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Country Critter Sitters

  • November 11, 2019 - A massive clear out of critters today.

    Yes, we had lots of friends leave us today starting with Cricket and then Breton who was thrilled to be back with his humans after the longest separation ever. I think they were just as thrilled to see him. We also had our regular Monday visit from Gracie,  the Beach Buff, who only comes to visit so she can go to the beach. Once the beach walk is done, if she could, she would take the bus home and avoid having to socialize with the rest of the hoi polloi. Border Collies think they're the chosen ones of the dog world and the rest of us can't quite see why.

    Also with us for the day was our little Frenchie, Finnign, with his handsome red plaid jacket which can hardly contain him as he's so excited he almost wiggles out of it. Off he races to play with his favorite girl, LaVie while we get ready to say goodbye to Whiskey, Bauer, Marley and Packer and get ready for the arrival of Zig and Zag. When they get here they immediately want to go and explore and  check all of their favorite haunts stopping only long enough to say Hi to the rest of us. 

    Kelsea took us down to the beach for some fun in two groups and we enjoyed our beach adventures as the sun warmed up the sand like it was the middle of summer. M'Gosh is really enjoing his swimming and little Finnigan raced into the waves and got his red plaid coat all wet so Kelsea had to take it off. Reluctantly we returned to the house and soon Finnigan and Gracie were both picked up by their humans and we looked forward to a much quieter dinner hour.  

  • November 9 & 10, 2019 - A nice November weekend.

    Saturday, showed up cold and windy with a dusting of snow in the morning. Bauer, Packer and Kali arrived and then we were off to the beach for some fun with Kelsea. The tide was very low so there was lots of beach to run around on and explore and Kelsea had plenty of balls for us to fetch. In the afternoon, our two little buddies Rory and Robbie arrived for their traditional November vacation and they were both keen to get right into the swing of things so they set off to explore and pee on every blade of grass. Later Marley, the lovely Shepherd gal  was dropped off for a short stay and as the dinner hour drew close, Mary had to get ready to take her pumpkin pies to the Seaforth Hall for the annual Dutchman's Supper so Kelsea worked like a Trojan to get our dinner ready and delivered on time. Parker's humans, came by to escort Mary and the pies to the Hall and they all had a great meal of locally made sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots and a very generous serving of tasty salt pork. This was served with homemade rolls, mustard pickles and beets, tea and coffee followed by a choice of pies. 

    After eating all of that, Mary finally got back and Kelsea was able to end her long day of work and head home.  Kelsea had just taken us out for a long walk so we were all prepared to nap while Mary got caught up on some computer work. We took our late walk in the chilly winds and there were no complaints when we finally got to settle down for the big sleep. 

    Sunday morning brought warmer weather and we did our usual beach hike after Alice got picked up by her human. Kelsea was feeling ambitious so she took a second group down to the beach as soon as she got back with the first group. The second group was made up of the more vertically challenged members of the pack, like Ollie, Rupert and Robbie along with Nikku, Arthur, Owen and Onyx attached to his leash. That bunch had loads of fun and most of them returned wet and tired after swimming in the ocean. 

    Mary took a bunch of photos of us later in the afternoon after Lucy was reunited with her humans and departed for her Halifax home. 






    Tonight, we are all pretty tired and looking forward to our rest and tomorrow a lot of us will be returning home, so it should be a pretty busy day.    



  • November 8, 2019 - A big welcome for Beauty.

    Today we got to welcome our newest friend, Beauty ,  and she is a lovely Aussie Shepherd/ Border Collie  with a super friendly personality. She arrived just after breakfast with her packed lunch and she will just be staying until the early afternoon to ensure that she likes it here and will be happy to come back for a longer stay.  Our regular Friday visitors, Baxter, Nala and Shelby were also dropped off and they were ready to rock and roll as they traded places with Tilley who was picked up and taken home by his humans. We were doing a Poop Patrol with Stephanie when two more buddies showed up,

    Ollie   and Rupert   and both of them were keen to join in the fun. Here they are leading Beauty on a merry chase. 

    We kept busy for the rest of the morning, playing chase and helping Stephanie with her work, like getting in the way of the wheelbarrow and picking up anything she laid down subsequently placing it in a different location. We also had to show Maybelle and Skit all of our favorite spots and they soon found their own vantage point where they could survey all of Seaforth and Maybelle could alert us to possible intruders. Mary put a big red bell on Maybelle so she could locate her as she patrolled the perimeter.     



    Stephanie took this photo of Chloe and Breton in front of the house and the expressions on their faces struck Mary as familiar. What do you think ... Seaforth Gothic maybe?


    There are many different parodies of this classic painting but the one below seemed especially relevant in light of the news from our neighbour to the South. 

    Beauty's human came by to get her and was pleased to hear that she had a good time so she'll be back later this month for a longer stay. Later when Kelsea and Alice both arrived, we headed to the beach for some more fun and we all had great swims and fetched lots of balls. 


    After returning to the house, we had nice naps until it was time to say goodbye to Baxter, Nala and Shelby and have our dinner before the sun set and have a nice long walk before saying goodnight to Kelsea and Stephanie.   












  • November 7, 2019 - Oops, this one almost didn't get posted.

    Thursday and there's a touch of winter in the air so a jacket is necessary for working outside. I was another busy day around here starting with an early trip to Wheezy's Automotive so Mary's car could get an oil change followed by our breakfast and then the arrival of today's day visitors, Benson, Daisy and Parker. Then the handyman arrived to do some work on the fences and to winterize the lawn mowers and a little later we got to meet a new friend, Lucy, the Springer Spaniel. She is still young and very much a puppy so we had lots of fun with her. It looks like she will be coming for a couple of weeks later this month.



    We waited until two o'clock to go to the beach because we knew that Jemma would want to come with us. We had loads of fun and Stephanie took lots of photos. 



    That was the afternoon and after Daisy, Parker and Benson went home we had dinner. After dinner, the neighbour dogs, Skit and Maybelle arrived for a short stay and even though it was wet and cold, they both wanted to stay outside and explore. We convinced them to come inside when we took our late walk and they agreed. 


  • November 6, 2019 - A big bunch of friends drop by for the day.

    When we awoke this morning there were nine of us rushing out the door and after breakfast eight more drove up to the gate to spend the day. Suddenly, it got much noisier and confusing, as we weren't sure who we had met, and we ended up introducing ourselves two or three times to the same critter. 

    Mary had another appointment in the city this morning, so after she departed, we enjoyed Stephanie's company while Angel got busy cleaning the house. As usual, Stephanie got the camera warmed up and started snapping our pictures and we were very obliging as we stopped and gave her some excellent opportunities. 


    Hunter, Blake and Oliver 


    Mylea and Luke , Mika and Tillie


    In the afternoon, when Mary got home, we went to the beach with Stephanie and Angel and, even though the wind was cold, the sun was warming us and we had a blast racing up and down the edge of the surf.  We had to say goodbye to Cuffs before we left as her humans arrived to get her and left a big box of homemade blueberry muffins for our humans to enjoy. 




    Our stay at the beach was extended since we were having so much fun but Dylan got bored with the whole sand and sea thing and he headed back to the house. Arthur and Owen were not allowed to come with us today, after their little pheasant flushing party yesterday, when they took off and didn't come back with us and they stayed out for an extra half an hour.  Mary and Stephanie figured the pheasants deserved a day of rest and they also didn't want any of us to get any ideas about taking up this hobby.

    Once we were all back safe and sound, the best thing to do was have a good nap in the very warm sunroom until it was time for our day visitors to head home and we said our goodbyes to Marlea, Mylea, Luke, Oliver, Drake, Mika and Kali before having our dinner. Just as we were finishing up our after-dinner biscuit, our Black Lab gal, Cricket arrived and her human brough us a big box of dog biscuits to enjoy. Her sister Ellie, who usually comes with her was being taken care of by a family member so she wouldn't overdo it here, wanting to go to the beach and keep up with the much younger critters. Ellie doesn't like to admit that she should slow down even though she will be fourteen years old on her next birthday. 

    The sky started to get dark as Hunter was picked up and we all found our favorite dog beds and settled in for our naps. It was crisp tonight as we took our last walk under the stars and there will likely be frost on the ground in the morning.     



  • November 5, 2019 - Let the pictures tell the tale.

    We did all the usual stuff today.  Baxter, Nala and Benny were here for daycare and Nikku arrived for his 3-week stay.  Jake came back for another fun afternoon while his humans and Mary enjoyed themselves in the big city.

    Stephanie took way too many pictures today but I guess that means we don’t have to come up with clever things to describe what we did today. We can just let the pictures speak for themselves.

    I'll bet you can't guess what we did as soon as our breakfast was digested. 






    The afternoon romp and posing for portraits. 






    A unique lumbar support.


    Relaxing while we wait for our dinner. 


    Just a great day! 




  • November 4, 2019 - Meet Stella. She's from Bahrain.

    We're still getting used to the time change so Monday morning we were all awake at what the clock said was 5:00 am and this was much to early to start our day since we would have to wait three hours for breakfast. So, we all went back to sleep and, an hour later, we just couldn't stay in bed any longer so out we went to greet the day. 

    After breakfast, the morning got busy with the arrival of Gracie, then Tillie and back for another try-out, Sydney and Tuuka. We all got acquainted and accompanied Angel on a Poop Patrol but Sydney just couldn't relax and enjoy herself. She kept trying to find a way out through the fence so Mary brought her inside and tried to get her to forget about leaving but she's a very focused critter and she paced from door to door in the house. 

    Meanwhile, the rest of us were getting organized to go down to the beach with Angel while Mary and Stephanie got ready to welcome Cruze and Stella. They would like to stay here next year so this was their first visit to see how comfortable they would be in this environment. They went for  walk with Stephanie and Cruze was a typical Border Collie, wanting to pick up every stick and play fetch. Stella was a little more aloof and Stephanie figured it might be because she doesn't understand the language over here having only arrived from the Gulf State of Bahrain in August . After they got used to the place, it was decided that they might come for an overnight stay next week just to see how they would adjust so we said goodbye until then.  

    The beach goers returned to the house, wet and happy and they settled down on the front veranda for a rest  while we waited for our buddy, Dylan, to arrive.  Mary and Angel sat down a short while later to enjoy the Mushroom, Barley and Beef Soup that Mary made yesterday and then the afternoon kind of slipped by until Kelsea arrived and then it was Morley's turn to go home with her human. A short while later, Sydney and Tuuka were picked up and, although her human was disappointed to hear that Sydney wasn't happy to stay here, he understood and did not want to put her under any more stress. Once Gracie was picked up, Kelsea was ready to get our dinner and we ate then settled down to nap until our late walk.    

  • November 2 & 3, 2019 - So long to Daylight Savings Time.

    Saturday was a lovely, sunny day without those wicked winds that blew yesterday and it was a quiet day with only one arrival, Onyx  ,  the Greyhound, from next door. Stephanie took us down to the beach early before the high tide claimed too much of the beach and the sun was low on the horizon, which cast some very long shadows.   


    We met up with another neighbour, Ebby, while we were exploring and he hung out with us for a while. 


    Arthur and Owen wore their new Blaze Orange neckerchiefs today and they were both feeling very playful so they chased one another while the rest of us watched the fun and did our best to imitate them.  




    After our beach romp, we returned to the house and enjoyed our nap time and in the afternoon Stephanie took some more photos of us as we lazed around.  



    In the evening, Packer went home but he'll be back for three more visits in November so we can have more time to socialize with him. On Sunday, we woke up to the rain, it was pitch black outside and the clock radio was broadcasting a documentary featuring people with very thick Irish accents. Mary was confused and so were we but soon it dawned on Mary that she had forgot to turn the clocks back before she went to bed. We all  took a quick trip outside to relieve ourselves and then returned to the house and our beds for another hour of sleep. 

    Kelsea arrived later to get our breakfast and then Leroy, Lola and Cletus had a noisy reunion with their human and they didn't hesitate to pile into the truck for the trip home. Because the rain had let up a bit, Kelsea took us for a beach walk which was very entertaining in spite of the rain that restarted once we were down at the shore. It didn't deter us from swimming and fetching balls and we enjoyed a good romp followed by a long nap while we dried out back at the house. Tali was also excited to see her human drive up to the gate and Stephanie also stopped by with some Stew Beef that she picked up for Mary, which will go into a new soup this afternoon along with Barley and Mushrooms. 

    Later we went for a long walk with Kelsea and then had our dinner which was an hour late by our estimation. After dinner, we relaxed and it's now getting close to the time when we should be out there taking our late walk. 


  • November 1, 2019 - Maybelle's on the lam.

    Friday was a stormy day with lots of high wind and huge waves, so we didn’t get to the beach. 


    We had five daycare friends come for the day in spite of the weather. Baxter, Nala, Kali, Shelby and finally Jake.  Jake belongs to Mary’s friends who live way up the Eastern Shore and they arrived mid-morning to take Mary to the Acadian Tea Room for brunch and from there into Halifax for an excursion. They left Jake behind with Stephanie and the gang so he could have a day of play with his buddies.



    We also welcomed Packer and Tali this morning, both for weekend stays. Since it wasn’t raining much, we were able to be outside with Stephanie and do all our regular chores as well as explore all the yards. 



    After a while the wind did start to tire us out so we retreated inside where Stephanie did some photo editing and all that other boring computer stuff. We took the opportunity to nap before Kelsea arrived for her late afternoon shift.  We also had one more arrival for the day, Morley, . She was very eager to get a game of chase started and Maya was happy to comply.

    As the magic, four o’clock time approached, the day visitors departed and we all agreed it was a fun day. All that running around made everyone hungry so we cleaned up our food in record time and that allowed Kelsea to head home a little earlier than usual. Just one more critter to make their way home and that was Maya who got picked up by her human and she told all of us that she had a real swell time and wants to come back again soon.

    We figured that the evening would be a quiet one but just as Mary was finishing up her dinner, a call came from the neighbours who were very worried about their Great Pyrenees, Maybelle. It seems that, while going for a walk down on the beach, she had run off with her leash attached, chasing a deer and it was now dark and they couldn’t find her. Mary said that she would  have some of us go outside and if we could hear her in the woods, we might bark and bring her close to the fence.

    Mary then called Stephanie and sure enough that’s where Maybelle turned up a few minutes later and Stephanie was able to get a hold of her leash and hand her over to her humans when they arrived. Once the excitement was over, the evening progressed much like we had expected and we were soon napping on our beds.

  • October 31, 2019 - Halloween and Hali's seventh birthday

    Yes, it's me Hali and it's my seventh birthday today and I celebrated with all of my buddies here in Seaforth. Because I was born on Halloween, I usually get dressed up on my birthday and today was no exception. Here I am dressed up as a fairy princess but it was so windy, I lost my tiara and almost lost my wings as well.  I pretended that I was captured by a leopard who was hiding in the willow tree and had be rescued by Mary.  Actually , that was Ellie, dressed up as a leopard and pretending that she was stalking me and the tree provided lots of camouflage.   


    It was great fun to play with Ellie and I loved my wings and tiara. Benson and Daisy both arrived this morning and wanted to spend the day celebrating my Birthday and the two giants, Lucy and Maya   were dropped off as well. They were both very excited about going to the beach even though the weather wasn't the greatest with showers on and off all day and very high winds. Sophia's human arrived to pick her up and Sophia was very pleased to be going home so she could get some uninterrupted naps. 

    In the afternoon, Kelsea got here and Mary said that she had better take a bunch of super-excited critters down to the beach and everyone had lots of fun and the race down the hill was particularly exciting. M'Gosh, Breton, Daisy, Benson, Cuffs, LaVie, Arthur and Owen let the wind and surf stir up lots of silliness but I decided to stay at the house so my fairy wings wouldn't get too battered. Our Golden Lab girlfriend, Whiskey,   was dropped off for a vacation and she explored the fields, checking out all the interesting sighs including the wasp nest   which has been hidden in the Stephanandra Hedge all summer and I have to admit the wasps have been very well behaved. When the beach gang got back they were wet and tired and soon it was time for Benson and Daisy to go home. Dinner wasn't long in coming, we had a good walk after we ate and then we said goodbye to Ellie, the leopard,    who wanted to go trick or treating. Mary turned out all the outside lights so  no one would be tempted to come up the driveway looking for treats thereby insuring that we would have a quiet evening and lots of good naps.    

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