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    February 12, 2020 - Big snow + no school = fun for all.

    Hi, this is me, Molly , the Doodle, reporting on the snow-day activities. We awoke this morning to a winter wonderland of untouched, heavy, snow covering everything and, after putting on my sweater,  we soon dashed out the door and put our mark on it. School was cancelled, province-wide, and a couple of our regular Wednesday visitors bailed out, but, after Rollie got the driveway plowed, Kali and Odin both joined us for the day. Stephanie arrived with daughter Ellie and after breakfast, we headed outside to have some fun and Stephanie snapped some action shots of me being wild and crazy. I wasn't the only one ! 






    We enjoyed the sun and snow and when we got tired, we returned to the sunroom to rest and wait for another buddy, Willie, to get here and when he did, we all went out to say hello. He thought I looked pretty silly with my muzzle full of snow   but soon we were good buddies. Tristan arrived to shovel the snow from all the gates and steps and after he did the work over at the barn, we moved over to the cabana with Stephanie and the fun continued there. The critters that stayed behind with Mary enjoyed the warm sunroom atmosphere and occasionally barked at Tristan as he shoveled more snow away from the house. 


    Once Tristan was done shoveling and he departed, Kelsea arrived to relieve Stephanie for the afternoon since her school was cancelled as well. The afternoon seemed to go by at top speed and soon it was time for Odin to return to his family and a short while later, Kali's human drove up to the gate to collect her. That meant we could finally concentrate on eating dinner and then find a comfy dog bed to curl up on and sometimes even share with a buddy. 


    After we took our late walk, Mary consulted the weather forecast and it looks like we're in for another snow storm tomorrow. So, we all know what that means ... more plowing, more shoveling and more fun. We'll have to wait until the morning to see if school will be cancelled again.     


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