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    February 15 & 16, 2020 - Heritage Day Holiday weekend

    This report will cover the first two days of a very busy Holiday weekend. Saturday was a sunny and much warmer day than we had been experiencing and we were all thrilled to see some old friends arriving for a visit as well as meeting a new puppy.  Hunter drove up to the gate and hopped out to join his gang , Gracie   and her sidekick, Stanley  , were dropped off for a weekend retreat and they joined us on a nice walk around so they could greet old friends and meet new ones. Then, the long-anticipated return of our Senior Statesman and all round good sport, Saki .  He was feeling pretty spry for a guy who will be fifteen years old later this year and, although he doesn't make a big deal about it, we could tell he was happy to see so many of his buddies lined up to greet him. 

    Then the arrival of a four-month-old Irish Setter called Monty really livened things up as he was a very confident and sociable puppy who wanted to play with everyone. 


    Monty would like to come and stay for a week and his cousin English Setters, Arthur and Owen were so impressed with his good manners and endearing personality, they both gave him a big thumbs- up.   

    The action continued, but this time we had to say goodbye to sweet Molly who is heading back to the family home after a busy week as well as Maggey and Max, who enjoyed their overnight stay.

    When all that was done, Stephanie suggested a beach hike and that sounded like a great idea. she assembled the beach goers and off they went down to the shore where they all  had loads of fun, including a swim and lots of ball fetching. Even though the air temperature was below freezing, that blue sky and sun almost had us believing summer was on the way. 




    While we were enjoying the time exploring on the beach, Owen was visited by a feathered friend Raven, who wanted to play tag with him.  That's one big bird. 


    When we got back to the house, it was almost time for dinner and then our post-dinner nap as just the ticket to carry us through to our late walk under the stars. 

    Sunday morning wasn't sunny and the low clouds were threatening rain but we didn't let that stop us from going out to explore and check to see who might have visited through the night. Inky tried to scare us with a tall tale about a big Black Bear looking for a tasty morsel but we all know that Inky is a trickster so we didn't pay him any mind. Kelsea soon arrived to get our breakfast and that became the priority so we ate then wandered around outside some more while we waited for the arrival of those bombastic Basset Hounds, Leroy and Lola. When they got here, they told us that their brother Cletus, elected to stay home and enjoy some peace and quiet while being cared for by a family friend.  So, the two of them had to expand their repertoire to fill the void left by Cletus and they didn't have any problem with that. The noise level and the energetic greetings were right on par and they proceeded to check out all their favorite haunts while the rest of us returned to the house. 

    After a rest period, Kelsea organized a beach trip and we were hoping that Rory would arrive in time to join us but, sad for her, she was late getting here and we couldn't wait any longer. Beauty arrived to spend the day with us and not long after, Rory was dropped off. Jasper was picked up by his human who brought back a lovely gift of coffee from Costa Rica and then our old buddy, Hercules was anxious to get out of the car and into the circus of old friends and new acquaintances. Kelsea took all of us for a long walk around all the fields while she picked up dog blossoms and then she arranged to take Rory, Hercules, Maya, Winston Nikku, Arthur and Leroy down to the shore with her girl, LaVie and her partner, Ryan. That bunch were very excited to finally be going to have a fun time running on the sand, splashing in the shallows and swimming in the waves. 

    When they got back Mary and Kelsea tackled a couple of maintenance jobs before getting our dinner ready and after we ate, we waited for Tessa to arrive for a short stay. She was so excited to see such a large crowd on hand and it took a while to get introduced to everyone but she soon found a couple of critters who would enjoy a rousing game of chase in the waning light of dusk. 


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