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  • May 24, 2019 - Another rainy May day with a big delivery.

    Yes, in spite of a beautiful sunrise, it rained steady all day and it was cold as well. That didn't deter our Golden Gang, Daisy, Baxter and Nala from coming to spend the day as well as Angel and Sammy. We also welcomed, Baby, for her first overnight stay with us and she was so excited to be here she didn't stop racing and playing with Angel until it was time for Angel to go home. We stayed over at the cabana with Kelsey in the morning where we could play out of the rain and returned to the house when lunch was ready. 

    Just as Mary and Kelsea were finishing up their meal, the phone rang and it was the delivery of the fence posts and rails that were ordered in February. There were two hundred and forty pieces on the trailer, twelve and fourteen foot rails and seven foot posts,  and regardless of the rain, Mary and Kelsea and Corey, the delivery guy, had to unload and stack them. Mary and Corey got soaked but Kelsea had on her rain gear, so she remained dry. Once all the material was off the trailer, the three of them returned to the house and Mary served some tea and gingerbread before paying Corey and sending him on his way. 

    While all this was going on we stayed in the house out of the way and hoped that the rain would let up but no such luck. Kelsea decided to take us for a ramble in the East pasture in spite of the rain and when we returned to the house, we had to get dried off, again. Since it was getting close to the dinner hour, Baxter, Daisy and Nala waited for their human in the mudroom along with Sammy. Soon they were all loaded in their various vehicles and headed down the driveway  and Kelsea started preparing our dinners. We all ate with great relish, including Baby, who was still getting used to the routine and, after Kelsea departed, we settled down for some quiet nap time.  We just took our late walk and it had stopped raining so we took a stroll in the North field with  Mary before heading back inside for the night. Let's hope the clearing trend continues and we get some warm weather tomorrow. 

  • May 23, 2019 - Wow, that's more like it.

    Today dawned sunny and warm, much more like a late May day so the ground dried up a bit and Kelsea, Angel, Stephanie and Joe were all here working. We had to say goodbye to many of our friends today as they returned to their homes, no doubt ready to sleep for a day or two. Our usual visitors arrived right on schedule and that included Benson, Baxter and Luke and they joined the party over at the cabana with Kelsea so the house could be cleaned. Joe arrived on the bus and he had some fence work to do along with the barn cleaning.  Our Border Collie pal, Briar Rose, was dropped off to spend the afternoon with us and she was keen to catch up on all the news. 

    When Angel had finished cleaning the house, Mary put lunch on the table and the various morning jobs were discussed while they enjoyed the soup and a gingerbread.  Just as they were finishing up the meal, Dylan's human arrived to get him and there was a lot of howling and whining as he made a big fuss. Stephanie and Kelsea were planning who should go to the beach in light of the other scheduled departures so in the end Tilley, Rory and Robbie were to stay behind. That wasn't a very popular decision but in the end they got their way. Mary was trying to let Arthur out the door so he could run down the hill to meet the others, when Tilley and Robbie orchestrated a break-out and out-maneuvered Mary, chasing Arthur down the hill. Tillie got a little worried when he was about halfway down and returned to the house with while Robbie was like a streak, his little legs carrying him with remarkable speed right into the ocean. 




    We are also seeing more shore birds now that the weather is calling them back and the barn swallows follow us around, chirping and chattering, saying goodness knows what. Perhaps they are bragging about the nests they are going to start building. 


    After we got back to the house, Tilley made his way home and Rory and Robbie were picked up as well and then it was Luke, Benson and Briar's  time to go as we all lined up for the evening meal. After we finished eating, we tried to stay awake to say goodbye to Baxter, Kali and Willie but after all that sun and surf, we were fighting a losing battle.    





  • May 22, 2019 - Mika's enjoys the beach with her old friend Angel.

    Well, today saw an improvement in the weather in as much as it didn't rain but it was very windy which made it feel very cold. Our morning got off to a busy start with the arrival of Hunter, Marlea, Mika, Parker and Angel, all here to enjoy the day. Tillie , the Doodle, was dropped off by her his humans for an overnighter and he was just thrilled to see Rupert and Plum, two other Oodles.  Play got underway as we all made sure that we hit every mud puddle that we could find and if we couldn't find one, we dug until we made one. Stephanie wheeled around the barrow full of bark mulch in a vain effort to cover up our indiscretions. Stephanie got the vacuum cleaner fired up and gave the floors a cleaning before she and Mary sat down to enjoy the Leftover Roast Beef , Vegetable and Rice soup for lunch. 

    Mary had to go to the grocery store so we hung out until she got back and then Stephanie and Ellie took a pile of us down to the beach. Today Mika    went with us and she had lots of fun and really enjoyed her swims but she was always under the watchful eye of Stephanie in case she decided to go exploring on her own. 



    While we were at the beach, Nick went home with his humans and it wasn't long after we got back to the house that Mika, Marlea and Angel got picked up. That's when we found out that Mika and Angel's humans were acquainted as they walk their critters on the beach together quite often which explained why Mika and Angel played so well together when they were here. They were old friends. 

    After dinner, Hunter and Parker went home and then Caper arrived just twenty-four hours after his sister, Piper, left but he was very busy checking out all the hotspots and saying hello to everyone else, Earlier, Mary had stopped by the wharf for some lobster and she  cooked herself a couple for dinner.  We were all pretty tuckered out so we mostly napped until it was time for our last walk of the day. 

  • May 21, 2019 - Enough with the thunder and rain, let's make soup. .

    Yes, today was a display of thundershowers followed by fog  with a few moments in between when we were willing to go out.  Oliver, Drake, Benny and Baxter didn't let the bad weather deter them as they showed up for their day of playing the mud puddles. Nikku also returned for his regular stay feeling energetic and wanting to say hello to all his friends. Our Golden Boy, Willie also got dropped off for a short stay and he was keen to mix it up with the pack as well. Harley was pleased to see that his human  returned to get him so he could go home and get some sleep. The same was true for Zig and Zag as they jumped for joy to see their human at the door. Roxy was also one of the departures before lunch. 

    Stephanie took a  bunch of us over to the cabana so we could wrestle and act silly out of the rain while Mary was busy inventing a new soup. Today's contrivance was to make use of some leftover roast beef as well as a pot of long grain and wild rice and would include three parsnips that were getting a little soft in the fridge.  So, here's the recipe for today's soup in case anyone else wants to give it a go. 

    Mary's Roast Beef, Vegetable  and Rice Soup 


    • 2 TBSP olive oil 
    • a large onion, chopped 
    • 2 stalks of celery that's seen better days 
    • 2 cloves of garlic, smashed and minced
    • a big chunk of leftover roast beef, shredded or cut into bite size pieces, equaling about 2 to 3 cups 
    • 1 TSP of  minced ginger root or ginger paste or some ground ginger  
    •  4 cups of beef broth 
    • 4 cups of water 
    • 4 TBSP dry sherry or some old red wine that no one wants to drink 
    • 3 TBSP of Lite Soy Sauce 
    • 2 medium carrots, cut into bitesize pieces 
    • old parsnips you find in the fridge, peeled and chopped ( if you don't find parsnips, use up that wrinkled turnip)
    • about 2 cups of cooked rice, It can be white, basmati, wild, brown or whatever you have on hand that you might have donated to the dog's evening meal. 

    Directions : 

    Heat olive oil in large pot, saute onions and celery for about 5 minutes, add garlic and beef and cook for another few minutes. Add ginger, broth, water, sherry, soy sauce and bring to a easy boil. Add carrot and parsnips and once it comes back to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 30 minutes until the veggies are cooked. Add salt and pepper and the rice and simmer for another few minutes. It should be ready to eat now  but it might taste better if you let it sit for a while and reheat it later. Maybe Martha will give it a try. 

    In the afternoon it started to clear a little bit and Stephanie, who is such a good sport, took fifteen of us down to the beach and we had a great time as you can see. 



    Lucy got picked up by her human while we were enjoying the water and sand and we got back to the house in time for Oliver, Drake and Benny to be collected before dinner. After we ate, Baxter left and a little later Piper's human arrived to get her stating that he just couldn't wait until the morning to pick her up. He was missing her a whole lot and she didn't even give us wave goodbye as she sailed down the driveway on her way back home.     

  • May 20, 2019 - A Rainy Holiday Monday.

    Yes, it rained pretty much the whole day so there's not much to write about except the comings and goings.  Angel arrived for another day visit and shortly afterward Nick, our Yellow Lab buddy, arrived for a short stay, Angel didn't care about the rain, she just wanted to play  so she did her best to coax some of us outside and finally Marley agreed to keep her company. 


     Kali was dropped off for another week's stay and then Alice got picked up so we had to say goodbye. That was pretty much it until Angel had to go home and after dinner Marley got picked up. 

    Mary and Stephanie had an even more tedious day than the rest of us as they decided to update their records and three-ring binders that contain all the information about each dog that ever stayed here or wanted to. It took most of the day to organize as they had to go through seven or eight hundred files which brought back many memories going back fifteen years and it was this task that delayed our dinner by fifteen minutes. 

    Stephanie did get some photos, during a break in the rain, which we decided to share with you so you can use your imagination to enjoy that distinctive wet-dog aroma, thankful that we are in Seaforth on a day like today.  




  • May 18 & 19, 2019 - We had oodles of fun and said our goodbyes to Henry,

    Saturday was a cool and windy day and Roxy, the Whoodle, arrived to spend the holiday weekend just after breakfast. We kept ourselves busy with our usual games until we had a visit from a new friend. Riley is an eleven year old Schnoodle and very excited to meet all of us and to explore all of the fields and check all the Pee-mail. I'll bet you're wondering just how many oodles there are in this group and I'm here to tell you that there  could be four.

    There's Rupert, the Poodle  ,

    Roxy, the Whoodle  ,

    Riley, the Schnoodle  ( this is not Riley's photo but it looks a lot like him)

    and later today, when she arrives,

    there's Plum, the Doodle  .  

    Later we had a lovely time at the beach with Stephanie and she got some great photos particularly ones of the Great Blue Herons who have returned to our beach and pond for the summer. 




    Sunday was another busy day with a little bit of sunshine to tempt all of us to get outside and enjoy the action. Mary and Kelsea wanted to get at some garden clean up so we helped out in our own way. Alice and Piper had to play a game of tug with every stick that was cut off the climbing hydrangea and when there wasn't enough room to turn around, you could be sure that Marley, Rupert and Roxy were close by impeding any progress. At noon, our Tali was dropped off for an overnight stay, happy to hear that she hadn't missed the beach hike. 

    While Kelsea was at the shore with us, Mary got some help from Kelsea's partner Ryan, who came to put the pumps in the pond and get them up and running for the summer. They had just finished up this messy job when Alice, the lady who lives next door drove up to the gate. Alice adopted our dear friend Henry  , the Schnoodle, five years ago and they had been inseparable companions ever since until today when Henry died just shy of  his twelfth birthday. He was very ill and in a lot of pain and we will miss his dear little 'woo, woo, woo' greeting when ever he came for a visit. Of course, Alice was very upset and feeling pretty low so we all did our best to cheer her up while she had a cup of tea and chatted. After Alice and Ryan left, we waited for our Senior Statesman, Saki , to arrive with his huge supply of frozen meat. Shorty after his appearance, Plum was met at the gate and she also had her usual bags full of meat and oatmeal. Once their food was put away we waited patiently for the dinner hour to get here. Of course the little brats,  Rory, Robbie, Zig, Zag and Marty managed to get to the head of the line so they could eat before the bigger dogs and of these five, Marty had to be fed first to keep him from howling loud enough to be heard in Lake Echo. Once we were all fed, Kelsea did the dishes and then she headed home and we settled down for our after-dinner naps.     



  • May 17, 2019 - A fun filled Friday.

    It was a pretty typical Friday around here except that our three Golden Pals, Baxter, Daisy and Nala were not spending the day with us. They were having an adventure at a Golden Jamboree in Vermont with a hundred and fifty other Golden Retrievers. What a party that must have been ! They'll have lots to tell us when they get back next week and we're sure they will likely get the 'Best Behaved Golden Trio' award.  

    We were all pleased to see Angel back for another day visit and she was super excited to be here again. She arrived at the same time as Harley H, our Black Lab Mix pal who will stay for the long Holiday weekend and he was also very keyed up about his visit. He and Angel raced off to explore and sniff everything and then they wanted to say hello to all the other guests but just as they were getting introduced, Alice, our wild and crazy Golden Gal was driven up to the gate  and she could hardly stand still to get her harness off before bursting into the middle of the pack and trying to say hello to everyone at the same time. 

    The best thing to do was just let them run off some of that steam so Kelsea did a Poop Patrol and we followed her around while keeping an eye peeled for the fast-moving newcomers. The morning seemed to race by very fast as we waited for Marley M to arrive and then the planning for our beach walk began, After lunch, Kelsea took us down the hill and we had loads of fun in the water and rooting through the piles of seaweed. When we got back to the house, Stephanie had arrived with her daughter Ellie and Ellie's cousins, Mariah and Monica. Mariah brought Tallen in and gave him a good cleaning before saddling him up and taking him out for a ride. Mary and Stephanie watched Mariah put Tallen through his paces and over a couple of small jumps and they were very impressed with her level of riding skill. Her weekly lessons at the Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers has turned her into a very confident and capable rider. 

    As the afternoon wound down, we relaxed in the sunroom and prepared to say goodbye to Angel before Kelsea got started on the evening meal. After we ate, Kali was picked up by her human so she is going home for the weekend but she'll be back on Monday so she'll be here next week. Some rain started to fall after dinner and it was still raining when we took our last walk of the day. We were all tired after our busy day and it didn't take much coaxing to get us settled in our beds. Lucy, Harley and Marley opted to sleep in the sunroom while Rory, Robbie, Zig and Zag joined Arthur in his downstairs bedroom. The rest of us followed Mary upstairs and picked out our favorite dog beds except Rupert, who claimed a place on the bed with Mary. 

  • May 16, 2019 - A deluge of dogs dropped in for a visit.

    Wow, suddenly it got very busy around here after the five of us got up this morning. Here's the schedule of activity:

    08:00: Hunter R and Baxter R both dropped by before breakfast  to spend the day

    08:01: Yippee, Stephanie 's here, breakfast can't be far behind

    08:02: Feed Marty before he collapses from hunger 

    08:05: Feed the rest of us. 

    08:55: Yay, Kelsea's here. 

    09:00: Welcome Benson, Luke and Parker for a day of fun 

    09:05: Try to coax the Lucy, the Newf, to leave the back seat of the car

    09:10: Still working on Lucy's extraction

    09:15: Finally, with extra help, Lucy is on the ground and ready for her weekend stay

    10:15: The Cairn Terrierists, Rory and Robbie join the fun for a week or so 

    10:45: The Dynamic  Duo of Zig and Zag are dropped off for  a short stay

    So our little pack of five was now a mob of fifteen and it was taking forever to get all the introductions done and all those new bums sniffed. Stephanie took the car down to meet Joe who was arriving on the bus so we followed Kelsea around while she did a Poop Patrol.  The beach goers got excited at the prospect of a beach hike  just after Kelsea and Stephanie had some lunch and there was lots of chasing, fetching and splashing as we made the most of our visit and provided Stephanie with plenty of photos.




    There was one more addition to our mob in the afternoon when Rupert, the Poodle, was reluctantly handed over by his human who will miss him to bits. It didn't take long for Rupert to get into the swing of things and the game of 'Chase Me' seemed to be at the top of his to-do list. While Rupert was busy racing around, the day visitors started the usual departure routine and we said goodbye to Baxter, Luke, Benson and Parker before having our dinner and then giving Hunter a send off.  


  • May 15, 2019- What was that white and orange streak that just passed by?

    Well we promised you more action today, so here it is. 

    The adorable miss, Daisy  , was here for her daycare visit and just like most other Brittany Spaniel puppies, she was non-stop most of the day. Lucky for her, Marlea, Mika, Oliver and Drake were also here for a day of fun, and that’s just what they had. Lots of fun playing tug of war with sticks, playing chase and hide behind the bushes and rolling around in the mud. Mary had things to do in the city today, so we stayed close to the house with Stephanie mostly because it was cold, rainy and miserable.

    We said 'so long' to our little buddy Thunder mid-morning and we're pretty sure he was happy to get home where he could catch up on his beauty sleep after his long vacation.

    Just after Stephanie had her lunch, our dear friend Jasper    arrived for his vacation. Jasper is so well behaved you wouldn’t even know he was in the house. The only time we see him is mealtime or beach time, the rest of the day he just sits on the stairs or perches himself on the front veranda and watches the sights.

    Once Mary returned from the city, we met a sweet gal named Sara, a thirteen year old Cocker Spaniel who just moved to this area. She was very friendly and despite being blind in one eye and a bit deaf, she got along just fine, so we will be happy to welcome her back later in the spring for her vacation. 

    After Sara left, it was time for our daycare friends to depart and  we had our dinner. Then things were very quiet again, so we took up our favourite napping spots until Mary made us go out with her late in the evening to tend to the horse.

  • May 14, 2019 - Not much going on today after the rain started..

    Tuesday started out very cloudy and the wind off the water was very cold. Despite the skies threatening rain or even snow, Stephanie still took us to the beach once all the day visitors, Benny, Daisy, Baxter W, Nala, Baxter R and Kali arrived.  Daisy, Nala and Marty all decided to stay back at the house with Mary where it was warm and comfortable.

    It was too dark and windy to take pictures since the camera kept jittering in the wind so there were no photos to go along with our story today. We had our usual good time exploring and checking out those piles of seaweed and kelp where we often find things tangled up that can be very tasty, like crabs and  sea urchins.  

    Half an hour after we returned to the house , the rain and hail started, so we were not to keen to do anymore outdoor activities for the rest of the day. We were all content to hunker down for a nap on a warm and cozy dog bed.  Shortly after our return, Rory’s human arrived to get her and since Rory was having so much fun, she wasn’t  keen to hop in the car. Her human, who was dressed in a smart grey business suit, had to lift his wet and sandy Chocolate lab into the car. We figure he had some choice words for Rory on the way home but she was likely sound asleep before they got to the end of the driveway.

    Meanwhile, Mary was busy preparing for a lunch visit from one of her life-long friends and her husband who had driven down from Truro. We were all on our best behaviour while they were here and Marty, the show off, spent the whole visit sitting pretty on his bum begging for a bit of lobster sandwich. Despite being so adorable, he didn’t score anything. 

    The heavy rain and high wind continued for the rest of the afternoon and evening, so our walks were not very long and once the day visitors left fand we had our dinner, all we did was sleep so there is really nothing else to tell. Hopefully we will have a more exciting read for you tomorrow.


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