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    February 1, 2019 - Febrrrruary's here and we're feeling the love.

    Well, the change from January to February was very subtle; it might have been one degree warmer today than yesterday but the wind chill still puts us at minus eighteen. Nick    arrived early and he was very excited to be back for another visit and to find the two charming Black Labs, Piper and LaVie on hand to welcome him. A little while later, the place was under seige by the two Golden's, Daisy and Baxter, who wanted to say hello to everyone and be best friends within the first five minutes of their arrival. It made all of us feel good to have so much happiness and joy being spread around. To feel the love, if you get our drift. 

    Kelsea was dressed warmly so she took us on a big Poop Patrol and Mary decided to leave the horses in the barn until it warmed up a bit. No complaints from them, as long as they had a bag of hay to eat. We all returned to the warm house and Mary suggested that baking bread might be a good plan so she and Kelsea collaborated on a four loaf batch of Whole Wheat Raisin and it turned out just right. 

    While it was baking, we waited for the arrival of an old friend who hadn't been here for a few years. Scamp  , the little gal who would confound any DNA test, was dropped off for a three week stay and she made sure that there was a big bag of treats for all of us which made her even more popular. Look at those ears and that curly tail, eyes so quick and bright, they didn't miss a trick. After the initial introductions and bum sniffs, Scamp was off to the races, running circles around the rest of us and showing off her sharp turns. Some of us tried to keep up with her but we soon ran out of steam. 

    After lunch, we had a great time investigating the East pasture field with Kelsea and Benson found the remains of an old wasp hive so Kelsea brought it back to the house for Ellie to check out the next time she's here. Mary and Kelsea turned the horses out in their paddocks with their winter rugs on so they could get a bit of fresh air and exercise   while we hung out in front of the barn.  


    The bread turned out perfect and was left to cool, carefully locked away from Arthur's attention. The next excitement involved two more Golden's, Bear and Rosie,  who touched down here like two golden tornados.  They were so excited to see all of us that they couldn't stop racing from one side of the house to the other as Mary let us out to say hello to them.  They wanted to hear all the news and we were happy to pass along as much as we could but we knew that as soon as they got into the house, Zag would want to collect a few hair samples from each of them for his collection. Henry got picked up by his humans and went home while Daisy and Baxter were soon on their way as well. 

    Dinner was a noisy affair and then it was time for a walk and the horses needed to come back in the barn to have their dinner after which Kelsea took her loaf of bread and  went home for the day. Tonight, after our last walk under the stars, we're all tired and wanting to get some sleep so soon we'll be off to bed.   



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