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Seaforth, Nova Scotia

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Country Critter Sitters

  • June 4, 2020 - Someone ordered a perfect early summer day and we got it.

    It was sunny, warm, not hot, with a little breeze and a blue sky so beautiful we just couldn't stop looking up. We saw lots of geese and many of the flowering shrubs and trees were showing off some bright flowers and brilliant colours. 



    Our regular Thursday gang was here, including Ollie, Oliver, Drake and Kali and we spent some time playing our game of  Branch Manager    or posing for our portraits.


    Owen, Arthur and Chloe were decked out in their new hand crafted, Nova Scotia Tartan accessories gifted to them by Stephanie  and looking very smart, indeed. These were made by Hen and Goose Collars as part of a recent fund raising effort.  


    Mary was running some errands this morning, so we waited until she got back before we went on our beach hike. It was just as beautiful at the beach and we had loads of fun chasing a lot of balls and getting in lots of swims. Drake was showing off his surfing skills as he rode some big waves into  shore. 




    Nikku took his time going down to the beach so he arrived just as we were getting ready to head back to the house but he enjoyed wading in the shallows. After a busy morning and the beach trip, we enjoyed a relaxing time in the shade although there was a saucy squirrel hanging around trying to get us into trouble. Ollie couldn't resist the temptation so he tried his best to get him but that little rodent managed to high-tail it out of sight. 


    The most encouraging news of the day for Mary and Stephanie was three reservations made by clients for stays in June and July along with an inquiry from a new critter interested in joining our pack. It's been almost three months since there was this much booking activity so it gave them some hope that the business would survive Covid-19.     

    After some of our day-visiting buddies, along with Rusty and Lucy,  were picked up, we had our dinner with Kali and Ollie staying to eat with us. They both got picked up later and then we had a long evening of naps, just waking up long enough to get a log cool drink of water. 

  • June 3, 2020 - Today was a soaker in more ways than one.

    We needed some rain so today we got some along with Rusty and Lucy who will stay overnight and a little later the day visitors, Nala Jr., Baxter, Nala Sr. and Gracie. It was just after their arrival that the day's agenda got highjacked when Plumber #3 called and said he could come by in fifteen minutes. That was barely enough time to take apart the mudroom cupboards and move the washer out from its spot so he could check the drain. 

    Stephanie took most of us over to the cabana so we wouldn't be underfoot and we had some fun playing in the rain while Nala Sr. made the rounds showing off her green streaks. 


    This time of year, the newly cut grass gives a free hair colouring to any white dog that wants to get a funky look and Nala Sr. is quick to take advantage.

    Then we were real happy to see our pals, Pace and Enzo   , shown here with Lucy, arriving for the day so we had a lot of catching up to do while we did the tour of the North Field. It was right around that time that the plumber arrived and the rain became much heavier so we moved inside and continued our social discourse.  What we really wanted to do was go to the beach as you can see from the pleading looks we kept giving Stephanie but the pounding rain and cold temperature were a deterrent.   



    Meanwhile, over in the mudroom, Mary was busy with the plumber who ruled out any problem with the drain and suggested that an Appliance Repair person might be the next logical step if the washer continued to kick-off.  He didn't take long to get the new valve installed on the outdoor water line and then take his huge fee and depart. Angel was here today so she took advantage of the situation to vacuum some accumulated dust and dog food from under the washer/drier and wash the floor before everything was put back together with Stephanie's help. 

    We moved over to the front yard while lunch was underway but that rain just wouldn't give us a break so no beach hike today. Then it was time for Pace, Enzo, Baxter, the two Nala girls and Gracie to say goodbye and we had our dinner. We are just about ready to take our late walk in the very heavy fog and drizzle  and head to bed,  hoping that we'll have some improved weather tomorrow.         



  • June 2, 2020 - Happy Birthday Henry.

    Big doings today! It's Henry's eleventh birthday and we're going to have a big party for him later. But first, he had a few of his buddies join him today like Oliver, Benny and Angel and Nikku is back for his usual stay. We watched the procession of his special-made food as it was moved from the truck to the house and then into the freezer. His human also brought us two boxes of large-size milkbone biscuits to share and we overheard Mary say that she was going to chop them in half so they would go further. Lately, she's always looking for ways to economize so we'll just have to play along for now. 

    Stephanie and Ellie took us to the beach so we could run and fetch and have lots of good fun while at the house, Mary was busy making a Gingerbread, taking and making some calls and updating her garden chart. It would seem that the lettuce and mesclun mix has sprouted, six days before she was expecting them to appear. I know, pretty exciting stuff, what? The dandelions are in full bloom right now and filling the garden with lots of bright yellow blooms and with them come the Yellow Finches  who feed on the seeds. 

    We had a great time at the beach and so did Ellie and Henry was in fine form, showing us just how young at heart he could be. 




    When we were all tired and thirsty, we returned to the house and had a long drink and a rest while lunch was served. Stephanie decided that she would wash some of our dog bed covers. That's when the washing machine started to kick-up and wouldn't drain. Our first clue was when Stephanie opened the pump filter and water came rushing out flooding the mudroom floor. Just to complicate things, the lawn mower guy arrived to cut the grass and we had to be herded into the house so we wouldn't be in the way of the machines. Back to the washing machine and it appears that there isn't anything clogging up the filter so speculation has it that the drain hose must be plugged. Mary gets busy contacting the plumber and escalating the severity of the call hoping that if there are two problems to fix, he can get here sooner. 

    Meanwhile the three hours of lawn mowing continues and it's time to have Henry's Birthday party so we assembled in the back yard and had lots of photos taken to mark the occasion. Of course, Hunter started to sing Happy Birthday before the rest of us were ready but he's got such a great voice, we just let him howl away. 


    Meanwhile Henry had a good time showing us the many ways that a birthday hat could be worn. 


    The dinner hour was upon us and we said so long to Benny, Angel and Hunter and the Lawn Mower guy and Stephanie prepared our dinner including a special treat for Henry. Stephanie also loaded the wet towels and mats and dog bed covers into her car so she could get them washed at her house. A little later, Mary was outside planting some Scallions, Squash and Pumpkin when Oliver's human arrived to pick up a very tired Black Lab. 

  • June 1, 2020 - Lots of fun company today.

    Monday, a new month, and a beautiful early summer day to welcome a bunch of live wires who want nothing more than to play with their friends. Hunter was dropped off for an overnight stay and Gracie, Baxter, Nala, Marlea and Mylea were all excited at the prospect of going to the beach. But first, we had to wait for Odin, Sam and Luke to get here so they could be included in the beach adventure. 

    As soon as the big bunch was all assembled, Mary opened the gate and we all raced down the hill with Stephanie and Ellie keeping a close eye on us to make sure that we all stuck to the path and didn't wander into the alders looking for deer or pheasants. Once at the beach, the balls and the chucker were pulled out and we started our games of fetch, swimming in the waves and racing on the sand. 




    The beach was deserted today so we could run and play without Stephanie having to worry about us bothering any other beach goers so we enjoyed a long leisurely morning and we were not in any hurry to return to the house. while we were gone, Mary had kept busy trying to line up a plumber, completing her Tax return and getting the emails and phone calls answered. Stephanie got an updated photo of the finished swallow nest  , ready for some eggs to be laid and another group of aerial acrobats to hatch and entertain us in the late summer.  The feathers add a nice touch of decoration making the accommodations a little more homey.

    We had a lazy afternoon, snoozing in the sun or just wandering around checking out the dandelions and watching the big bumble bees move from one patch to another.  Karter was picked up by his human and then Luke said his goodbyes while the dinner hour approached  which signaled the pick-up of Marlea and Mylea, Gracie, Odin and Sam and then Baxter and Nala. Suddenly, it was very subdued and only the dishing up of food could get us up and moving again. After dinner, Hunter took both his big and small orange balls into the front yard so he could have a game of footy without worrying about anyone grabbing one of his balls. He seems to be able to keep himself amused for long periods of time as he tosses them around and then watches closely to see if they will move on their own. 

  • May 30 & 31, 2020 - Weighty questions. Will her potato be a contender?

    This is going to be very succinct. Saturday brought heavy fog and rain with high winds but Kelsea did manage to take us down to the beach. Otherwise, the report would have read 'We ate and slept!' With only two guests, there is very little excitement to write about unless you want to hear about Mary's Vegetable Garden Plan and Progress Report. Whoopee! The Peas have sprouted and the candidates for Biggest Potato in Seaforth are in the ground.

    We think that Mary is starting to show signs of Covid-19 Brain Fog. Most of the time she doesn't know what day it is which could be a problem since Monday is the Tax filing deadline and she hasn't got hers ready yet. More pressing issues are distracting her, like trying to get a plumber to come and repair a leaking valve so she can connect the outdoor hose, arranging for the delivery of fifty new fence posts and watching the bank balance continue its steady decline. The only things that seems to soothe her troubled mind are baking, cooking and eating but she made the mistake of stepping on the scale and now she's really bummed out, literally as well as figuratively. It's best if we just let her be and go back to sleep.

    Sunday was just as foggy as Saturday but less windy so, lucky for us, Kelsea took us to the beach again which helped alleviate our boredom.  Another big event in the garden for Mary to get excited about - the radish have sprouted four days earlier than expected. We're trying to be supportive and show some interest but radish just doesn't turn our crank. Maybe we should suggest she plant some marrow bones. Four loaves of bread got baked and a leg of lamb went into the oven but that's about it for real-life drama. Oh well, time to return to our naps. 

  • May 29, 2020 - On the third day, the haircut was done.

    Friday started out somewhat overcast and foggy but eventually the sun broke through and we enjoyed a day full of pleasant company but no wild and crazy antics to liven things up. Baxter and Nala were kind of hoping that they would see Odin since he is always full of fun and enjoys a good romp but he wasn't here today and while Kali joined the party, she's reluctant to stir things up when she's busy with her own pursuits.

    Mid-morning did bring us the two Border Collies, Queen Maudie and Briar Rose but the Queen is sixteen years old and not interested in playing Chase Me or Let's Wrestle. We're just amazed that she can still stand up and in awe of her determination to get to the beach and back. Briar Rose tries to play but those Border Collie herding instincts take over and it puts a damper on the games but she enjoys her beach romps. So, the beach was our next destination and it never fails to enliven the day. 



    When we got back to the house, the wind had picked up and we were all tired so the old Queen flopped down in the mudroom and didn't stir for several hours. Later, the farrier came to trim Tallen's hooves and then our friend, Karter   arrived to spend the weekend with us. The afternoon was almost over before Stephanie had Henry's paws fully trimmed and declared his three-day haircut to be complete.

  • May 28, 2020 - Henry's haircut continues..

    Thursday brought us our regular day-visitors, Oliver, Drake, Ollie, Marlea, Mylea and Odin as well as Parker, who will stay overnight. It was also the second round of Henry's haircut and he saved the worst till last. His paws. Yea, he really doesn't like to have them held and trimmed so it took most of the morning to do even a rudimentary job and Stephanie finally called a truce so we could go to the beach. But first, Sam ran to the gate with great enthusiasm when he saw his humans had come to get him. We bid him farewell until his next visit and then it was our favorite time of the day. Beach time! 




    In the afternoon our little buddies, Obie and Chico   came for a short visit and they had a good time checking out all the new smells, saying hello to their fellow guests    and telling Mylea a good joke 

    Stephanie took another crack at Henry's paws and suddenly it was time for the day guests to go home. After dinner, the fog started to roll back in and it got much cooler but we were all comfy napping on our dog beds until it was time for our late walk.

  • May 27, 2020 - Sam's back with lots to say.

    Hi, to all my friends out there in cyberspace. It's me, Sam,  back for a long-overdue visit since I have been staying the blazes home with my humans for a couple of months. Being home with your humans is great, up to a point, but we all need a break and I was keen to catch up on all the news from my buddies in Seaforth. I think my humans were getting tired of my complaints about it being hot the last week or so.  Please, no comments on my shaggy appearance. I'm in good company  since the Prime Minister's hair is just as long as mine so I guess his groomer is out of commission too.

    I got dropped off for an overnight stay this morning and some of the regular day visitors were already here, like Hunter, Baxter, Nala Sr. and Nala Jr. Also on hand was my buddy, Henry, who also was finding his heavy coat a bit too warm for his liking. His groomer can't give him a appointment until the end of June so Stephanie has offered to give him a clip job since he is prone to getting hot spots. 

    Stephanie took the big dogs down to the beach after I got here and she invited me to come along but I decided I better stay in the cool shade of the veranda in case I got too overheated. My girlfriend, Chloe , opted to stay behind today so we could canoodle and she could fill me in on the latest gossip. She told me about another Sam who comes often and two other guys, Obie and Chico, who are both Shih Tzu. It sounded to me like she might be overly fond of these guys or perhaps she was just trying to make me jealous. Today the other critters had lots of fun as the photos will attest and that water looked very inviting as a cooling off option. 



    While the others were at the beach, Chloe showed me around the new housing development, Swallow Estates, and I was impressed with just how industrious  these little feathered friends were as they constructed their new nests.  


    Later in the afternoon, Stephanie took Henry over to the barn and started giving him a trim. He was a very cooperative client and after a couple of hours, he was about seventy-five percent done and getting tired so the haircut will resume tomorrow. 

    Before                                                                  After 


    While Henry was in the Stephanie Salon, the rest of us were just hanging out watching Hunter talk to his orange ball  and waiting for the day visitors to be picked up. Once they departed, it was dinner time for us and later Mary enjoyed two corn cobs for her dinner and they were very tasty. 

  • May 26, 2020 - Construction continues on new housing development.

    Tuesday, the day started out with a blanket of heavy fog that looked like it would be with us for the day but by mid-morning the sun was peeking through and the fog drifted out to sea. All day construction was underway on the new Swallow Estates development as the engineers were busy packing the mud, hay, horse hair, twigs and anything else they could pick up in their beaks into a unique nest shape. 



    Oliver, Luke and Benny were with us for the day so things livened up as soon as they got here. Running, wrestling and peeing were all important activities as the boys checked out all the favorite locales. Stephanie did a major Poop Patrol in preparation for the Lawn Mower guy's arrival later in the morning and as soon as he got underway, she whisked us down to the beach for some more fun.  But first she drove down to the bus stop to pick up Joe, the Handyman, so he could do some work around the barn. 




    When we returned to the house, we had a good drink and a rest while Mary got some lunch on the table for Joe and Stephanie and herself. Today's menu choices were Joe's favorite, hot dogs with relish while Mary and Stephanie opted for a tuna salad sandwich made with chopped apple, celery and avocado. Dessert was Strawberry-Rhubarb pie and Banana Bread and after everyone was finished eating, Stephanie took Joe home. 

    Meanwhile the Lawn Mower guy had departed and we all wandered outside to watch more gardening while Mary and Stephanie planted more tomatoes and some onions. The flowers are starting to put on a show so Stephanie snapped a few shots of the decorative blossoms. 


    Luke got picked up by his humans and not long after this Benny and Oliver departed for home so we were back to our mini-pack of just one guest, Henry. Needless to say, dinner was prepared, eaten and dishes washed in very short order.  


  • May 25, 2020 - Some comings and some goings.

    Monday was another sunny day but the temperature stays cool so Mary won't give up her winter jacket just yet. Our regular Monday day-visitors, Odin, Sam, Gracie M, Baxter and Nala joined the weekend guests and the fun began. We headed down to the beach with Stephanie and it was pretty funny to see how close Sam stuck to his big brother Odin. He didn't want to play with anyone else and when Odin went in the water, Sam worried about him the whole time. Talk about your odd couples. 



    The wildlife are very plentyfull this year including quite a bold group of rabbits who watch us from a safe distance. 

    The swallows are have finally decided to raise their families in the barn. It seemed as though they were having a hard time deciding whether to stay or go but, today, we watched as they began building the nests in the traditional locations using hay and mud and anything else they could find. 


    Once they are happy with the construction, the eggs will be laid and then we wait for the little ones to hatch. Even though it happens every year, it's always fun to watch their progress and see what great care they get from their parents. 

    The rest of the day was busy with lots of garden activity which we felt we should supervise as Mary and Stephanie got three of the tomato plants in the ground along with some carrots, lettuce, mixed greens and radish from seed. While all this was going on, Hali was summoned to the gate to make the return trip home so we all said goodbye hoping to see her again real soon. Then Odin and Sam departed followed by Karter and Baxter, Nala and Gracie M.

    Dinner was a very low-key event with just three guests to feed and then later Gracie F and Stanley were reunited with their human. We sure enjoyed having them here for the weekend and will look forward to seeing them again soon. 

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