019 - Watson,come here,we want to see you.

    This is Watson.   He arrived this morning to meet us and since he seemed to like it here , he ended up staying. He'll be six months old tomorrow and he's a Miniature Labradoodle and he's loads of fun. It was still pretty cold and windy but that didn't stop Watson from playing with his new friends Benson and Charlie.  


    They chased one another from one end of the yard to the other for most of the afternoon which might explain why he's so sleepy tonight.  The rest of the gang watched the puppy play and sometimes they joined in but, overall, we were all pretty impressed with the way Watson fit in here.





    He even ate his dinner and after, we all took a walk with Mary while Stephanie brought the horses into the barn and gave them their dinner.  It was snowing when we had to go for our late walk and the forecast says it will snow all night so we'll have to wait and see how much will be on the ground in the morning. One thing we know for sure, those pups will be having fun rolling around in it. 


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