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    August 7, 2019 - The hot and sunny weather continues so we're doing the beach again.

    Wednesday dawned sunny and hot and brought us our usual day-visiting crowd starting with Hunter, followed by Angel, Luke, Kali, Parker, Marlea and Mika. So we have two trios, the three Bassets and the three Brittanys. Once Luke gets here Daisy has a non-stop, game-playing  buddy and they keep it up all day with only short breaks to catch their breath and have a drink. 


    It's house cleaning day so we have to get ourselves to the beach this morning so Angel will be able to get the house cleaned later. It had just gone low tide when we raced to the bottom of the hill and there were lots of things to investigate before the water crept back up over the sand to cover up the evidence. Mostly, we just enjoyed chasing balls and swimming while Stephanie took lots of photos. However, Tucker did have some fun encouraging the flock of Canada Geese  to get some exercise so they would be in shape for the Fall migration. 





    We returned to the house, wet and tired and just in time to meet a new friend, called Sammy. He is a black and white Parti Standard Poodle and they are pretty rare as none of us have ever met one before. He looks like he is wearing a tuxedo and he's only nine months old, so he's very playful and Daisy decided to show him around all her favorite haunts. He would like to stay with us for a week and after spending some time with him, we all agreed that he would be a welcome addition. 

    Most of us went to the cabana while the house was being cleaned and we enjoyed getting dried off in the warm sun or resting under the shade. Our buddy, Luke, was dropped off for a short stay and he was happy to hang out with the little guys until later.  Stephanie got Ruby and Riley moving with a ball fetch and some games of chase which they enjoyed while Chloe watched and Karter peered through the fence hoping that the squeaky ball would somehow end up with him. . 



    The afternoon wound down and soon it was time to wave goodbye to our day visitors and have our dinner after which Stephanie and Angel headed home. The early evening was holding on to the heat from the afternoon sun when Mary took this photo of the weather station showing the temperature on the front veranda as 29.9 degrees. She also wanted to brag about her raised garden boxes and the good food they are producing so she picked a bunch of veggies to have for her dinner. Yellow and green beans and beet greens were cooked and served within an hour of being picked so they  are truly 'local' and the baby carrot was the appetiser.   





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