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Country Critter Sitters

  • October 13 & 14, 2018- Lots of stuff off the rails this weekend.

    Saturday morning's surprise ...  ... and even though I don't have any witnesses who will talk, I had a strong suspicion that the culprit would  return to the scene of the crime. 

    Oh well, this helps to demonstrate why it's not a good idea to bring guest's beds from home. Let's see if I can capture the hectic pace of the morning as Mary decided to just leave the surprise and go to meet Marley at the gate as she arrived just prior to breakfast. I guess Mary figured that the bed had pretty much been vanquished and didn't pose any further threat to life. 

    Breakfast got underway once Stephanie arrived and the pack was howling hungry, particularly those that didn't get fed in the first shift. Once the food was cleaned up and the dishes washed, another car drove up to the gate and this time our buddies, Gracie and Stanley, were dropped off for a short stay. We all wanted to see what they brought for their meals and they started bragging about their new raw meat diet.  Lucky guys, it smells yummy. 

    Stephanie took care of the horses and then we all went on a big Poop Patrol with her which would prove to be very timely a short while later. We get to meet a new friend called Enzo and we took him for a romp around the fields to see how he might like to stay with us. It didn't take him long to become our buddy, he was very polite and curious and we figure he'll be coming back to visit real soon.  Just as Enzo was getting ready to leave, our big Yellow Lab buddy, Wujek, drove up to the gate with his big bin of food. He is a great guy and loves the beach. 

    It didn't take Wujek long to introduce himself to the new critters and while that was going on, another new friend arrived, anxious to meet us. Her name was Chloe and she's a Beagle mix, a little shy at first but soon she was following us around and checking out all of the pee-mails. Chloe enjoyed meeting all of us, big and small, and we gave her a big 'thumbs-up' to come back for a visit in November. Okay, time for Chloe to depart and then we could stop for a rest while lunch was put on the table for Joe and Stephanie. 

    The beach was not in the cards again today due to the very high tide and the heavy surf. Seaforth Cove was packed with surfers, all trying to ride the same wave and we spent the afternoon playing our favorite games. Dinnertime arrived and after we ate, Maggey and Max were picked up by their human and then we settled down on our favorite beds for our naps. Mary was fully occupied trying to figure out why the sound on the computer had stopped working today and the various HELPS were a waste of time. In the end she sent a message to the manufacturer requesting answers and she hopes that she will get a more satisfactory response that the one she got from Frigidair about the missing drain plug on the freezer and the complete lack of acknowledgement from Purolator about a missing delivery.  

    Sunday turned out to be another day of computer disasters. The laptop wasn't missing just sound, it was without any life at all. It would not boot up so the reservation schedule and other critical spreadsheets were unavailable. Upon checking the manufacturer's web site on her tablet, Mary discovered that there would not be any customer support until Monday which did little to improve her state of mind. At this point, the phone rang and  it was Briar Rose's human calling to say he was on his way to pick her up so Mary got her fed and ready to go. Fortunately, Kelsea arrived and got breakfast for the rest of us while Mary stormed around cursing all technology before going out to feed the horses and deliver Harley to his human who also arrived, bright and early. to get him. 

    Kelsea thought this might be a good time to take us to the beach since the surf had settled down and we were all keen to explore the shoreline. Most of us raced down the hill in the first wave, followed by Packer and Marley  and then a short while later, third wave of beachgoers was let loose, Arthur and Penny and the fourth and final wave , the two Owens. We had loads of fun and did lots of swimming before returning to the house for a long drink of fresh water. This was when we found out just how much salt water Caper had swallowed as he proceeded to throw it up with his breakfast on the veranda. There was a little good news in that Mary had been able to get the laptop to boot up after taking the battery out of it and then reinstalling. What a relief to have a working computer but more problems became apparent when the spreadsheets wouldn't calculate formulas properly.  

    Time to contact Microsoft Office Chat Line, but patience isn't one of Mary's virtues, so she kept getting disconnected after typing in a description of her problem and  then getting up to do something else while she waited for a response. Since the sound was still not working, three times she failed to get back to the desk in time to keep the Chat Line open and the fourth time, she resolved to not leave her chair, come hell or high water. Well, high water came as Caper threw up a huge mess of it in the kitchen while Kelsea was outside and, when Mary didn't get up to clean it right away, Atticus walked through it on his way to the sunroom. Oh my, the air was blue but Mary stuck with the Chat  and got her spreadsheet problem fixed and Kelsey mopped up the floor. It was right around this time that sound suddenly returned to the laptop with no explanation. Mary figured at this point that she should just leave well enough alone and it was time for lunch, anyway.

    Packer and Owen T were both picked up by their humans after dinner and Caper didn't throw up any more but he wasn't feeling very good so he didn't eat.  We had a good walk under the stars but it is threatening to freeze tonight so the water hoses had to be disconnected.  Time to wrap up this post and get to bed.      


  • October 12, 2018 - It rained all day today. 

    Please note the following:

    We will be closed for a break November 28 to December 4, 2018. We will resume regular operations on December 5, 2018. There will be no day-care services offered during this week. Thank you for your understanding.


    Yup, it rained the whole day plus there was a big surf, so we didn't get to the beach. We did have some fun with today's arrivals, including Big Sammy, Harley H, Owen T, Briar Rose and Packer. Everyone, except Owen T, didn't care if it was raining, they wanted to play chase and wrestle. We were happy to oblige so the morning passed quickly. Owen T wormed his way into the house and that's where he stayed with the little guys like Zig and Zag, Archie and Atticus while Bailey continued on his regular trips outside to get wet and then return to the house and have a short nap.

    Keegan was here to build the new doors for the shed which he could do in the barn and stay somewhat dry. Kelsea had her rain gear on so she helped him put them on once they were ready and then she took us on a couple of long walks before dinner. After we ate, Sammy went home and then we setled down for a long nap while we tried to get dry.       


  • October 11, 2018 - A rainy day in Seaforth. 

    Thursday arrived and the rain was hit and miss all day. Our regular Thursday visitors arrived right on schedule, excited to be back with their friends and looking forward to some new adventures. But first, we had to meet a new friend, Gypsy the Pointer, who would like to stay with us later this month. She was a nice girl, very busy and she really enjoyed coursing through the bushes to see if she could flush a bird. We introduced ourselves and she was happy to meet us and to go with Stephanie for a walk around the property. She is going to come for a day visit next week so we'll have to be sure to show her all the hot spots. 

    After Gypsy left, Mary had to get in the car and head into the city for another appointment so we waited for a break in the rain. Soon Kelsea was able to get us down to the beach and, of course, that's when the rain began in earnest. Back to the house we came, wet and disappointed but when we saw our old pal Hercules arriving at the gate, we wanted to get out and see him and catch up on his news. More excitement followed with the drop off of Bailey, the Mini Schnauzer, who is thirteen and a half years old and still full of vim and vigor. He wanted to spend all his time outside walking around the fields, only stopping long enough to give each of us a quick sniff and then moving on. Our day visitors, Benson, and Shelby got picked up and then we had dinner and Bailey did return to the house so he could eat. Later Baxter got picked up and Mary returned so Stephanie and Ellie could head home to dinner. It continued to rain all evening and the forecast indicates that it will continue through tomorrow. Bailey scoffs at the rain complaints telling us that he'll keep up his patrols, rain or shine although he did agree to come to bed and he slept soundly through the night.    

  • October 10, 2018 - A bunch of new arrivals adds some spice. 

    Maggey, Max and Hunter all arrived early, just before breakfast was served. Parker, Archie then Dash were next at the arrivals gate which turned into a big introduction and greeting session.  

    We hung out in the cabana throughout the morning so Angel could house clean without having us in the way 

    There was lots of play and Whiskey was being a good friend to both Hunter and Parker, following them around and inviting them to play.  




    Max, Dash, Tali, Lupin and Hali went to beach in the afternoon while the others stayed with Mary.  Hali had so much fun running and being silly, it was great to watch and Stephanie captured one of those moments where her paws don't touch the ground. 


    The plan was to let Arthur, Owen and Penny follow once all the ball throwing had finished, but Stephanie discovered there was an excavator working on a neighbouring property, so she called Mary and told her she may want to hold them back, just in case they got too curious and went to see the neighbour's road project. They returned to the house ready for dinner and looking forward to a good nap.  

    The next bit of action didn’t happen until after supper when Caper arrived and as usual he needed a good hour to let off steam so Dash was happy to stay in the back yard and play with him. Archie was tired out after his day of outdoor play and he wanted to go to bed so Mary had to chase him around the house to get him utside for our late walk.  

  • October 9, 2018 - The day visitors liven things up on a grey Tuesday. 

    Tuesday and, while the sun wasn't shining, it was still warm and pleasant as we welcomed our regular day visitors, Baxter, Oliver, Drake and Benny. There was lots of fun as they wanted to meet Whiskey who they hadn't met before and get re-acquainted with Penny who hadn't been here for a while. Whiskey was quite taken with Baxter and they played together for a while and the rest of us accompanied Angel on Poop Patrol.  

    Keegan arrived and got to work on the fence repairs and Gracie was over the moon when she saw her humans arrive to pick her up. A short while later, Saki meandered down to the gate to say hello to his human who had come to get her boy. She needed Mary's help to get the old boy in the car but as usual a dog biscuit was excellent motivation.   Then the long-legged guy, Lupin, was dropped off with a big bag of dog food and his red coat since he is going to have a long stay this time. He heard a rumour that a beach walk was on the agenda, so he was pretty pumped and after lunch, we all started making moves in that direction. But first, Stephanie had to pick Ellie up at the bus stop and once everyone was in place, the parade down to the beach got underway. 



    Whiskey stayed at the house with Mary since she isn't too keen on all that fuss and barking and she really enjoys lying on the sunroom couch and watching the view out the windows. Oliver and Drake's human arrived to pick them up a little early so she had to wait for them to get back from the beach and then Baxter and Benny were also ready to go when their drives pulled up to the gate. Then it was time for our dinner and we welcomed Tali, the Toller,  who will stay for about a week. 

  • October 7 & 8, 2018 - Give thanks that you're not a duck. 

    Sunday was a much quieter day as far as the surf was concerned so we did get to go to the beach at low tide. We wanted to have a little excitement so we waited until Tilley, the Doodle, to get here before we race off to see what the big waves had done to rearrange the beach. Tilley was super excited to be here and wanted to play with everyone at the same time so a beach adventure was right up his alley. It started to rain while we were at the shore so we all got good and wet, even the ones who didn't go swimming. Once we got back to the house, the only thing to do was nap while Kelsea made some Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip-Pecan cookies and Mary worked on updates to the web site.

    Monday, Thanksgiving Day, dawned sunny and bright but noisy as it was the opening of duck hunting season. It sounded like a war zone as the guns were being fired non-stop between seven and eight o'clock. While it was a bit of a distraction, it wasn't enough to put us off our breakfast which Stephanie got ready in record time. Angel arrived just ahead of Keegan and they both got busy right away with their respective jobs while Stephanie took care of the horses. Sammy, our Great Pyrenees pal, was dropped off for the day and we spent most of the morning over at the cabana with Angel while Keegan finished up the front veranda lattice work. 

    Stephanie got all the luggage packed for the big crowd that was going home today and the departures started with Charlie and Mr. Jones. After lunch, Marty was picked up and Lucy left us followed by Chloe and then Bauer and Snoopy. There was a little delay at this point when Bauer jumped up and knocked his dog food container out of Mary's hands and it spilled all over the driveway. His human and Mary had to try and pick up as much as possible so that the rest of us wouldn't feel obliged to do a clean up. After Mary shoveled the residue into the wheelbarrow and Bauer left for home, she left the wheelbarrow in front of the barn and of course, Arthur thought it was a giant bowl of dog food crumbs meant for him and he started snacking. That dog sure does have a big appetite and Mary remarked that he would 'eat the arse off a skunk' given the opportunity. 

    Just before dinner preparations, Penny, the white Doodle, who looks very similar to Otis, the white Doodle, arrived for her vacation and we gave her our usual enthusiastic welcome before we had to say goodbye to Tilley and then Keegan who had finished off his work for today. Angel started getting dinner ready and started feeding us and we were about half-ways done when the Otis/Penny mix up came to light. It seems that the dog Angel thought was Otis was really Penny and so she ate Otis's food, without a moment's hesitation. When the real Otis was offered Penny's food, he turned is nose up at it and that's when the mix-up came to light. Meanwhile, Penny was outside licking her lips having enjoyed a gourmet bowl of fresh meat and veggies and Angel had to get Otis another dish of his own food to keep him happy. Once everyone had eaten and the dishes were all washed, Angel left for the day, Sammy was picked up and it wasn't long before Otis and his remaining food were reunited with his humans and headed home. 

    It was a lovely colourful sunset tonight and very warm for this time of year so we enjoyed the very last rays of the sun while Mary fed the horses. We headed inside and Mary sat in her chair intending to watch some TV but almost immediately fell asleep and woke up in time to get Kali ready for her late pick-up after the long stretch away from her humans who are very anxious to see their girl and she'll be very excited to see them as well.         

  • October 6, 2018 - Surfs up in Seaforth. 

    Big surf today! We woke to the roar of the waves as they pounded the shore below the house and the warnings from Environment Canada tell the humans not to venture too close to the water as the unusually big waves could catch them off guard. It was bright and sunny and warm but it sounds like we won't be racing down to the beach today but we can watch those big rollers crash against the cliff where we would usually be running and playing. 

    Stephanie arrived to make breakfast and after we ate Joe and Keegan started work on their chores while we wished we had a puppy to play with after having Harlee here for a couple of days. They just seem to liven things up. Otis tried to get someone to play chase but he wasn't having much luck. About mid-morning, Stephanie, Joe and Keegan left to go and level up her new shed with the paving tiles and deck blocks that she had sourced and after they finished, Stephanie returned to play with us. In the interim, Snoopy had arrived for a short stay and then just as Stephanie got here, a new friend, Whiskey  , got here and we had to make her feel welcome. We went over to the North field and had lots of photos taken of our adventures. 

    Hali trotting along looking very pretty while Chloe races and leaps and Lucy watches the action from her vantage point. 


    Mr. Jones poses for his portrait while Zig and Zag try to get every last ray of warm sun and Charlie waits at the door so she can get back in where her food container lives. 


    Bauer started off looking very regal but he couldn't resist a good back scratch. 


    Otis shows off his Doodle demeanor while Snoopy just wants to have more fun and Marty hopes he'll get a hair cut real soon.  


    Not everyone showed up for their photo, like Kali, Saki and Atticus but they weren't too far away as Gracie and Whiskey get acquainted.  


    The afternoon raced by and soon it was time for dinner and everyone, including Whiskey, cleaned up their dishes and headed back outside for their treat. Tonight the surf is still very noisy and it will be interesting to see how much of our beach gets re-arranged after the twenty-four hours of pounding waves.  Maybe we'll get to check it out tomorrow with Kelsea.   

  • October 5, 2018 - Friday frolics. 

    Friday was a great day with lots going on and a visit from one of our favorite little critters, Bella. Let me just say that Bella and Harlee became the best of friends almost as soon as they met and they played and wrestled and had a load of fun until it was time for Harlee to go home. We had lots of other arrivals starting with Sophie who will stay for the day and Chloe A, Gracie Mc, Hali, Marty and Bauer. 

    Bogart said farewell at lunch time and departed with his humans and Harlee left right around that time as well. It was decided that we would wait until after lunch to go down to the beach after checking that the tide was low and the surf wasn't too big. Kali, Lucy, Charlie and Mr.Jones, Chloe A, Gracie Mc, Nokia, Saki and Sophie all race down the hill and trekked across the sand with Kelsea to enjoy the water and some fetches. Later, Arthur joined the fun after leaving Owen behind at the house. Everyone got soaked and had had a load of fun before we had to return for dinner. Little Bella had been picked up before our meals were prepared and after we ate, we settled down for a nap. Sophie went home and then Nokia got excited to see her human arrive to pick her up and the rest of the evening followed it's usual pattern. 

  • October 4, 2018 - A puppy makes everyone smile. 

    It's quite amazing how a puppy can suddenly energize  the pack and make us all feel like playing. That's what we had today with the arrival of Harlee, the Golden puppy and her fun loving ways were infectious. Baxter and Shelby were both here and they  wrestled, chased, rolled and competed with one another for Harlee's attention all day. 



    Some of the more senior puppies also arrived and looked forward to having fun like Benson, Charlie and Mr. Jones and Lucy whose only objective was to get Kelsea and Stephanie to take her to the beach. Since this was Harlee's first trip to the beach as a member of the pack, we got to see how exciting it could be when seen through the eyes of a puppy. The water was wilder, there were lots of exciting things buried in the seaweed, the tide pools held schools of minnows and the shore birds danced among the reeds and marsh grasses.    




    Back at the house, there was lots going on with Keegan and Joe busy with more fence construction, the arrival of the furnace oil truck followed by the removal of the old water heater. When we got back to the house we were all wet and tired so a nap in the sunroom seemed like the right thing to do. Harlee was willing to nap but only for a short time and then she wanted to continue the games with her friends. Bear and Rosie were picked up by their human and a short while later, Pace was also reunited after her long stay and secretly looking forward to going home and getting a long uninterrupted sleep.  



  • October 2 & 3, 2018 - Two new toilets to brighten the day. 

    H'mm. Time seemed to slip away from us and suddenly we're behind in our DogBlogs again. On Tuesday, the highlight of the day was the arrival of the plumber to install two new toilets so we can honestly say that it was dull as ditch water. We don't know why Mary gets so excited by such things but she keeps blathering on about water-saving and comfort height and if she could, she would insist on showing off the features to anyone who might listen. Our day guests, Baxter, Oliver, Drake and Benny, did their best to make it more remarkable with their enthusiastic greetings and silly games of chase but in the end we had to keep out of the plumber's way and our dinner routine had to be altered. You know we don't like changes to our customs so having to eat in the sunroom or on the veranda was somewhat disconcerting but Mary and Angel didn't forget our after-dinner treats. 

    Wednesday was another rainy day so both Marlea and Parker cancelled their visits and Angel had some house cleaning to do so we helped out by going to the cabana with Stephanie. We had to say so long to Marcy around noon when her human came to get her and then our dear Poppy also took her leave. She was very pleased to see her human and the feeling was mutual so they couldn't wait to get home to their cozy little house where they could enjoy each others company without interruption. We were delighted to see our little Toller gal, Nokia, arrive since she is a fun-loving addition to the pack and Stephanie took a few photos of us when we went walks in between the showers. 



    With only ten of us for dinner, we didn't have to wait very long to eat which is a good thing in our books and after dinner we welcomed Kelsea. She stayed with us while Mary went out to dinner and she spent the evening giving us lots of back scratches and belly rubs. She took this photo of Arthur because she thinks he is quite a handsome dude.


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