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    February 13, 2020 - We're stuck in a snow rut.

    The weather forecast last night said that it would start snowing at eight o'clock this morning and they were right on the money. It started snowing just as we were starting our breakfast and it pretty much snowed all day, sometimes just light snow showers , other times heavier stuff. The temperature remained just above  the freezing mark so a lot of it melted as it hit the ground. School wasn't cancelled but given the forecast of snow falling until ten o'clock tonight, they decided to send the kids home at noon. 

    No day-visitors joined us but we did get to welcome our new friend Flynn   and a little while later, or good buddy Charlie  , the Golden boy was dropped off for a weekend of fun.  We had loads of fun playing in the snow and getting acquainted with Flynn and roaming around with Stephanie and her camera. 

    The horse, Tallen, was also feeling frisky in the snow and he put on a show for us. 


    Flynn was busy getting to know everything and soon he was one of gang and happy to be amongst such a cheerful bunch. 




    Today was a special celebration for Joe, the Handyman, who is celebrating his seventy-first birthday and he enjoyed a special rainbow birthday cake and lots of good wishes. Atticus wishes to go on record as saying that his friend Joe is a mere youngster at seventy-one years. Atticus informed all of us that in a month he will celebrate his birthday and he will be ninety-eight, in human years.   


    After the birthday party, Stephanie took Joe home, Kelsea arrived and the snow continued but that didn't prevent Kelsea from taking Lucy, Scamp, Benji, Charlie, Cuffs, Willie and Molly down to the beach for a dip in the ocean. They got back to the house just as Stephanie was getting dinner ready and once all the food was eaten, the ones that didn't get down to the beach followed Kelsea around the North field for a long walk. Queen Ruby grudgingly went for the walk but complained loudly to Mary, when she got back to the house, about the snow balls that were stuck to her feet and legs.  


    Tonight, as we take our late walk, it is still snowing and still above freezing and we are all pretty tired. 


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