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    February 11, 2020 - Another snow storm heading our way.

    Tuesday was very busy after breakfast with the five, regular, day-guests arriving for some fun and games. Here we are, at the end of the day, looking like we think we might be staying for dinner.  From left to right, Oliver, Nala Sr., Drake, Baxter and Benny.


    We spent most of the day playing outside the cabana and enjoying the company of Scamp, Jasper, Cuffs, Jake, Molly, Felim, LaVie and Nikku. We were all getting along well as a group and in the afternoon, the sun was trying hard to peak through the clouds. When we weren't playing games outside, we relaxed inside on the comfy beds and sofas.   

    The rest of the gang hung out at the house and they had a romp in the East pasture while Stephanie took some photos. 


    You'll notice that there was a little LADY mixing with the commoners and not wearing any of her fancy trappings. Apparently, she thought it would be amusing to see how the ninety-nine percent lived. Some of her sycophants had accompanied her, even if it meant leaving their favorite napping spots. Goodness knows they wouldn't want to find themselves out of favour.  

    Queen Ruby                                                       Duke Atticus


    Earl Inky                                                                  Duchess Jora 


    Trying to look like she was part of the crowd, we spotted Her Majesty's bodyguard,  the ever vigilant, Corporal Chloe  , The shoulder holster was a dead give-a-way.

    The afternoon was just about over and a few snow flurries had started to fly when the day visitors departed and we had dinner. By the time we had all finished our meals, the snow had blanketed the ground and it was time for Angel to depart with her human. Later, when it was time for our late walk, there were a couple of inches of very heavy snow on the ground and we had loads of fun running around and rolling in it.    


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