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Country Critter Sitters


    February 11, 2019 - The cold grip of winter doesn't let go.

    It was another wind-chill day of minus twenty which meant we had to spend very limited periods of time outside to avoid getting frostbite. The sun was a welcome contributor as it did keep the sunroom a little bit warmer and Stephanie took us over to the cabana which was a great place to play and wrestle. Shelby and Gracie both came to spend the day with us but Gracie was focused on one thing only, getting to the beach.  Mary and Stephanie explained to her that a trip down there today wasn't in the cards so she just hung out and made the best of it. 

    Shelby was a constant source of entertainment and always wanting to make the most of her time here even if some of us just wanted to nap on the couch. In the late afternoon, we were pleased to see our old friends, Pepper and Brenna, the Collies, arrive for a mid winter vacation and they immediatley went out for a wander about in the front yard because they have very thick and long fur coats to keep themselves warm. After dinner, we stayed inside until another old friend, Sophie DH, was dropped off for her winter vacation. She's a Collie mix and she also has a very thick fur coat to keep her warm so she wandered around checking out all of the hot spots while we took turns dashing out to say hello. 

    We just came back in the house after taking our late walk and it was hard to catch our breath in that dry, cold air so Mary didn't want to stay outside for too long. Pepper followed along as we tried to make a full circuit in the North field but Mary had to cut it short when her face started to freeze. Brenna parked herself down by the beach gate  and it seemed like she planned to spend the night there, so Mary and Owen had to go and nudge her back to the house.   


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