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    August 6, 2019 - Wasn't that a party!

    Yes, today was another party day, this time we celebrated Baxter W's   seventh birthday and there were a whole slew of his best friends on hand to party hard. His usual Tuesday buddies were here, Baxter R, Oliver, Drake, Benny and of course his sister, Nala.  Then the arrival of the three Basset Hounds, Leroy, Lola and Cletus     added to the excitement and when the Birthday boy arrived at the gate, we all sang the Happy Birthday song to him as he walked down his ramp to join us for the day. His human brought a big treat for all of us - a huge tray of dog biscuits and some squeaky green balls   as well as a package of cookies for our sitters.   

    We enjoyed the pool and the fun and games over at the cabana while Stephanie snapped loads of photos and Baxter went along with the silliness and wore his Birthday hat. 


    When Riley heard there were squeaky balls he decided to show off his fetching skills but he had to have  the yard all to himself as he wasn't keen on sharing his ball with anyone. As you can see he's very fast on his feet and would have made a great shortstop. After that workout, he needed to have a cool drink and a rest.   


    That was just the start of the festivities as they continued down at the beach where we ran and swam and had loads of fun with one another. We all agreed it was a great party and we'll look forward to the next one. On the way down, Stephanie checked on our newly hatched babies and took a photo but we still don't know what kind of bird they are.    






    Needless to say, we were all moving a little slower when we returned from the beach later and it was agreed that we should have a rest period  but that only lasted until Daisy arrived and she soon had us all on the move again with her high energy but even Daisy had to rest in the afternoon heat.  


    As it started to get closer to four o'clock, the day-visiting, party goers stated to depart including the Birthday Boy and we all agreed that it was a great day. After dinner, there was one more departure, Mr. Jones, and then the usual, long, evening nap was underway.


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