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    February 13, 2018 - Jiminy, it's Jasper.

    This was last evening's spectacular sunset     which promised a sunny day to come and that's what we got. Tuesday dawned clear and cold and Benny arrived at the gate, along with LaVie, wanting to spend the day playing and running and making new friends. We were happy to oblige and in between the outings , we enjoyed the warm sunroom. 



    At noon our buddy Jasper D got here and he was real excited to see all of us even though he hadn't met some of us before. He was happy to race around the yard with anyone who could run as fast as him or faster and Kali along with Hubble were happy to show off their talents. Mary had a job on her list that she wanted to get done so out came the tools and the tape measure. During those wind storms in January, the big wooden garbage box that normally was on the veranda got blown off and ended up on the north side of the house. Since then, with all the rain, it got water logged many times which made it too heavy to move so the job today was to put rope handles on it so she and Stephanie could get it back on the veranda.  After trying two drills, three batteries and four drill bits, the holes were made, the rope handles were operational and the box was back on the veranda. Scratch that job off the list! 

    Just in time as the afternoon departures were soon upon us with Hubble and LaVie being picked up, then Stanley and Gracie and Benny all departing for home. We had our dinner and then said goodbye to Tali and rushed back inside to grab our favorite dog bed for our after dinner nap.    

Don't forget to hug a critter today.

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