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Country Critter Sitters


    August 2, 2019 - Try to remember what we were up to on Friday.

    We must have been very busy on Friday since there seems to be a lot more of us to feed which adds to the noise and mayhem at mealtimes. Some critters don't have any patience when it comes to their meals, whereas the saintly Jora, Felim and Enzo lay quietly on their beds, never uttering a sound or rushing the gate. The rest of the gang are either howling, trying to crash through the gate to the mudroom or steal  someone else's after-dinner biscuit. I better not say anymore in case I get someone in trouble. 

    The arrivals gate on Friday was opened for Rory, Robbie, Marty, Lumie, Finnigan, Scout   

    Caper  , Nokia 

    and Jasper    then the departure gate swung shut behind Owen, Chella and Sophia. In addition, our regular day-visitors Baxter and Nala joined us. It was a very hot and humid day and this was relieved by the arrival of our new wading pool   .  Stephanie's sister Sheila with her partner Richard, came by to help move a load of crusher dust so that there would be a level area to set it up. In this heat, we really appreciated their contribution and, within minutes of the pool being filled,  there were five of us jumping in at the same time to test it out. 


    The new pool gets a big Paws Up and stay tuned for the official pool opening tomorrow. 


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