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    August 8, 2019 -Welcome back Kelsea!

    We sure did miss Kelsea while she was out in British Columbia so it was a lovely surprise to see her drive up to get our breakfast first thing this morning. Stephanie was also on hand so we got extra-fast service this morning which is always appreciated. Our early morning guest was Rocky who will stay for a couple of days and our regular Thursday day guests arrived. That included Baxter, Benson and Finnigan and later Tali also joined us for the day.  After we ate, the fun continued as Benji was dropped off and we hung out with Kelsea while she picked a big pile of red currents.

    Mary had to make a trip into Dartmouth for a funeral so we waited until she got back before heading down to the shore for our swims and stuff. When shew arrived she had Sophie  , the Doodle, with her who  we haven't seen in a while. She was happy to see some of her old friends, particularly Saki, Karter, Lumie, Naga, Owen and Arthur.

    We assembled for our beach hike and took off with Kelsea and Stephanie to enjoy the big surf that was pounding on the beach.  Here are the best shots for today. 




    Later the photo session continued back at the house. 



    The afternoon sped by until it was time to say goodbye to Sophie, Benson, Finnigan and Reggie, eat our dinner and then send Baxter and Tali on their way. But we have another arrival as Job was dropped off for a couple of days. Tonight, we just had our late walk and it is pouring rain outside which is welcome since the fire hazard was high in all of Nova Scotia and Mary's veggies needed watering.      




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