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    February 12, 2018 - Saying goodbye to Biscuit.  

    Our day got off to a sad start as we had to say goodbye to our dear girl, Biscuit  .  She was thirteen years old and very tired so she stopped wanting to live. Meals were always of top importance in Biscuit's life and when she decided that she didn't want to eat anymore, we knew she had turned a corner and there was no going back. She was the most agreeable and friendly Yellow Lab, with a lot of patience and a very strong desire to please people as well as her own kind. The beach was Biscuit's favorite place and today when her friends went for their walk, a tribute to Bisquit was left behind by Ellie. Please forgive the spelling ... Ellie's only six. 


    We were a very lively group that raced down the hill this morning to explore the beach and play our games of chase, splashing through the tide pools. 



    When we got back from the beach, Mary had lunch ready so we took the opportunity to have a nap in the sunroom. In celebration of the plus nine degree, no wind and no rain day, the horses got saddled up and Stephanie and Mariah took them out in the North Field to stretch their legs but after such a long winter break they were feeling a little frisky and Thor decided to try unseating Mariah. She managed to stay on after several balks and small bucks but eventually when she let down her guard he managed to buck her off into the mud. Her pride was the only thing hurt so she took him around a couple more times so he wouldn't get the idea that he could get back to his hay by doing his rodeo bronc routine.  

    We had been enjoying the comforts of the sunroom while all of this was going on and soon it was time for Caper and Oliver to say so long and head home so we could have our dinner. The temperature began to drop sharply and the wind picked up briskly from the North-West so that when we took our last walk at ten o'clock, we hustled pretty quick in order to keep warm.     

Don't forget to hug a critter today.

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