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    August 9, 2019 - Lots of hellos and goodbyes.

    Friday started off foggy but turned into another hot and sunny day for us to enjoy with an even bigger bunch of friends as we gathered after breakfast to welcome the day visitors, Baxter, Nala and Shelby and then some overnight guests, like Rusty, Kali and Pi. This prompted a lot of bum sniffing and tail wagging and the usual barking as we had to give them a warm reception. 

    Here's a partial line-up of who is on hand today and were  willing to stand still long enough for a photo. 



    Once Jasper got picked up by his human, we were free to head down to the beach with Stephanie and Kelsea where the fog was hugging the shoreline and we had our usual lively fun swimming and fetching, running and chasing. 




    We returned to the house tried and thirsty and while we were napping on the veranda, our Greyhound buddy, Lupin, arrived for a short stay which required another round of bum sniffing and tail wagging. It was around this time that Shelby got picked up and Daisy had a noisy reunion with her humans. After we settled down for a nap, it seemed we had just closed our eyes when Baxter and Nala got the summons to the gate which signaled the start of dinner and our usual after dinner nap. Later, Nick got the call that he would be going home this evening and once he left, the gate could be closed until tomorrow.      





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