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  • March 20, 2018 - Mary Had A Little Lamb Redux. 

    Tuesday dawned cold but sunny and Piper's brother, Caper, arrived early for another day of fun with his little sister.  This is what they engaged in five minutes after he arrived. They definitely think alike as well as look alike.  

    A short while later, Benny, our regular Tuesday day player got here and then Ellie , The Golden Retriever pup got here for a week's stay. She was pretty excited to see so many other Retrievers and she didn't hesitate to join in the fun. Mary had some errands to do this morning, one of which was to go back to the grocery store and see if her hunch would pay off. When she was there last week, she couldn't talk herself into buying a two pound leg of lamb with a price tag of $18.59 even though lamb is one of her favorite meals. She took note of the March 20 Best Before date and now here she was back in the meat department. There were three legs of lamb in the bin, all of them reduced to one third of their regular price because they had reached the Best Before Date.  She grabbed all three and came home feeling very triumphant as two went into the freezer and the third was put on the menu for tonight's dinner. Our Duck Toller pal , Tali, was dropped off to have an overnight stay and she didn't waste any time drumming up support for a beach hike.  

    Just after lunch we got to meet a sassy little Shih Tzu called Belle,  just five months old, who would like to come and stay for a couple of weeks later in the spring.  She had never been outside without a leash before today so at first she stuck close by her humans but within five minutes she figured out that everybody was her pal and she went for a long walk with the pack and Stephanie. She had a blast running around and acting silly and it was obvious that she would fit in just fine here. After Belle departed with her humans, Stephanie picked up her daughter Ellie at the school bus and they gathered a bunch together for the beach hike. So now there was Ellie, the six year old girl and Ellie the eight month old Golden and they had a great time at the beach. 



    The rest of the pack were having loads of fun and even taking a dip in the Atlantic just to prove how tough they could be and there were lots of orange balls to chase.  



    Benny went home and we had our dinner and we could smell that roasting leg of lamb, knowing full well we wouldn't get any so we all sat and stared at Mary as she enjoyed her lamb served with rice, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli and a generous helping of mint sauce which Jack's human had brought back from Ireland last week.       



  • March 19, 2018 - We've got good deals on sticks. 

    A new week starts with the usual visits from Oliver and Gracie and today we have Norman joining the party to have some fun. Norman's human brought along another carton of eggs, laid by their hens with yolks so orange they make store bought eggs look sickly. Stephanie got busy right after breakfast gathering up all the dog bed covers in the house and putting them in the washing machine. It took most of the day to get them all washed and dried and put back together so tonight everything is fresh and clean. In between loads, Stephanie took us out for walks in the cold winds and she also took some photos for you to enjoy.

    Here's Price with his priceless piece of lumber, Lupin carrying his twigs and Casey showing us how to handle a tricky stick.   


    Piper yakes a rest with her trophy stick, Willy found the piece of harness tug and Gracie watches the action. 


    Tucker wonders if there are any dog treats coming his way while Kali waltzes with her treasure and Oliver looks for something good to show off. 


    Atticus came with us but sticks are not his thing and Norman waits to ambush one of his buddies and steal the best stick. The whole gang enjoys some play.  


    The critters aren't the only things that catch Stephanie's eye as the daffodils are poking their way up through the frozen ground trying to pretend that spring is just a day away. 


    Rory got picked up by her human before lunch and Oliver, Gracie and Norman were all picked up by their drivers just before dinner and a very tired Price left us just after dinner. 


  • March 18, 2018 - Sunday is a day of rest. 

    It's Sunday and cold with a brisk north-westerly wind but we don't let that get in the way of our fun. Bailey    has finally figured out that he's not going to find a stash of dog biscuits in every pocket and he has settled into the routine of taking walks and then returning to the house to nap. We had fun following Kelsea and her pup, LaVie around and we found a few great sticks to play with as well. Around noon, Job was picked up by his human and we had to say goodbye to the little guy. In the afternoon Kelsea took a bunch of us down to the beach for some fun and we got soaked racing through the shallow water and swimming after the balls. When it's time to return to the house, we are all dragging our tired butts up the hill and moving a lot slower than when we raced down. 

    Both Lily and Marley went home after dinner so tonight it is a much smaller group that Mary has to round up for our late walk. When we got back to the house, Mary sat down at the computer to do some work but Bailey wanted to go to bed right away so he stared and whimpered until she gave in and we all retired for the night.     

  • March 17, 2018 - Bailey the Biscuit Bandit arrives.  

    After the mild temperatures over the past couple of weeks, it was a shock to have freezing cold and wind today and more of these strange snow squalls. One minute the sun is shining and the next there's a raging blizzard all around us. We welcomed our friend Kali who is always loads of fun as she loves to chase and play tag and Levi thought she was just the cat's ass. They played together all morning while the rest of us took some short walks with Stephanie and Mariah. A new friend, Bailey, the Miniature Schnauzer, arrived for a one week stay and even though he's in the senior dog realm, having just had his thirteenth birthday, he's very busy and quite fit and somewhat naughty. It didn't take him long to investigate the property, meet all the other dogs, figure out which door to bark at when he wanted to come in and find the liver treats in the pocket of Mary's apron.  The rest of us watched, in awe, as he pulled the apron down onto the floor and gobbled down the bits before Mary caught him. Then, to add insult to injury, he took up a position next to her while she ate her dinner and made it clear that he wanted more liver treats. He's got lots of hutzpa that guy and Mary's going to have to make sure that everything is out of his reach.

    Our gal, Shadow, was happily reunited with her human in the middle of one of the snow squalls and she didn't look back as they drove off. Next, it was time for Job, the Havanese kid, to get here for an overnight stay and even though he's tiny, weighing only seven pounds or so, he loves to hang out with the bigger dogs and get everyone running. Mary made some lunch and then Levi's humans drove up to the gate to get him and Mary didn't linger long in the cold wind and snow, saying goodbye to the little guy who was so excited to see his family. Finally, lunch got consumed and Mary went back to trying to problem solve the printer malfunction. It was only purchased fourteen months ago but what started out as a simple paper jam has escalated into a major alignment problem so that nothing that comes out of the printer can even be read. 

    Stephanie and Mariah went home for a few hours so we hung out with Mary and said adios to our buddy, Packer. Then Mary got bundled up in her storm clothes and took us outside for a walk in the North field until it was time for our dinner preparations. Stephanie and Mariah did an excellent job and it didn't take us long to clean up our bowls. We're all looking forward to seeing what further antics Bailey will get up to and whether he'll be able to outsmart Mary.          

  • March 16, 2018 - A Sibling Session.

    Well, this was the big day that Piper had been waiting for ... she was going to see her brother, Caper, after a long separation. They were born May 20, 2016 and each went their separate way about eight weeks later and today they had a reunion of sorts. It's hard to tell whether they actually know they are litter mates or if they just like one another. They certainly look a lot alike and they had us all confused when they first started hanging out together. In fact, Kelsea got fooled and gave Caper a helping of Piper's breakfast before she realized the mix up. Oh well, Caper wasn't complaining, that's for sure. 

    See if you can tell who is who from these photos. 



    There was lots of time for them to play together and they made good use of some 'little' sticks they found while the rest of us had a merry old time following Kelsea around with her poop bucket. Winnie arrived to spend the day with us and then a ittle while later we got to welcome back our dear old girlfriend, Casey , the Chocolate Lab. It's been a while since she was last here but she was happy to see some familiar faces, like Atticus . Casey went for a nice stroll with Kelsea and the pack and then returned to the house for her mid-morning nap. 

    After lunch, Kelsea gathered a bunch of critters for their beach hike and off they raced while Mary stayed behind with Lupin, Casey, Hercules, Hali and Chester. Hercules was happy to see his humans arrive a short while later and he needed some help getting in the back hatch of the new car but with a boost, he made it. Casey wasn't very happy about not being allowed to go to the beach but she's reached the age where such a long climb might be too much for her so after fussing for a few minutes, she eventually fell asleep. 

    The rest of the afternoon was quiet and then Winnie got picked up by her humans who arrived with two big bags of carrots for the horses and then we had dinner. Caper and Piper had to say goodbye to one another when his human got here to pick him up but it looks like they may get another play day next week.      


  • March 15, 2018 - Celebrate the Ides of March. 

    Good evening. I am Lupin   and I waited until there was lots of stuff to write before taking over the keyboard. It's Thursday and I knew it was going to be a special day so I started barking for Mary to get out of bed at five-thirty.  When the rest of my pack got out of bed and ran outside we discovered it had snowed overnight so everything was white and clean. The Birthday Boy, Atticus , got out of bed early and we gave him our heartiest congratulations upon reaching the ripe old age of twelve, that's eighty-four in human years. He was only interested in getting his special birthday breakfast and he's also hard of hearing so he didn't pay much attention to us. The sun got busy and the snow was fast disappearing by the time we finished eating and Oliver and Benson were dropped off to spend the day with us. Kelsea and her pup, LaVie, got here and we ran out to say hello and take a walk with them in the warm sunshine. We were having a lovely time when all of a sudden it got very dark and the strong south-westerly wind picked up speed and snow pellets began pelting down on us. And there was me without my coat on trying to get back into the house while the others just tried to outrun the storm. Mary grabbed the camera and took a few photos of the precipitation which looked like beads of styrofoam on the veranda and made quite a racket as it beat on the windows.  The squall lasted about ten minutes and then the sun came out again. 


    This scene was a sharp contrast to the afternoon adventures at the beach where they swam and enjoyed the waves and the sand and the driftwood. Our little Springer buddy, Levi, had joined the pack and he was having a great time racing around along with Pilot who was thrilled to be visiting the beach with a bunch of her pals for the first time. .  


    Our little Springer buddy, Levi, had joined the pack and he was having a great time racing around along with Pilot who was thrilled to be visiting the beach with a bunch of her pals for the first time. .  




    Once the pack was tired and thirsty, they returned to the house and had a long cool drink before napping in the sunroom until the afternoon arrival of Marley and Packer got most of them up so they could check out the new kids on the block. Departures today included the little Rosie and Chico, Cavan, Benson, Oliver and Josey. The late afternoon was very sunny and warm so there was a lot of after-dinner wrestling and playing chase and I don't know where they get all that energy. I get tired just watching them so I stayed inside and curled up in the big grey donut bed. 


  • March 13 & 14, 2018 - Snow, wind, rain and no power.

      Before we launch into the stormy saga, we wanted to share the photo Stephanie took of one of the pink tulips that Carlos`human brought. That`s  enough to cheer anyone up and make us think of spring.  We can`t be blamed for the late DogBlog posting for Tuesday since it was a very disrupted evening what with another wind and snow storm and power outage. Every time this occurs it takes a lot of extra work to get everything working again and the power didn`t come back on until ten o`clock on Wednesday morning. Yes, Mary does have a generator but getting it set up outside in a blizzard is not a simple task and even though we may have power, the internet connection was gone so we couldn`t update the DogBlog.  

    So this is going to be a quick summary. Kali and Benny arrived to spend the day and the storm held off until the early afternoon so Remy was able to go home with his humans and Price was dropped off to spend a few days. The wind began to blow hard from the east in the afternoon so the only comfortable place outside was in the lee of the house, on the west side veranda. Both Kali and Benny got picked up a little ealier than they would normally, but the weater was getting nasty and the snow was starting to accumulate. 


    Just after we had dinner, the power went off and it was restored for a few short periods throughout the evening. By the time we went to bed, the wind was so bad the windows and doors were all straining to hold it back and it would not have been a surprise if it broke into the house. Mary turned the generator off for the night and hauled it back indoors and then we followed the flashlight upstairs to bed. 

    On Wednesday morning, the wind was still howling but the snow had all pretty much disappeared. It was cold in the house, so the generator got pushed back outdoors and fired up so the furnace could heat the house. Our buddy Hunter arrived to spend the day with us and it was raining pretty good at that point but Stephanie joined us to make breakfast which we managed to eat in very short order. None of us wanted to be outside in that horrible weather so we hung out with Mary and Stephanie until things began to get brighter and the wind began to shift from the East-North-East to the South-West and we hoped that it might slack off a bit but no such luck. In fact. it got even worse. Jack got picked up by his human and we all said goodbye as it`s likely we won`t see him again for a long while.  Then Piper, the Yellow Lab girl, Caper`s sister, got here for her vacation and she was keen to explore and play. Angel arrived to clean the house so Stephanie took us over to the cabana  where we could play in the shelter of the building, while the wind continued to rage. Benji was the next guy to depart with his human and soon it was time for dinner. It wasn`t even safe to open the big barn doors in these conditions, so the horses spent the day in the barn and finally they were able to go outside for some exercise, after we ate. 

    Tonight, the wind might have let up a little but it was still pushing us around when we took our late walk and we all hope that it will be gone by tomorrow. 

  • March 12, 2018 - Discovering the daylight that got saved. 

    We're all still getting used to this Daylight savings concept so this morning there was a wide diversity of behavior, with some of us keen to get the day started, some slow to leave their beds and others just refusing to get up until they heard the sounds of breakfast being served. So Mary had to get up and let the keeners out while it was still dark outside, wait for the half-awake stragglers to find their way downstairs a little later and actually poke a few others to get them off their dog beds and moving.  Things were so mixed up that many of us almost missed Kelsea's arrival which is usually the cause of great rejoicing and a lot of barking because she gets our morning meal ready.

    Once the meal was cleaned up and the dishes done, we got ready to welcome our day visitors, Oliver, Gracie Mac and Campbell. 


    That's when things got busy as they rushed around seeing what old friends they could play with while Mary got Katie ready to go home with her humans. She was a very excited big dog when they drove up to the gate and once her ramp was in place, she climbed into the SUV and of they went. That's when we all heard a rumour that Kelsea was gong to take us to the beach for some fun and sure enough, off we went to test out our swimming skills. That silly Campbell went in for a swim with her blue coat on but she didn't care although the wet coat got kind of heavy on the walk back up the hill. We did all our usual silly stuff while Josey decided to go a little further afield and she wasn't around when we started to head back to the house. Our neighbour, who we refer to as Red Coat,  and his black dog, arrived for their walk and Josey decided to visit with them while we climbed the hill. Of course, this meant that Kelsea had to go back down to the beach to make sure she found her way back which meant that Kelsea's lunch had to go back in the oven until Josey put in an appearance. 

    Josey arrived back just as the furnace technicians got here to replace the blower motor and clean the furnace but we were so tired from our beach hike that only Benji put on the big guard dog act when he saw them going into the basement.  After lunch, we were quite content to enjoy the bits of warm sun and the afternoon passed quietly after the furnace work was done and they departed. It wasn't long before Oliver, Gracie and Campbell rejoined their humans and Kelsea started getting our dinner ready but since there was so much daylight left after we ate, we spent some extra time outdoors. Later, little Carlos    was surprised to see his humans at the door and then very excited to be back with them after his first stay in Seaforth but he's keen to come back in April for a longer stay. 

  • March 11, 2018 - What are they saving the daylight for? 

    Sunday is here along with that silly human thing called Daylight Savings Time. We don't mind the morning part as we got our breakfast an hour earlier than usual. But our bellies complained about the wait for our dinner which is usually eight hours after breakfast and today we had to wait an extra hour. After we ate we took a long walk-about with Kelsea while she did a poop patrol and then the best news of the day ... a BEACH WALK!.  The tide was low and we were quite a noisy bunch as we raced down the hill. Even Bauer came along this trip as he didn't want Katie to think he was too scared to leave the yard. The Golden Brigade, Willie, Cavan and Lily were the first ones in the water while the Labs, Tucker, Jack, LaVie, Rory, Lucky and Max were hot on their heels.  The rest of the beach fun was watching the silly antics of Josey, Remy and Benji as they raced up and down, splashing one another and Kelsea and as soon as Benji had enough, he headed back to the house.

    Mary kept Hercules with her as his limp is more pronounced today and Lupin stayed behind as well so he wouldn't get his feet scraped up on the ice. The little critters, Carlos, Hali and Chester played in the yard while Rosie hung out in the mud room hoping to get something more to eat. That little Chico, he would have gone with the big dogs,  but Mary wouldn't let him knowing that the snow on the path would be much too deep for him to get through. When the beach crowd returned they were wet and tired so Kelsea took them to the cabana so they could enjoy a quiet time and they all returned when Mary called to say that Kelsea's lunch was ready. Carlos and LaVie had their lunch as well , the lucky pups, 

    After lunch was done, the house got vacuumed and the barn got cleaned and then suddenly, Bauer's human was at the door wanting to take him home. We all had to wait another couple of hours for dinner which was tough but Kelsea managed to keep us busy so we didn't think about it all the time. Tonight we're all pretty tired but we still have to take our late walk and then it'll be time to go to bed.        

  • March 10, 2018 - Snow makes everyone silly. 

     Good Morning!  I am Shadow and this will be my DogBlog and I hope I don't have any spelling mistakes or too many grammatical errors. So here goes!  It's Saturday morning and we are awakened by the flashing lights of Rollie's snow plow as he climbs the driveway, pushing the wet snow out of his way. As with any intruder, we must all bark at him until he's finished and then Mary lets us race outside so we can do our business and check out all the tracks that we find from the night visitors. 

    It's a sunny morning and there's enough heat in the early sun to start melting the snow on the verandas and the steps and before too long Stephanie arrives to get our breakfast ready. After we eat, we head back outside to play in the snow and Stephanie goes to the barn to feed the horses and turn them out in the snow so they can enjoy it as well.  Wow, those big beasts jump and run and kick up lots of snow as they race around their paddocks while we watch. 



    We play and chase and roll in the snow while Stephanie does a poop patrol and then we wait for the first of the morning arrivals to get here. 




    The first one at the gate is Bauer, the Bernese Mountain Dog and he's quite taken with Katie who is his size and just as friendly. While everyone is getting acquainted, our old friend, Remy , the Keeshond,  is dropped of by his humans and that big fur coat of his looks great in all this snow. Arthur and Owen kind of wish they had a little of that coat when the cold snow is on the ground.  The last arrival is a new friend for us to take under our wing and show him the ropes. It's Carlos  , the Havanese pup wearing his sporty hiking gear. He doesn't take long to say hello to everyone, big and small and join in the games. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body and I don't think we're going to be teaching him much of anything as he seems to be one very savvy pup. Stephanie takes loads of photos as we all have a good time in the snow and watch Keegan as he gets lots of shoveling done around the place.


    Later, Packer gets picked up by his human and we finally let ourselves be talked into having a nap while Stephanie has some lunch. Little Carlos just wanted to stay outside and keep exploring and playing but he stayed close to the house. The afternoon passed quickly and soon it was time to get dinner ready but first we waited for Marley to be picked up and we all barked goodbye to her before lining up for our food. I have to say I am getting writer's cramp so I'll just run this through a spell and grammar check before I publish...there, perfect, now I can relax. 

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