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    December 5, 2017 - Our friend Flika's back. 

    Tuesday came and went without too much fuss, until we had to say goodbye to our friends, Daisy, Tucker and Sophie. We will miss all three of them for different reasons and we hope to see them back again real soon.

    But before they left, our day was marked by the arrival of the very senior ( 14.5 years), Flika, who will stay here for the winter months.  Many of us have had the 'pleasure' of making Flika's acquaintance in the past so that when Mary opened the door and we looked out to see who had arrived, we promptly changed direction and decided to wait awhile before greeting the old dear. It's not that we don't like her but she can be somewhat cranky when one of us gets in her way. You see, she's a dog that doesn't like to stand still so she is always moving, usually at a lope and in a straight line.  Her eye sight isn't the best these days, so if we get in her way she has to slow down to avoid bumping into us and she blames us for these near misses.

    Now, for those that haven't had the pleasure of meeting Flika before, we try to impress upon them the importance of not getting in her way but often they don't listen and they get taken aback when their friendly greeting is met with a less than friendly snarl. If they're smart, it only happens the once and they give her a wide berth after that. Now there's one exception to this ritual and that is when the cougar in Flika makes an appearance. She will suddenly fall madly in love with one of the more handsome boys and want to follow him around and then initiate some playful flirting. Today, it was Tucker who caught her eye and she was very friendly and playful but Tucker knew he was going home and he didn't want to lead her on so that dalliance didn't go anywhere. I better stop now before this starts to sound like a TV Soap Opera.

    Stephanie waited until the departing critters had left before taking us down to the beach for some fun. Here are some photos that show us living the high life. 






Don't forget to hug a critter today.

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