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    August 3, 4 & 5, 2019 - Playing catch up while we cool down.

    In these parts, we're in the tail end of the Natal Day Weekend and based on the number of guests in residence, it was a busy one.  There were five new arrivals on Saturday including Reggie, Hercules, Riley F, Parker and Tommy and the net gain was two as three others went home, Roxy, Lexie and Finnigan.  To add to the workload, Kelsea, our number three dog sitter, is on a week's vacation out in British Columbia so it's just Stephanie and Mary holding the fort. Consequently, some of the regular tasks have to move down on the list of priorities and one of those is the DogBlog where we've fallen behind by three days. 

    So, in order to catch up, we're going to give you just the highlights and lots of photos. 

    Saturday was hot and sunny and we had a 'New Pool Party' an everyone was invited to jump in and enjoy the cool water. Mary and Stephanie were also busy putting up a new shade awning nearby and the old pool was moved there to live out its last days. The pile of crusher dust proved to be irresistible to Caper who had to try and find what was underneath all that piled up bits of rock.  




    Later on Saturday afternoon, Stephanie took a bunch of us to the beach and we enjoyed the  salt water which was much cooler that the pool water. We also got to meet a couple of neighbour dogs, Skitch   , a senior Black Lab mix  his younger sister, Maybelle  , a Great Pyrenees. 




    They hung out with us for a while and then returned to their humans before we had to come back to the house. After dinner, we all laid down on our favorite dog beds and napped after such a busy day and Mary was just about ready to start keying our Friday DogBlog post when the lights went out. We heard fire engines racing to the scene of a house fire in West Chezzetcook and some of us joined our voices in the wailing of sirens. The power remained out until ten thirty and that's when we took our last walk and gave the horse his evening bag of hay. 

    Now Sunday was something of a departure from our usual hustle as Mary declared we would have a day of rest allowing Stephanie to spend the afternoon with her family. Honestly, since it was hot and humid, we were all kind of relieved that we could just lay around in the shade while Mary tried to do some reading. If we felt ambitious we could wander over to the pool and have a dip and later in the afternoon we went with Mary to inspect the red current bushes which are loaded with fruit and ready for picking. Parker was claimed his humans and Stephanie returned to get our dinner ready and after we ate , we enjoyed a log and lazy evening until it was time to say goodbye to Ollie. 

    That bring us to today, Monday, which was again hot and sunny but we were back into the usual action as nine of our buddies were scheduled to go home today which meant lots of noisy send-offs. We also got to welcome back, Tucker  , our Yellow Lab buddy and little Ruby  , the Shih Tzu. After Rory, Robbie, Felim, Jora, Enzo and Riley C were all loaded into their crs and driven home by their humans, we headed down to the beach and on the way we met some newborns in their nest right next to our path.   We're not sure of what their breeding is but they sure are cute and hungry. Here are some more photos in case anyone has any ideas about these little birdies. 


    Angel was here today so Stephanie included Jasper in our group as an extra pair of eyes needs to keep a close watch on him if he starts to wander. But, that wasn't a problem today as he had a quick dip in the water but his dislike of the beach flies sent him scurrying back to the house. 



    That surf certainly did the trick and cooled us off so the return trip wasn't too tiring and the fresh buckets of water were waiting for us on the veranda. It wasn't long after our return that Hercules was picked up, then Marty, followed by Scout and Nokia. All this traffic flow meant a much shorter wait for our dinners which was great. 

    One final bit of news was the arrival of the new Schnauzer pup, Fritz ,  who will make his home with Stephanie's sister Sheila, her partner Richard and the two girls Mariah and Monica. Here are a few photos of this adorable little guy who we will get to meet once his final vaccinations have been administered.









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