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Country Critter Sitters

  • August 6, 2020 - Let's celebrate Baxter's eighth Birthday..

    The Birthday Boy arrived right on time and a lot of his regular buddies were here to wish him a Happy Birthday. Oliver and Drake, Big Bella, Benson and Joey were dropped off and they wanted to make sure they didn't miss any of the party.  In addition to a big bag of treats, there was a box full of balls and other fetching items     which will be enjoyed at the beach. 

    Our overnight visitors, Cruze   and Stella  , were dropped off and they were happy that they didn't miss the Birthday celebrations for Baxter. Angel, the human, arrived to do the house cleaning which was postponed from yesterday because of the power outage so Mary and Stephanie cleared us out of the house so we wouldn't get in the way of the vacuum cleaner or mop.

    While we were over at the cabana, there was an incident with the RCMP and an armed gunman just down the road, so, in light of the April murders, it was decided that we would stay close to home until the all clear was given. Obi   and Chico   got dropped off to spend the day because they were not happy with all the noise from the men working on their roof so Mary updated their human on the current threat situation. Within an hour, the gunman had been arrested and we could all relax and think about going to the beach to run off some of our stress. We wanted to wait for Angel, the dog, to get here so she could come with us, but we were all getting impatient, so Stephanie and Ellie took us down the hill. Angel, the dog,  eventually arrived and Mary let her race down the hill with Arthur to join the fun. 




    When we got back to the clean house, Mary was making some lunch and we relaxed on the shady veranda where the breeze was blowing and emptied a couple of buckets of water. Joey got picked up and that's when the Birthday photos were done to mark the big event and as usual Baxter was more than happy to pose for his pictures. 



    The exodus began shortly after this with Tilley getting picked up, then Obi and Chico, followed by Oliver and Drake, Baxter and Nala and then Benson.  After dinner, Bella and Angel went home and we settled down to have some quality naps. Tonight, the temperature is much more comfortable and the humidity has dropped so we will be sleeping better. 

  • August 5, 2020 - Where were you when the lights went out?

    We were in the middle of eating or breakfast when everything went dark and quiet. The rain was still pelting down and suddenly the radio and TV were silenced. Of course, that didn't keep us from eating the food Stephanie put in our bowls. It would take a lot more than a power outage to accomplish that but given that we were scheduled to have a busy couple of hours, Stephanie was in touch with the outage line to find out the possible duration of the outage. 

    The flashing red lights down on the road opposite the Church and the sound of fire engines heading our way, signaled that there was another power pole fire and downed power lines. Estimate was for the power to be out until for another two hours so the transistor radio and the old plug in phone were set up so we would be able to keep in touch. Mary and Stephanie had an early appointment to meet a new Black Lab puppy who would like to come for day-care one day a week. Her name was Callie  and it turns out that she is a full sister of Kelsea's new puppy, Ocean. She and Chella hit it off right away and they had a great time chasing one another while Stephanie took them for a walk around the fields in the rain while Mary talked to the humans on the veranda. Callie was having lots of fun and it seems that she will be coming back next week to spend the day which should live things up. Around the same time, Baxter and Nala arrived and they had two more loaves of homemade bread, one of which was Raisin Bread,  for Stephanie and Mary to enjoy.  

    The rain started to let up a bit and upon checking the Outage Website, Stephanie found out the power would not be back on until noon which prompted Mary to get the generator running so she could make a cup of tea. Mary's day just doesn't get started without her tea and the newspaper and they say we're creatures of habit. Once the power was restored and the phone calls answered, it was time for Nikku to be reunited with his human and head home for another three weeks. The eleven o'clock appointment was cancelled so Stephanie thought that we should head down to the beach so Chella could have one more visit before going home. That's when Mary made her tea and raisin bread toast and sat down to read the paper while we frolicked on the beach. 




    We had to return to the house by noon as Chella's humans were picking her up so we started back up the hill, fighting the strong winds that had started to blow and the ever-increasing humidity. Fortunately, the power was on again and the generator could be turned off so when we got back, we settled down under the fans to rest and dry off while Stephanie made herself some lunch. Angel was dropped off to spend the afternoon and stay for dinner and once Chella's humans got here, things were pretty dull until Remington's humans drove up to get him and they stayed to chat for a bit which lasted until it was time for Baxter and Nala to go home. 

    Stephanie took this opportunity to get some photos of our buddy Zag who was still wondering why he couldn't go to the beach with the rest of us. Hali, on the other hand, decided she would much rather have her picture taken than go the beach in this heat and besides, she had to keep Zag company. 


    Once dinner was done, the bad weather had passed, there was lots of blue sky and it wasn't nearly so humid which was a big relief. Angel got her ride home and we all relaxed while Mary tried to catch up on the emails while she waited for her Scalloped Haddock Fillets dish to bake. Boy , it smelled yummy so we all sat around the table hoping that someone would arrive unexpectedly and there might be an opportunity to try a taste but no such luck. The few leftovers were reserved for Arthur and Owen to have for breakfast tomorrow.   



  • August 4, 2020 - The hottest day yet as the temperature reaches thirty.

    Nine o'clock was a busy time at the gate this morning as Hunter, Angel, Oliver and Quiver all arrived to spend the day and Tilley was dropped off for a two night stay. Then at nine-thirty, Cody, the Handyman, arrived with his Black Lab puppy, Georgia, who would like to come and play with us one day a week. She was a little shy at first but soon found a good friend in Chella, the Boxer,  and they played together most of the day.


    Thank goodness we have the beach where we can go to get cooled off on these hot days. Here we are mid-morning enjoying the surf with Stephanie and Ellie. 




    While we were at the beach, Kali was picked up by her human and Marley M arrived to spend the week with us. We spent most of the afternoon in the shade of the veranda,  drinking a lot of water or taking a little dip in the pool. 



    At three o'clock we bid farewell to Georgia as she departed with Cody, then at  four o'clock, Quiver, took his leave and we had dinner. After we ate, Angel, Hunter and Ollie were ushered through the gate and headed to their homes. Around the same time, the Lawn Mower guy drove up and he started cutting the grass so we stayed inside and enjoyed some quiet time.   




  • August 3, 2020 - A major exodus today and very strange weather.

    The day started off very sunny but this powerful wind began to blow by mid-morning and it brought very wet fog with it which required that all the windows in the house be closed to keep it somewhat dry. Since we had the four regular Monday visitors arrive, we figured that it might be best to divide the pack between the house and the cabana until some of the morning departures were taken care of. In addition to the day-visitors, we had a new overnight guest who has only stayed once before. Her name is Chella  and she's a real sweetie who loves being a member of the pack.  The first to leave us was Daisy, followed by Teddy Jr. , Stanley and Gracie and then Roxy. Now was a good time to take Group 1 to the beach before it started to rain so, off they went with Stephanie to enjoy themselves while Group 2 waited with Kelsea in the cabana.  Having recently been hospitalized and being fifteen plus years old, Mary wouldn't let Zag go with them which sent him to his room in a huff where he promptly fell sound asleep.  

    Since most of the bigger critters were in Group 2, the small critters like Bella and Little Charlie, had lots of chances to pick up the orange balls and hang on to them. The winds had started to whip up the water so there was quite a bit of wave action but that didn't deter Storm, Chella and Nala Jr. from taking a swim.   




    Since we knew that Group 2 was patiently waiting for their turn, we headed back to the house and Kelsea took her pack down to have some fun.  This included Baxter, Nala Sr., Henry, Maya, Winston, Karter and Reggie. Teddy Sr. was excited to see his human at the gate and he left us without a backward glance and he was soon followed by Joey. The wind was getting stronger and bending the big willows to the ground but there wasn't any significant rainfall. Kelsea took all of us outside so Stephanie could vacuum and wash the floors while Mary went to Porters Lake to do some errands. Mid-afternoon saw three more departures as Karter, Flynn and Storm were all reunited with their humans and Kelsea took the hose out and watered most of the vegetables while the day-visitors went home. Dinner was served and Kelsea and Stephanie went home while we all settled down for a nap. 

  • August 1 & 2, 2020 - A bustling weekend with lots of fine weather.

    It was a very hectic weekend with more arrivals and an equal number of departures. Stephanie was off duty for the weekend and Kelsea did a fine job of filling in for her and the most important part was taking us to the beach both mornings. Due to the high heat and humidity, we rested a lot of the day in the shade and enjoyed taking a dip in the pool when we felt the need to cool off. 

    On Saturday afternoon, we heard a few rumbles from the sky and suddenly the skies opened up and there was a torrential downpour which helped to cool everything and best of all, water the gardens for Mary. Maya and Winston arrived to spend a week with us and Parker was here for the weekend while Roxy C was picked up by her humans and returned home.  Later, Mary took her video camera outside and got some candid clips of us and we think she's giving some thought to putting together another video chronicle featuring us.

    Here's just a few of the stars that auditioned for a role. 




     Sunday morning was sunny and Stephanie wanted to take Tallen for a ride before it got too hot so Mary fed him early and Stephanie got him saddled up and off they went down the driveway. Kelsea organized us for a walk to the ocean so we could swim in the cool water and enjoy some games. It was decided that we would be split into two groups since there were a lot of us and this worked well.


    The mosquitos were looking for dog blood today and Teddy Jr. didn't like that one bit. She left us and started back up the hill to the house so Kelsea called Mary to let her know that she was returning early. Sure enough, within a few minutes she was at the door and she dashed into her favorite dog bed for a nap. 

    A short while later, Kelsea returned with the rest of us and after having a long, cool drink we settled down until we saw Stephanie and the horse coming back from their travels. Stephanie with some help from Mariah, treated Tallen  to a bath  and as you can see he really enjoyed the cold water from the hose on his hot, sweaty head.  

    The second group of beach lovers were excited about racing down the hill and splashing into the water so that's what they did. Winston and Maya were grinning ear to ear as they waded in and out of the water and fetched a few balls.  


    In the afternoon we said goodbye to Robbie, Hercules and Parker and welcomed our little buddy, Zag. Mary got her Video camera again and took some more shots of us playing and showing Zag all of our latest stunts. After dinner, Luna and Charlie MB ( yes, another Charlie ) were dropped off for a week's stay and they are looking forward to relaxing and hitting the beach. Our buddy Owen, the Doodle, was the last departure of the day and  Mary made us promise not to interrupt her dinner so we did our best by falling asleep and not barking. 

  • July 31, 2020 - More heat and humidity and more critters.

    Friday was the start of the Holiday Weekend and for the first time in months we were bursting at the seams. The usual day-visitors arrived, Marlea, Mylea, Quiver and Oliver and then throughout the morning we had more overnight guests being dropped off. First at the gate were Gracie and Stanley and then Reggie so once they were here and introduced to everyone, Stephanie suggested that we head to the beach before it got too hot. 

    The beach is always a reason to get excited and we never tire of it so today was no different. Stephanie always has her camera ready and she can usually get some great photos. 

    Who told these guys to stick their tongues out? 


    Wet, what do mean? Who's wet? 


    We were not told that there would be a wild goose chase? 


    There were more arrivals including Flynn, Owen T, Karter and Hercules and the remainder of the day was filled with our usual play time, nap time and time to say goodbye as we gave Benji a warm send off when his humans arrived to get him. Mylea and Marlea got picked up in their sporty, red convertible, dinner was served and then Quiver and Oliver went home. There was a short rain shower and Mary dashed into the house to grab the camera, certain there would be a rainbow behind the house and she was right. Not a real spectacular one but very close to the house. Later when we took our last walk of the day, the moon was very bright and Stephanie had her camera ready as she wanted to capture the sight from her house looking up to the top of the hill.  


  • July 30, 2020 - Another hot and humid day and lots of stuff happening.

    The morning brought us the return of Daisy   , the Brittany Spaniel, who we haven't see in over four months. She was very excited to be back with her friends and wanted to play all day. Kali also arrived for a weekend stay and the usual day-visitors, Oliver, Drake and Benson were dropped off along with Joey. A new Black Lab gal, Storm   , arrived just as we were getting ready to race down the hill to the beach. Storm inherited the family of an old friend of ours, Finn, who used to come here and dig up beach rocks many moons ago and she is just as friendly as he was so she'll get along fine.

    Here we are enjoying ourselves at the beach before the temperature climbs too high. 



    Pace and Enzo knew just how to keep cool.  



    Back to the house we plodded as the sun kept getting hotter so that Teddy Sr. and Little Bella   were lagging behind but they kept encouraging one another with talk of the big buckets of cold water that were waiting on the veranda.

    We were relaxing on the veranda in the shade when we had a visit from Fritz who lives with Stephanie's sister Sheila and her family. Fritz   was keen to play and while most of us gave that a pass, Daisy, Kali, Roxy C and Storm were more than willing to mix it up with him.   


    Lucy got her summons to return to the city with her human and then Joey was the next one ushered through the gate, more than ready to go home and have his lunch and a good nap. The next activity was Pace and Enzo being picked up by Bev who very kindly arrived with Croissant and Vanilla Custard Tarts from the LF Bakery for Mary and Stephanie to enjoy. Mary made sure that they were well hidden from the roaming eye and nose of Arthur before going with Stephanie to move a gate in Tallen's field and that's when they spied Baxter and Nala's human, Marian, driving up to get her fur kids after being away for a few days and missing them like crazy. Marian didn't come empty-handed as she handed over a box containing a Blueberry Pie along with a pint of fresh, wild blueberries. Mary and Stephanie are going to enjoy these treats without having to do any baking themselves. The departure of Oliver and Drake signaled the dinner hour and after we ate Benson and Rusty went home. 

    So, having gone from a pack size of twenty-five critters down to fifteen it was a lot more peaceful and that encouraged all of us to settled down and enjoy a long nap before we took our late walk in the heavy fog.      

  • July 29, 2020 - The heat wave continues and the cool ocean water is a big relief.

    Angel, the human, arrived just after breakfast and she was keen to go to the beach with Stephanie and the rest of us particularly as we had to keep a close eye on the two rookies who were making their first beach trip with us. Bella     and Rico  weren't sure what we were getting so excited about but once they got to the beach, they had loads of fun. Lucy had arrived early this morning and she wouldn't sit still until the race down the hill got underway with Angel, the dog, trying to beat her into the waves. The new kid, Rico was right in his element and he enjoyed watching all his new friends splash and chase one another. 


    Bella, the other first-timer, got right into the spirit of things as she waded in and escorted Robbie and Remington back to shore.  



    The trip back up the hill was a lot slower and we were all keen to get a cold drink and find some shade. Kelty's human arrived to pick him up and our friends, Pace   and Enzo   were dropped off for an overnight stay. After lunch, we got to meet Abby, a Wheaten Terrier gal who would like to come for a visit in August. Abby had been here about ten years ago but family members were always available to care for her so she never got stay and it looks like this time she will finally get to enjoy  the full Critter Sitter experience.

    Stephanie managed to grab a few more photos for her collection and most of us were happy to pose. Not what you might call action shots, eh?  




    The afternoon seemed to race by and we said goodbye to Rico and Bella before having dinner after which Angle and Hercules went home. After the hot sun had set, Mary took an opportunity to give some of her vegetables a good drink of water since it doesn't look like there is much rain in the forecast.  

  • July 28, 2020 - All-day grass cutting projects.

    The day dawned warm and breezy and the usual Tuesday visitors arrived beginning with Oliver, Odin, Sam, Angel, Benny and Luke. The six of them really got things stirred up and it was very noisy and busy while we waited for Hercules to get here as well. The Handyman was back today and he got busy with the Whipper-Snipping while Mary took Owen and Arthur to the dog groomer at Scruff to Fluff.  Mary and Stephanie were agreed that clipping the two of them again was not in their plans as it would take most of the day so off they went to be bathed and clipped and when Mary returned, Stephanie announced we would go to the beach  before it got too much hotter. 

    Off we raced down the hill while some of us stayed behind with Mary. Before long we heard the familiar rumble of the big tractor / bush hog mower coming up the driveway and the mower guy had decided he would do some cutting in the big pastures.  Mary got him situated and shut the big gate behind him so none of us could run in this field on our way back from the beach.  

    We were all having a great time down at the shore so another guy cutting grass didn't seem important when we had so much fun. 





    We returned to the house and we drank buckets of fresh water which Stephanie and Mary had to keep refilling and then we settled down in the shade of the veranda. After a quick lunch, Stephanie departed to run a few errands which would include picking up Owen and Arthur from the groomer. Shelley came to pick-up Odin and Sam, Kelty arrived for an overnight stay and then our Cairn Terrierist, Robbie was dropped off to spend a few days. Mary introduced him to Teddy Sr. thinking he might want to catch up on the Cairn Terrier news but soon he was off exploring the fields. Hunter's humans drove up to the gate to pick up their boy and take him home and just as they were departing, Stephanie arrived with Owen and Arthur, both looking very sleek and smelling great.

    Both of the grass mowing guys quit work but one of them announced he would be back tomorrow to finish the South-East pasture. We hung out waiting in line to get in the pool or just posing for photos. Roxy C was busy watching the horse in case he did something interesting besides eat grass and Hali was caught surfing the web while Rusty relaxed in his bed.  




    After Benny and Luke went home, we had dinner and later Oliver and Angel were both picked up. The third lawn mower guy arrived and spent the next couple of hours mowing the lawns while we relaxed inside and, when he was finished, we went outside to inspect his job. All in all, it was a very busy day and tonight we are all very tired so we should soon be heading to bed.  


  • July 27, 2020 - Things were hopping busy today.

    Both Stephanie and Kelsea were on duty today with Mary and it's a good thing because it was very busy with lots of comings and goings. The regular Monday gang was here including Gracie, Nala Jr. and Joey and Hunter also arrived for an overnight stay. Then the handyman arrived to continue work on the fence repairs and once he was on the job, we spied little Teddy , the Cairn Terrier, at the gate wanting to stay for a week. He was very excited to see so many of his old friends, including Hali, Benji and Rusty and then he got even more excited when he heard that we were going to the beach. Since we already have a pup called Teddy staying with us, we are going to call them Teddy Sr. and Teddy Jr. We raced down the hill and Teddy Sr. had a blast playing chase with all his buddies and making the acquaintance of some other like-minded critters, including Bella, Charlie and Joey.  



    There was so much action, Stephanie had a hard time getting her camera focused on those little speed demons.

    The rest of us were enjoying some swims as we went after the balls tossed into the waves. That Teddy Jr. is quite the swimmer and she would stay in the water all the time if she could. 


    Our oldest guest in residence today is Lumie and that little Beagle, who will soon be fifteen years old,  wouldn't miss a beach hike no matter how old she gets. 



    We returned to the house as the morning temperature and the humidex climbed and we continued to hang out on the veranda and play some Hide and Seek in the garden until Roxy, the Whoodle, was dropped off for a short stay.  




    So now, just to make things interesting, there are two Teddys, Two Roxys and two Nalas. Since both Roxys are about the same age, we are going to call them Roxy A and Roxy C. 

    The day was filled with more camaraderie and some naps and a couple of dips in the pool and Hunter   waited patiently for the squirrel to pay him a visit. At three o'clock the handyman quit for the day and some of us followed Mary and Kelsea to the barn where they were hanging up some tools and trying to keep stuff organized. That's something that humans do spend a lot of time doing and it's a job that never seems to be finished. Joey, Karter, Nala Jr. and Rooney all went home during the afternoon and then it was one of our favorite times. Dinner, which we watched Stephanie prepare with such care and love and  a few sprinkles of dried Beef Liver bits.  Tonight, we're all kind of tired after such a busy day and we'll soon be taking our late walk before we go to bed. 

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