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    February 10 & 11, 2018 - Meeting Trudie and a rainy weekend.  

    The rain this weekend didn't stop us from enjoying two trips to the beach. Charlie and Luna arrived right after breakfast for an overnight stay and they were both keen to set off for the beach but we had to wait until our visitor, Trudie, arrived. She was a Yellow Lab lady, very friendly and happy to go for a walk around the fields with us in spite of the cold. She would like to stay with us when her humans are travelling and she seemed to be pretty happy with the situation here so it looks like it's a go. 

    Stephanie took us down to the beach for a long walk in spite of the cold and we had a good time with plenty to investigate, lots of balls to chase and a Bald Eagle to keep us company.  




    Sunday was even rainier than Saturday but Kelsea found a short window of opportunity when it wasn't too bad and took us down to or favorite place. Rooney, our Chocolate Lab buddy, had arrived to spend the day with us and he was real happy that he didn't miss the beach hike. We did lots of swimming and racing around before heading back to the house to get dried off and have a nap while Kelsea had a bowl of turkey soup. In the afternoon, our little buddies, Hubble and Tali , were dropped off to spend a couple of days with their friends and that created lots of excitement since both of them are fast moving and love a game of chase.  It was busy for the next hour or so as Packer was picked up by his human and then Rooney said his goodbyes and Kelsea started getting our dinner ready. 

    After we all ate and found a comfy dog bed, we only opened an eye briefly when Charlie and Luna departed and we hardly even noticed when Marley was picked up. And the rain continues tonight so Mary will have a tough time convincing us to go for a late walk.  

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