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Country Critter Sitters


    August 1, 2019 - August starts off hot, humid and thunder and lightning end the day.

    Yes, it was a busy start to the month so we're just going to touch on the highlights and give you a bunch of photos. Clover, Auggie, Saphira and Marley returned to their respective households and Mr. Jones, Karter and Dory came back for a visit. 

    We did get to go to the beach and we shared it with a flock of geese while a couple of eagles did frequent patrols over our heads watching our play. 





    The rest of the day was pretty much routine until the claps of thunder around dinner time put some of us on edge and we could see a lot of forked lightning all around.  When we took our late walk there were a few light rainshowers but it seems that the heavy downpours missed us entirely. 



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