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    August 10 & 11, 2019 - Say hello to Sammy, the Parti Poodle.

    Hi, I'm Sammy  , I'm nine months old and I've been dropped off here in Seaforth to stay with with a bunch of new friends so I'll introduce them to you and give you my initial impressions. Oh, that's not a typo, I am a Parti Poodle, not a Party Poodle. This name refers to my black and white colouring. 

    I did get introduced to the two cool dudes that live here all the time, Owen    and

    Arthur  , but to tell you the truth they didn't pay much attention to me except to make sure I knew who the boss dogs were and lecture me on a bunch of other rules that I immediately forgot.

    There are some senior critters staying here,  in fact I thought that maybe this was a senior dog home when I was first being introduced. These guys are all ten years or older on the calendar. 

    Saki, , a very dignified and friendly Black Lab  who never misses a trip to the beach and loves to eat. He also sleeps a lot and doesn't hear so well.  

    Lumie , a Lemon Beagle, who really likes to howl and she doesn't socialize much. Like Saki, she also sleeps a lot but never misses the beach or a meal.  

    Lupin  , the Greyhound, has very long legs and he can run very fast covering a short distace. He does not like anyone to get too close to his bed when he is lying down and he is very quick to remind us of this many times a day. He aso sleeps a lot. I thought this was a characteristic of all seniors until I met Riley. 

    Now Riley , the Schnoodle, is technically a senior based on his year of birth,  but he's got more energy than I do, particularly when it comes to chasing his ball and demanding his food at mealtimes. I think he grabs little catnaps during the day when no one is looking.

    Maya , a big Grey Doodle, is tall, fit and aloof. She doesn't mix with the other dogs very much, preferring to chum around with her younger brother Winston . The antics of much younger dogs doesn't impress her and she did think I was being a smarty-pants when I didn't give her a proper greeting. 

    Now the last three seniors were not quiet, sleepy or aloof. They were noisy, brash, rude and scary. They are Leroy  ,

    Lola     and Cletus  , all Basset Hounds and they think that proper introductions are for wimps.  They rushed up to me, howled in my face and then began circling me like they were thinking  about having me for dinner. They stuck their noses between my back legs and commented on my personal parts.  I soon learned how to stay out of their way. 

    Moving out of the senior's residence, I did get to meet some other neat critters, like 

    Kali , an Entlebucher Mountain Dog and a very focused gal who doesn't seem to be impressed with my size or my intellect. She's always busy with her own agenda. 

    Pi,  , also known as Mini Pi, is a Toller mix and he likes to wrestle and play so we got along great as long as I let him win. 

    Benji, , a Terrier mix, isn't a player but he always likes to be watching the games and howling at the participants. 

    Caper, , a Yellow Lab, loves the water and then always wants to roll and dig in the dirt once he is wet. Personally, I found him to be a little too macho and that dirt seemed to follow him everywhere.  

    Rusty, ,  Doodle, loved to hang out with us but he didn't like being touched so spectator sports were his bag. He also likes showing me his lovely front teeth which look like they were all capped.  

    Ruby, , a Shih Tzu mix, may have been small but she didn't hesitate to boss us around if we got too noisy and rambunctious in the house which she considered her personal kingdom. She also does a neat spin on her haunches when she gets excited.   

    Karter, , a Shepherd mix, is kind of bossy and thinks he owns the best sleeping spots, like the sofas. He has a narrow focus, the beach and eating. but I think he would protect any of us if there was a threat.    

    Naga,   the Golden Girl, is kind of hard to figure out. Most of the time she is very placid and almost friendly, though she thinks she's much too sophisticated to play with any of us. But you don't want to get between her and a dog biscuit if you know what's good for you.   

    Dory,  is one of these Black Labs, but for the life of me, I can't tell which is which. I think that's her on the left. She's a pleasant gal but loves her quiet time so don't interrupt her nap unless you want a nip on the bum.  

    Tucker, , a Golden Lab, is an all-round nice guy who seems to like everyone and never loses his cool. While he may not  be a player, he's always ready to cheer on anyone who is having a wrestling match. 

    Winston,, a  Doodle, is Maya's chosen younger brother and while he always wants to know where Maya is he did enjoy a few games of chase and some long walks with the younger crowd. 

    Well, it's late and I'm very tired and while there is lots more to tell you about, I really want to go to bed. 


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