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    February 10, 2020 - Queen Ruby gives a royal report.

    Good Day to all my loyal subjects. It is I, Queen Ruby   hereby giving you a royal account about my reign here in Seaforth. Pay close attention.

    Monday arrived threatening some nasty weather and I was escorted outside by my retinue before breakfast was served. A quick tour of the front yard was all that I needed to work up my appetite and once I had my breakfast, I was ready to have another nap. But first, there is my Royal Duty, where I have to give an audience to the morning arrivals like Baxter, Nala Sr., Nala Jr. and Gracie and later, Felim and Jora. They all parade in front of my throne and bow their heads as I try my best not to fall asleep. 

    Later, they all want the opportunity to have their photos taken with me but I give them my most regal glare and they soon go about their business. Can you tell that WE are not amused by their requests for something called selfies.   

    Stephanie keeps a close eye on the progress of our walk-a-bout and documents my every word and deed for posterity. She also takes photos of the other guests as they follow me around, hoping I will notice them. They should be careful what they wish for since I have been known to notice them with a royal snarl and a regal nip, on occasion. 



     Time for me to take my leave and return to my throne so Stephanie can go over my wardrobe choices for the day. There is a lovely hot pink ensemble that will require some alterations but the plum, plaid vest fits just right and looks regal on me. That will be my choice for the next royal occasion. 

    It started to seriously snow and the more outdoorsy types were happy to tag along with Stephanie on some walks while some of us were inside, being waited upon by the other staff. That included Atticus, the Duke of Napshire, Inky, the Earl of Siestaville and Jora, the Duchess of Dozelandia. When lunch was ready, the great unwashed horde came in with Stephanie and brought their distinctive odour of eau de chien mouillé . Oh, the things a Queen must endure for the sake of her subjects. 

    It was supposed to start raining at lunch time but the snow continued throughout the afternoon and aside from a couple of brief excursions, I kept warm and dry and waited until the evening banquet was served. The rain did arrive after dinner so hopefully it will get rid of the icy patches so I don't slip and fall which would be most unseemly. Well, it's time for bed so I am heading upstairs so I can claim my favorite sleeping spot. Good night all. 


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