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Seaforth, Nova Scotia

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Country Critter Sitters


    December 6, 2017 - Rain, at times heavy. You bet! 

    It was raining hard when we got up this morning and it continued all day with strong south-easterly winds. Lola didn't come for the day due to the inclement weather but Hunter arrived right on schedule along with Angel, the house cleaner.  Off to the cabana we went with Stephanie while the house was being cleaned and she had difficulty persuading us to go out for a few walks in those downpours. So, we just hung out, played, posed for our portraits and napped.



    Lotti got picked up by her human and she said she was looking forward to having a long uninterrupted nap when she got home. The afternoon was spent pretty much like the morning so there wasn't much to report in the way of exciting adventures or even minor misadventures. We had our dinner before saying goodbye to Job and then Hunter and we watched some TV with Mary before taking our last walk of the day.   

Don't forget to hug a critter today.

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