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Country Critter Sitters

  • June 22, 2018 - Rocky and Redford have a reunion. 

    Friday arrives with sunny skies but the  winds from the south-west are keeping it pretty cool. We are up with the birds and outside checking all over the place to see what night visitors we might have had, hoping that we might surprise a pheasant or two.

    Thor is much improved this morning and walking a lot better so that's a big relief for Mary and Stephanie. Mind you, he's not too happy about being kept in his stall but it's for his own good. Our three Friday day guests arrived, Sophie, Sammy and Winnie, and we also were surprised to see Gracie M who usually is here on Monday. This time she's going to stay for the weekend and she has only one thing on her mind. The beach and how quickly she can get there. We were also pleased to see our pal Jasper WD drive up and hop out of his vehicle with a big container of food and treats. There was even a bag of human treats for Mary and Stephanie. Well, no need to delay any further, Gracie says, let's get this show on the road. Off we raced down the hill to the ocean where we had our usual good time playing and exploring and swimming.    



    When we returned to the house, Benson departed for home with his human and Redford arrived to spend his vacation with all his buddies particularly Rocky, who he has known for many years. They used to live in the same building and often played together when they were still puppies. Lunch was a quick affair as we were expecting another guest but believe it or not, he didn't show up and an hour and a half after his planned arrival time, his human called to cancel his stay. Rather than waste any more time waiting, Stephanie ran a few important errands to get some Milk Bones and orange balls for fetching and Mary kept us occupied until it was time for Winnie to go home. Stephanie got back and got our dinner ready and after we ate Sammy went home. Mary started to prepare her dinner while she waited for Sophie's humans to came and get her and while they were here, they took some photos of the pond garden flowers, particularly the Tree Peonies and the Azalea. Then we all got to accompany Mary to the barn and watch while she fed the horses, making Thor's very tasty with apples so he would eat the medication that she put in with his pellets.  

    Mary is determined to get a few more hours sleep so she is getting us out for our late walk and then we are going right to bed. So, today's DogBlog will conclude now.      

  • June 21, 2018 - Are you sure this is the longest day of the year? 

    Today was another sunny and warm day which is making everything in the gardens bloom big time. It's the Summer Solstice which marks the first day of the summer season but this is something only the humans get excited about. We  take each day as it comes and the calendar has little impact on our lives.

    Today turned out to be a busier day than was planned for Mary and Stephanie as Mary's horse, Thor, suddenly began showing signs of pain and lameness yesterday and he had to be brought into the barn from the pasture. Unfortunately, all signs pointed to a condition called Laminitis which can be very serious if not treated quickly as it can lead to permanent foot damage and the horse can no longer be ridden. Thor had to soak his feet in cold water to reduce the inflammation in his feet and stand in his stall with deep bedding to cushion them. The call is made to the vet to make a farm visit. 

    Meanwhile, we are busy greeting our day-care buddies Baxter and Briar Rose along with Katie, the Newfoundland, who is here for the weekend. We got to take a morning trip to the beach which was lots of fun where we raced, swam and fetched balls. Here are some photos. 






    The afternoon is busy around us but we're happy to just relax in the shade of the veranda while Kelsea mows grass, Joe get's Ellie's potato patch ready, Stephanie keeps an eye on all of us and cleans up the barn and Mary goes to pick up some rolls of wire fencing. Alice gets picked up by her human and Jasper arrives for a short stay. Later, the vet, Dr. Trevor Lawsen, drives up in his big white truck and he spends almost an hour with Thor examining his feet after removing his shoes.  He agrees that it's likely Thor has an acute case of Laminitis and he prescribes some pain meds and stall rest for the next week to stop the inflammation. Dr. Lawsen suspects that the recent weather pattern, with cold temperatures at night and warm sunny afternoons has resulted in an overproduction of soluble carbohydrates, particularly fructan, in the grass and eating too much of this has triggered this attack. Bad news for Thor who doesn't like to be kept in the barn but the vet will be back in a week to check on him. 

    We say goodbye to Stanley and Gracie and Kelsea gets our dinner ready which we quickly consume. Then Briar Rose and Baxter go home and we relax until it's time for Lucy to get here. It's late now and we just took our last walk and we'll be heading to bed soon. We all hoping that Thor will feel better tomorrow.      

  • June 20, 2018 - Oops, someone fell asleep at the controls. 

    Wednesday, house cleaning day and only two day-care guests today, Lola and Parker. Another sunny, warm day with a good breeze  and we moved over to the cabana where Stephanie and Kelsea filled our pool so we could cool off.  

                                   Hold on, Mary just got up from the keyboard and declared that she just wanted to put 

                               her feet up and rest for a few minutes.  The whole bunch of us didn't wake up until

                               two o'clock in the  morning and she said we should all go for a walk an then go to

                               bed. We think she forgot about the DogBlog.  Sorry 'bout that ... we'll make up for

                               it tomorrow. We found these photos from the beach hike so we'll put them here

                               for you to enjoy.  

    Buca                                                 Ellie and Stanley                                   Alice





  • June 19, 2018 - More friends arrive and we have a great day. 

    We had a major wind and rain storm overnight but this morning the skies started to clear and the wind shifted to the North-West. This change of wind direction dried up a lot of the water that hit the ground overnight and the sun, when it started to shine, made all the plants and trees lush and green.

    It was a very busy day that started at six thirty when we all raced outside to relieve ourselves. It wasn't long before our friend, Kali   arrived at the gate looking for some fun. Then Stephanie and Kelsea drove up and started to get our breakfast ready and Baxter also got dropped off for the day. After we ate we stayed outside giving Kali and Baxter time to get to know those of us who they hadn't met before. Then , more day-care guests, Oliver, little brother Drake and Benny rushed in to see what they were missing and before we ha a chance to catch our breath, Stanley and Gracie were at the gate with their suitcase, planning on a short stay. They weren't alone as Benson and Remi also came for a vacation and soon we were all trying to greet each other and get the bum sniffing out of the way.   

    The excitement didn't stop there as a very excited young Golden Girl, Alice, arrived for a short stay and she launched herself right into the middle of all the fun. Just for a contrast, our old buddy, Casey K , got here and he was much more laid back and chill about his little vacation with us. He's a very quiet guy and he likes to wander around the yards, stopping to say a polite hello when we meet him. Kelsea and Stephanie took a group down to the beach for some swims and some fun while the rest of the group stayed behind with Mary. Once the first group was back at the house, group two was rounded up and they enjoyed  all the beach had to offer, arriving back at the house just as lunch was put on the table. 

    Our little friend, Holly, was the next critter at the gate and as usual she demanded that Mary be her constant companion so she follows her around like a little shadow. We still had two more critter guests checking in; Piper and Buca are back for a much longer stay this time and while Piper is super excited, Buca is more relaxed about everything and all she wants is a comfy dog bed.  Stephanie got busy with the camera in the afternoon and got some candid shots for you to enjoy. 






  • June 18, 2018 - A favorite hat bites the dust.

    Monday morning and we all woke as soon as it was getting light which these days is five thirty. This is me, Archie,   bringing you a report on today's activities because I want to get in on that Milk Bone action too.  Mary would have preferred if we had stayed on our beds until at least six thirty but no such luck and she dutifully arose and let us all go out into the front yard where we took care of our business and checked out the wild animal traffic that passed through during the night. It was overcast and grey and the weather person was predicting rain today so we may be limited in what we can do for excitement. 

    Most of us went back to sleep until it was time for breakfast while Mary took care of some chores, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher and answering email messages. Kelsea was back on duty this morning and Hunter arrived just ahead of her to spend a couple of days. Today was Sammy's regular day visit and Gracie was here as well, so Kelsea organized a beach hike as soon as the breakfast dishes were washed and put away.  It was a good thing they went this morning since it started to rain later and it didn't stop all day. Everyone had fun at the beach particularly Rupert   who spent all of his time trying to catch those pesky waves   that would lap along the shore line.  Sammy, 

    seemed to enjoy hiding in the tall beach grass and popping up unexpectedly from time to time. When the gang    was al tuckered out, they returned to the house where the comfy dog beds awaited them. 

    Meanwhile, a new friend, Marlea, had arrived for a brief introductory stay and she stuck to Mary like glue at first which I thought was a little much. While she was occupying all of Mary's time, I wasn't getting my required pats and belly rubs but I had to be patient while she got used to the rest of us and this new place. Rocky offered to show her around and soon she was in the mood for a little play time. Marlea's humans called just after lunch to arrange for her pick up and they were pleased that she got on so well. She is going to come back next week and spend an entire day. The afternoon passed slowly with the rain hitting the sunroom windows, driven by the southerly winds. Yesterday Kelsea cut a couple of blooms from the Tree Peony bush and Mary took a photo so everyone could enjoy the soft pink and mauve display. 

    Gracie was picked up as well as Benji before dinner and the Sammy after dinner and afterward Mary was waiting for a Roofer to come and look at the repairs that need to be done because of the winter wind damage. When he eventually got here, we waited inside while Mary talked to him and he was a particularly chatty roofer who didn't seem to care that the wind was howling and the rain was still falling. Eventually, he gave Mary a price for the repairs and a list of materials he would need and a vague promise to come back next week.  

    When Mary returned to the house, she was somewhat miffed to find that one of our group had redecorated her favorite hat, giving the brim a scalloped edging. Now I know it wasn't me, and I can vouch for Owen and Arthur who were both fast asleep. Rocky didn't leave Cocoa's office and Rory and Robbie were also snoozing on their favorite dog beds. If anyone out there recognises the bite pattern as belonging to their critter, a replacement hat would be appreciated.   



  • June 16 & 17, 2018 - Sasha takes a payoff and spins a tale.

    Hi, my name is Sasha  and I am taking responsibility for a two-day weekend DogBlog report because I was promised some extra biscuits and I'll do most anything for a handful of milk-bones. That's me with the juicy stick at the beach. Saturday was another lovely day, sunny and at times, warm and the first thing that I will tell you is that Sam, the Border Collie, arrived just before breakfast. Since we were all focused on eating, we didn't even go and say hello but Sam wasn't concerned, he just continued on with his property inspection. 

    Once we were all fed, it was time to check in with Sam and then we watched as Leroy, Lola and Cletus were happily reunited with their human and loaded into the car for the short drive home. Suddenly, it got a lot quieter around here but that didn't last too long since Kenzie, the howler, arrived and she was full of stories and complaints. This seemed like a good time to do poop patrol with Stephanie which was just about complete when we got to meet a new friend. Her name was Trinity and she was a Portuguese Water Dog and still a puppy. She would like to stay with us in August while her humans are travelling and we took her for a long walk around the yards in order to get to know her a bit better. She was a sweet little gal and full of energy and I figure she'll be sure to come back. 

    Roxy was the next critter to take her leave and then we spent some time just kicking back in the afternoon until it was time for a beach hike with Stephanie and Ellie, her daughter. It was a great hike and we had lots of fun and no one got into any trouble. When we got back to the house, it was time for dinner and then our last job was to say goodbye to Juno when she got picked up. 

    Sunday was another wonderful June day and after we ate, Charlie and Luna arrived to spend the day with us. They are both very cool characters and they quickly do the meet and greet and settle into the pack activities. That's when we got the great news that we would be heading down to the beach for an early hike along with Charlie and Luna. As usual, Benji made a big deal about coming along with us and once we got down to the shore, he turned tail and raced back to the house.  In the afternoon,  Kenzie, Tali, and Saki were all picked up by their humans and disappeared from sight while Rory and Robbie enjoyed their own private beach hike with Kelsea and her pup, LaVie. 


    Rupert, who we haven't seen in a year, arrived for a short vacation stay and it didn't take him more than a couple of minutes to get back into the swing of things with the pack while Luna and Charlie headed home with their human. After dinner was all consumed and I had my biscuit fix, little Murphy was back with his humans and on his way home. I have to go and rest now since I am exhausted from all that spinning. 

  • June 15, 2018 - No DogBlog to speak of ... 

    Friday ... a big debate is underway regarding who should have done the Friday DogBlog with lots of paw-pointing and pass-the-buck attitudes. Our dearly departed Boss Cocoa, always tried to enforce the rule that the last dog to arrive on a day would have to do the report.  Since he's not here to maintain order, things have deteriorated and there's been a call to change things up but there is no consensus regarding how the job should be allocated.

    The last one to arrive on Friday was Juno but she says she can't do the DogBlog due to her eye injury which necessitates the wearing of one of those big collars.  Tali was next but she just refused the task, wouldn't give a reason, and the next one in line,  Ellie, took off as soon as she got here and started  a game of chase and she got a bunch of her buddies to keep the game going and none of them would even sit down to discuss the problem.   Sophie C and Winnie both used the 'We're Day Care Clients' excuse although why this should exempt them, we don't know and Sammy claimed that he didn't know how to write a Blog Report since he's just a puppy and he also went home just after dinner. Rory was having some problems with his eyes and he had a note from his vet asking if he could be excused from Blog duty and Robbie said he was Rory's Emotional Support Service Dog and he needed to be by Rory's side at all times. Murphy, like Sammy, was claiming to be ' just a puppy'  and still didn't quite grasp the concept of letters and spelling and grammar. 

    That left Norman, the only other arrival on Friday and truth be told, none of us wanted Norman to do the DogBlog because he's such a stickler for open and honest dialogue. We figured he would tell our humans all about our  transgressions and we'd find ourselves in Dutch. No amount of cajoling or bribery could get Norman to overlook a few stolen biscuits, a stick chewed up in the living room or a missing shoe so here we are with no Friday DogBlog report. Oh well, Mary decided she would put a bunch of photos in and hope that the humans out there would let it go at that and she'll try to get this resolved tomorrow. 







  • June 14, 2018 - Rainy day Thursday. 

    Thursday we awoke to driving wind and rain and this put the damper on most of our activities but it didn't keep Benson or Baxter away.  We won't try to make more of the day's events beyond the usual walks, belly rubs, pats and generally pleasant conversations. Joe did come and he helped Kelsea do a major clean up of the cobwebs in the barn with the shopvac. After lunch and more cobweb destruction, Joe returned home and we continued our rainy walks and wrestling matches on the front veranda where the wind wasn't too bad.

    Kelsea, who always needs a project, put the new Adirondack chairs together that were delivered by UPS yesterday. We all tried to help but mostly we all just got in the way. Our good buddies, Rocky and Benji were both dropped off at the same time which gave the rest of us a reason to get up from our naps and be sociable. They both appreciated the welcome that we gave them and it took a while for everyone to get caught up on all the latest news. 

    Soon it was time for Benson to be returning home and then Stephanie made our dinner while Kelsea got to go home early. The drizzly conditions continued into the evening and after Baxter went home we pretty much stayed in side where it was dry until it was time for our last walk and then to bed. 

  • June 13, 2018 - Wednesday in Seaforth and for a change, it's not raining. 

    A lovely Wednesday, full of sunshine and a breeze, like air conditioning that kept us cool. It was house cleaning day and today we had four day guests at the gate looking for entertainment. Lola   ( yes, she's still coming every Wednesday, just as she has for the past ten years), Parker, Maya and Marley. There was the usual milling around and sniffing of bums and catching up on the news via pee-mail and then Hunter arrived to spend the day and night and he was very pleased to see his good buddy and fellow Brittany, Parker   .The morning followed it's usual course with Stephanie and Kelsea while Mary had to drive into Halifax for an appointment where the temperature was ten degrees hotter. Later on Piper and Buka were thrilled to see their human arrive to pick them up and they headed for home. They'll be coming back for a longer stay next week so we'll look forward to seeing them again real soon.  Stephanie got busy with the camera and here are some great shots. 



    Mary got back just in time for us to get organized for a beach run and today Cletus    was allowed to come though he didn't stay long cause he missed Leroy too much. Maya loved playing in the waves and getting soaked  and there was lots of chasing and silly behavior     along with peaceful  wading     . Something for everyone    , even the bird watchers. 

    The return to the house was delayed for Stephanie as she had to go after Pace who decided to pay a visit to the cow pasture farther west along the beach. She was curious about the cattle eaing grass and didn't pay much attention to Stephanie when she kept calling her so a leash was the only way to convince her to change direction. 

    Marley and Hubble had been picked up by their humans while the rest of us were enjoying the sea and sand and the next departures were Maya and Parker who left just before dinner. Rain is expected tonight along with some high winds so the next job is to secure anything that might blow away, make sure the horses have their evening grain and say so long to Lola.  



  • June 12, 2018 - Lab puppy Drake gets to join in the fun.

    Tuesday, sunny and windy and cool but it was exciting.  We saw seven day care guests arrive this morning and that's a record number. First there was Tali, Kali and Baxter who managed to slip in just before the breakfast bell sounded. Tali pretended she hadn't eaten before leaving home so she could get a second helping while Kali and Baxter raced around the yard. After breakfast, we had Oliver and for the first time, he brought his little brother, Drake, with him. Drake is just four and a half months old and what a little darling. He loved playing chase and wrestling with the other dogs and he was very sensible, resting when he needed and drinking lots of water.  The other day guests included the regular visit from Benny and the always exciting visit from Daisy. Mary, Stephanie and Kelsea just let Daisy run around for the first half hour or so till she lets off some of that pent-up energy. Marcy also arrived back for an extended stay and she had a big bag of food, which she was watching like a hawk. 

    As much as she didn't want to leave, Mary had to go into Dartmouth and there were seven or eight stops that she had to make, including the most important one, Walkers, where she picked up Beef Jerky Strips and Dried Liver treats for some special dogs. The visit to the post office on the way home, produced the pond pump that she had been waiting a month to arrive. She managed to get everything done and get back just as lunch was being cleared away and she got some help getting the bags of groceries into the kitchen. Pace was with her pack of friends at that time, having arrived earlier and once Stephanie had picked up Ellie from the school bus, the big beach trip was next on the agenda. Archie   always pretends he's going to go with the gang and he runs as far as the gate but then he turns back and returns to the house. He says he doesn't want to leave Mary alone with those three Bassett Hounds, Leroy, Lola and Cletus since they have been known to get into trouble if left unsupervised. Buka,  chose to stay behind today as she wasn't up to that long walk. 




    That's Leo strutting his stuff and looking very regal. 


    Pace, Marcy and Daisy keep checking to see where those orange balls are headed.  


    Drake was so well behaved, he got to go with the gang and he had loads of fun exploring and getting wet. 


    Kali and Ellie wearing big smiles and Kali takes a dip with her buddies. 


    Here's a group shot that includes Hubble and Roxy with a lot of their friends and Marcy swims alongside Piper while Baxter looks like he's tracking something interesting. 


    After all that tearing around and swimming, the walk back to the house was a lot more subdued and the gang just made it back in time to hand over Daisy, Benny, Kali, Oliver and Drake to their humans and then get dinner underway. After we ate, Tali and Baxter headed home and we settled down to a very sleepy evening. 

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