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  • August 14 & 15, 2018 - Sorry for the DogBlog delays ... slow response times with host. 

    Tuesday - The oppressive heat and humidity is back today so we didn't need any coaxing to head down to the beach with Stephanie and Kelsea, particularly since the day visitors are all big beach fans. Baxter, Kali, Oliver, Drake and Benny were at the head of the pack as we raced down the hill. 





    Wednesday was a bit cooler mostly because the fog was so thick and no sun was able to pierce the thick blanket that hung over Seaforth. There were two early arrivals, Lucy B and Hunter and then we wanted breakfast. Mary and a couple of old friends left after breakfast to drive to Truro for the day for a visit with some other old friends.  Kelsea and Stephanie took us over to the cabana so Angel could get the housecleaning done without us underfoot and we had a great time playing and jumping in the pool. Our regular day visitors were also dropped off so we stopped long enough to say hello to Lola, Parker, Marlea and Winnie and after a short pause both Remington and Cassie drove up to the gate and hopped out, ready for some fun.   

    The morning was just flying by after we said goodbye to Karter, lunch hour rolled around and then it was Dash who had to depart just as Gracie McE arrived. Stephanie started snapping some photos of us as the afternoon raced by so we had our dinner after saying goodbye to Winnie, Marlea and Parker. After dinner, Lola departed and Stephanie stayed with us until Mary and her friends arrived back from their travels. 





    Gotta go and complain to the Web Site Host about the slow response time though from past experience there isn't likely an easy solution.  


  • August 13, 2018 - Another glorious beach day. 

    Wow, after all those departures yesterday, it felt like this place is deserted. It continued to be hot and sunny and after Clover arrived and Reggie and Tali went home, we headed down to the beach with Kelsea where we enjoy the cool waves and an ocean breeze.  Just after lunch, Mary loaded Owen, Arthur, Hali and Molly into the car and she drove them over to Grand Desert beach so they can enjoy a cool swim and a walk along the shore. Chester hid in Cocoa's office so he could avoid going to the beach, a place he isn't real keen on. Hali ventured into the water as far as her ankles while Arthur and Molly fetched a stick for Mary and Owen looked for some floating dog biscuits. Mary tried to get a couple of photos of Hali but she just wouldn't stand still long enough to get her in focus. 


    After they were all soaked and before they could give any thought to rolling in the pile of discarded clam shells, Mary put them back and the car and brought them back home where we were all curious to know where they had been. While they were gone, Karter had arrived and he sniffed them all over. Kelsea fired up the lawn mowers and started cutting the grass while we relaxed in our favorite shady spots until it was time for Jasper to go home with his human who brought Mary a lovely bottle of homemade golden plum jam. Mary also had a quick visit from some old friends who moved to Ontario a few years ago and who were back for a visit.  It wasn't long before dinner was served and after we ate, Sammy's human came to get him. That was one tired puppy who had to be hoisted into the back seat of the jeep.  


  • August 11 & 12, 2018 - The Weekend Edition. 

    Both Saturday and Sunday were hot and sunny days and also very busy but for different reasons. On Saturday morning we welcomed six arrivals. That included Tali, Dash, Luna S, Hubble, Packer and Benson all of whom have been here before and all excited at the prospect of a beach hike. Mary started making the lists for Stephanie, list of Group One Beach Goers and Group Two Beach Goers and a list for those that wouldn't go to the beach for various reasons. 

    Group One included the Gang of eight Golden Retrievers who had a crazy notion that it would be just them in the group but Stephanie soon put them straight with the addition of Remington, Scout and Saki. Remington showed those Goldens what a real water dog he was as he swam the whole time. 


    When Group One was cooled off and ready to head back to the house, they started the climb up the hill at a much slower pace than the one they displayed earlier. The cool buckets of water were a welcome sight when they got back. 

    Group Two was then gathered together and this time Stephanie had a much more eclectic group to escort down the hill. There was Rory and Robbie, the two Cairn Terrors, Benji, the Heinz 57 mix, Hubble, the Border Terrier, Benson the Havanese, Jasper WD, the Terrier mix, Jasper D, the Huskey mix, Tali, the Duck Toller, Dash, the Husky/Shepherd mix , Luna, the Doodle, Packer and Archie, the Black Labs,  and Marley, the German Shepherd.  Molly opted to stay by Mary's side rather than head to the beach. They had a great time cooling off in the tidal pools and waves and showed off their swimming skills as well as their fetching.  The biggest surprise of them all was that no one rolled on the dead fish. 





    Now, these photos of beach fun could also have been taken on Sunday which saw us follow the same process but we fit the beach trips into the departure schedule for eleven critters. Hubble, Naga, Robbie, Rory, Benji, Emmy, Marty, Rosie, Chico, Marley, Lily and Packer all got picked up by their humans and drove off , some still wet from their beach walk. We also welcomed Hali, Chester, Trinity, Auggie and Tilley as they all arrived to spend some quality vacation time with us. oh yeah, thanks to Rory and Robbie's humans who brought us a new biscuit container and a box of biscuits to fill it.  Much appreciated as we enjoyed getting one after dinner. 

  • August 10, 2018 - Flower power.

    Oh, this is more like it! Sunny, warm, breezy and low humidity.  Just about a perfect set of atmospheric conditions to make all of us feel much better and full of energy, particularly the humans. We didn't even protest when two more Golden Retrievers arrived to replace the two who left today. Cavan was finally reunited with his human after a long stay and he was over the moon as was Holly when she realized she would be going home to the peace and quiet of a one dog household. Reggie was dropped off for a short stay and then Alice got here as well. Both of them full of life and wanting to play particularly when they saw Sammy arrive at the gate and they both wanted his attention for a good wrestling match and a game of chase. Sammy threw himself into the games and was soon having a great time.  Our three day visitors, Winnie, Bella and Sophie all arrived on time and had to get busy introducing themselves to this big crowd of critters. 

    Then our little buddies, Willis and RJ, were picked up by their human and they both looked very happy to be heading home so they could catch up on their lost sleep. The arrivals continued with a new Brittany Spaniel called Remington who was a real fun guy and then little Marty, looking very handsome with a new haircut, hopped out of the car, ready to do his inspection of the property and the pack.  While all this coming and going was being managed, we took a tour of the gardens and had some photos taken so you could enjoy the lovely blooms along with us. 

    Here is the pond with all the water lilies enjoying the warm sunshine and putting on a great show of colour.



    One of the many Clematis is covered in thousand of blooms while the Flowering Dogwood is much less showy and produces very few flowers. The Turk's Cap Lilies are a cheerful sight and they bounce in the breeze like they're dancing in a seraglio. 


    It's lily blooming time and there are lots of them in all different shades and shapes and the Hydrangea is so tall this year someone will need a ladder if they want to cut some blooms. 




    This guy    watches us all day as we socialize or pose for the camera but he never has much to say. 





  • August 9, 2018 -  Another busy day in the fog. 

    Today was a beach day in spite of the thick fog that was covering Seaforth. After most of the day's early arrivals got here, Stephanie, Mariah and Kelsea assembled us for the trip down the hill and laid down the law about not wandering off in this thick fog. We all promised to be on our best behavior and hoped we would surprise some shorebirds when we landed on the beach. Sure enough, we did get pretty close to some of them and Stephanie got a few photos.


    Maggey and Max enjoyed their swims even more when they realized they would be heading home this afternoon and Mariah kept an eye on them through the thick fog. 


    Rosie and Bear wait patiently for the balls to be chucked into the waves while Gracie C shows off her sandy muzzle decoration. She thinks it makes her look tough.  


    Benson waits patiently for Baxter to give him the ball while Cavan holds onto his, guarding it from the ones that are sitting with Kelsea, 



    Scout shows off her dog paddle while a dog race is underway on shore with Rory barking his encouragement. 



    The fog just won't give up and the skies get darker, threatening rain so we head back to the house to find that there have been some arrivals while we were gone. Kali is here, as well as Marley M and Benji and they are all wanting a full beach report even before we get a chance to have a cold drink. We also spy little Rosie P   and her hubby, Chico,   trotting around the yards, acting like they own the place.  We just got back in time for Maggey and Max to be picked up by their human and there was one more guest driving up to the gate, Jasper WD  , back for a short stay. He takes one look at all those noisy Golden Retrievers and his expression says it all. ' Good Lord, can there really be eight of them or is my vision getting worse?' Wait, there's another car at the gate and this time our sweet Roxy has to leave us just before Benson departs as well. Time for dinner and then we bid adieu to Baxter and Tali before we settle down for our evening nap. 

  • August 8, 2018 - Day nine in the Seaforth tropics.

    Wednesday and this seems like it's the hottest day yet with no hint of a breeze to help cool things off. Hunter is with us for the day and he is a busy guy as usual checking out all of the new friends. When he sees that there are ten Golden Retrievers, he gets kind of confused as he tries to keep them sorted out.

    Since it is house cleaning day, most of us move to the cabana with Kelsea while some stay with Mary while she gets some sewing and ironing done downstairs. It is much cooler down there so we don't mind but things are never simple and straight forward. First, the de-humidifier hose is blocked so the tank has to be emptied and the hose cleared. While that is being taken care of, a major water pipe leak is discovered in another part of the basement so a big clean up has to be done to move some mouldy drywall and get a bucket situated under the dripping water pipe. Some days it doesn't pay to go down to the basement. Sounds like a plumber call is in the cards. We get shooed out the basement door while Stephanie helps Mary. Then she moves back upstairs to deliver Charlie and Mr. Jones into the hands of their human who has arrived during all this commotion. 

    Hunter is relieved that there are now only eight Goldens to make friends with but he's having difficulty keeping the two blond-gold girls, Emmy and Gracie, straight and they seem to enjoy confusing him.  It's a blessing when Maggey and Max arrive, as everyone rushes to see them and, thank goodness, they're not Goldens. We try to keep cool in the pool and stay out of the hot sun until the house cleaning is done and lunch is prepared and after that we decide that we will venture down to the beach with Stephanie, Kelsea and Mariah, Stephanie's niece. It's hot but the cool salt water is very refreshing and we all swim, including Scout, which surprises Stephanie. In past visits, Scout has usually only waded in the shallow water but now she is diving in and swimming like an old pro.

    The trip back up the hill is a hot one but we manage to reach the buckets of water and have a good drink before we settle down for a nap which lasts until dinner is ready. Then Hunter goes home and Jasper Di arrives and he's always lots of fun so we head back outside to introduce ourselves and watch the fog roll back in which cools things down a bit.          

  • August 7, 2018 - Cooling off in the ocean is the only way to go. 

    We are all tired of this heat and humidity but we're making the best of it. Today, it's Tuesday so we welcome the regular day visitors Baxter, Oliver, Drake, Benny and Parker also decided to come today instead of tomorrow. We also got to give our Golden gal, Lily a big welcome after not seeing her for quite a while. Yes, in case you're counting you've run out of fingers ... she makes ten Goldens in residence and what a sight they are as they race around. Every shade of gold from pale blonde to dark red. The next arrival is little Kelty, the Westie, and he throws himself into the pack trying to see how many critters he's met before. 

    Stephanie , Mary and Kelsea are all concerned about us and the effort to go down to the beach in this heat where the cold ocean water will refresh us but eventually we get organized and make the trek. Stephanie just kept taking photos so you could get a sense for just how  we cooled off. Everyone was in the water at some point. Can you correctly identify each of the Goldens ?  







    The rest of the day passed in a haze as we sought out our shady napping spots and slept most of the time. Charley Mc was picked up and departed for his home and a little later Gracie, Stanley , Parker Oliver, Drake and Benny left for their respective abodes , tired and still a little wet. 



  • August 6, 2018 - Natal Day and the benefits of napping in the shade. 

    Today, Monday, was another one of those Holidays, this one locally called Natal Day, and the heat continued with a Humidex up near thirty-five. In order to make us more comfortable, Kelsea refilled the pool so we could cool off which was a plus but we still felt better only if we were in the shade and resting. Some of the youngsters, like Gracie C and Emmy continued to wrestle and chase one another but the rest periods got to be longer as the sun moved up in the clear blue sky. 

    Lumie, Shadow, Winston and Maya were all picked up by their humans before lunch and they all seemed very happy to be in the air-conditioned cars heading home. The long hot afternoon continued to make us all very lethargic so we stayed in the shade of the veranda where there was a little south-westerly breeze until it was time for our dinner. That perked us up a little and the sun started to go down and the heat backed off a bit but there was still very little enthusiasm for physical exertion. The water buckets were filled up frequently and then emptied and some of us actually enjoyed having the garden hose sprayed in our direction.  It seems like all the other critters that normally are flying or chirping or watching us, are also laying low. Even the squirrel that loves to taunt Roxy and Scout was keeping a low profile today. 

    We took our late walk after dark and hung out around the barn while Mary fed the horses who spend the day in the barn to escape the hot sun and go out in the field at night. We could see the flashes of the Natal Day fireworks in Halifax Harbour but there was no wind to carry the sound which was a blessing for the few of us who are frightened by these pyrotechnic displays. Once we were back to the house, the only sensible thing to do was retire for the evening so we did.    


  • August 5, 2018 - Emma's visit and recollections.

    Hello all you DogBlog readers. My name is Emma   and I have come for a visit today. I have reached the impressive age of fourteen years and four months and my first stay in Seaforth was back in 2007 when I was still a youngster . I have lost count of the many visits I made to Seaforth but I remember all of the great adventures that I had over the years, particularly when I was down at the beach or playing with so many of my little buddies. I had some great games of chase with Perci, Dudley, Noah, Sonny, Nigel, Shelby, Teddy, Joey, Zeus ... oh my I can't list them all but I remember them fondly. I also specialized in puppy sitting during my visits and one of my first was Oliver, a Speagle, who followed me everywhere. I also enjoyed my visits when my friends, Lucy and Chase were also staying and we spent many hours down at the beach. 


    I met so many good friends over the years and I even let Mary and Cathy photograph me, wearing a tiara of all things. I can't recall what we were celebrating but I was happy to join in the fun.  Perhaps it was one of Cocoa's many birthday celebrations. 


    Today there was a big crowd on hand for my visit, many of them I knew well and some were new critters. They all welcomed me and I spent most of the day trailing around the fields with them and  enjoying a nice shady spot when the sun was too hot.  I had lots of good times during all of the seasons of the year but I think my favorite was winter when my big fur coat kept me warm and was the envy of my friends. 


    I expect that this will be my last visit to Seaforth but I was glad we came and I got a chance to bid adieux to my old friends, Robbie, Rory, Charlie N and Mr. Jones, Lumie, Holly, Naga, Saki, Charley Mac, Owen and Arthur and my Seaforth people, Mary, Stephanie and Kelsea. My humans are at the gate and I am returning home with even more great memories.



  • August 4, 2018 - It was a Golden Day, for sure. 

    It was a little cooler today and the prospects looked good for a beach walk. Our old buddy Casey arrived right on time and he was happy to be back with all his buddies. After all the introductions were done, Stephanie got us organized and off we trooped to the cool waters of Chezzetcook Inlet. It was a great time for everyone and the flies weren't too aggressive so we stayed for an extra long visit. Stephanie got some great photos.  






    Later, after this crowd had returned to the house, Mary loaded Molly and Archie into the car and drove them over to Grand Desert beach so they could enjoy a swim without Archie having to walk up and down the hill.  Unfortunately, she forgot her camera but according to Molly they had a great time, chased a few sticks and cooled off. 

    The three Goldens arrived after lunch, Gracie C, Rosie and Bear and they were keen to mix it up with the rest of the Golden Gang. What a lot of fun watching the nine of them greet one another and then say hello to the other critters. Of course, Gracie C wasn't shy about getting to know everyone. 


    The rest of the afternoon passed quickly with this many critters to keep track of and once we had our dinner, we said goodbye to Sophia as she had a warm reunion with her humans and didn't hesitate to hop in the car so she could go home.  




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