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Country Critter Sitters

  • September 19, 2018 - A whirl of a Wednesday. 

    It was much cooler and cleaner this morning after that rain last night and it was extra busy around here. Kali and Marlea came to spend the day with us, Keegan, the Handyman arrived to get back at his list of jobs and then the plumber, Brian, arrived to install the new water heater and fix a leaky water pipe in the basement. Angel and Stephanie had to get all of us moved to the cabana because Keegan had to take down some sections of fence in the front yard and Mary had to drive into Halifax for an appointment. While the plumber was busy plumbing, we played with one another in the North field while we waited for Juno to be picked up by her human. We gave her a noisy send off and then little Marty   got here and started bossing everyone around and showing off his one trick.  Poppy   laughed so hard at him, she could hardly stand up  . 

    It was right about then that Marty changed his tune because Eli and Lola   were dropped off and their human brought some yummy croissant for Stephanie, Angel and anyone else that happened to be here for lunch.  Marty's smart enough to know that these two should be his besties. Stephanie was just hopping with all these comings and goings and it was right about then that we got to meet a new friend called Moon.  He was a big Doodle who would like to come and play with us on occasion and he was a very nice guy. He introduced himself to us and went off to explore a little on his own and he kind of fit right in so we expect he'll probably be coming back for a visit soon. 

    After lunch. Mary arrived back and Angel was busy doing some housecleaning, so Stephanie slipped away to get Ellie from the school bus. Both Marlea and Kali were picked up by their humans, we had dinner and then we waited for Charlie and Luna to be dropped off for their long stay as well as little Holly, who wasn't sure how long she would be staying.         

  • September 18, 2018 - Finally, some rain! 

    Yes, tonight we are all sitting around on the front veranda and enjoying the unfamiliar sound of rain falling.  It is not a pounding, wind driven rain, it is a steady, soft-falling rain that is taking its time to soak into the ground. This day started out like so many this summer, sunny and warm and we welcomed six day-visitors including Baxter, Oliver, Drake, Benny, Shelby and Little Bella. Lots of bum sniffing to do and proper introductions had to be done as well. We hung out with Angel and Stephanie and we met a new friend, Annie, the Bernese Mountain Dog. She was a very polite and happy girl and we took her on a long romp in the fields while the humans talked. It seems that she my come to stay with us in the future and we told her we would welcome her back anytime. 

    We had a photo session before heading down to the beach and some of us, Bella in particular,  just couldn't resist posing for some candid beach shots as well.  


    I can't imagine what she was posing as in this shot ... she looks like one of those Turkey buzzards might want to have her for dinner. 


    Our buddy Lupin arrived while we were down at the shore, so Mary let him race down with Arthur, Owen and Juno and when he arrived he was looking somewhat rakish, wearing his collar in a new fashion. 



    In the afternoon we mostly just napped and had a few games of chase before it was time to send a whole bunch of our gang on their way home.  Bella, Stanley and Gracie, Oliver and Drake, Baxter and Benny all disappeared through the gate while we patiently waited for Stephanie to get our dinner in the bowls. All that fun at the beach really perked up the appetites and there was some very noisy encouragement until we were all fed and happy. After dinner, Benson's Havanese cousin, Bailey arrived for a short stay and Shelby went home with her human. It wasn't long after, when we heard the rain and later we all took our last walk of the day and for the first time in a long while, we actually got a little wet.  


  • September 17, 2018 - We enjoy our Monday under the sun. 

    Yes, sunny and hot again today. The never-ending, summer day continues. Gracie and Sammy arrive after breakfast to spend the day with us and we won't head down to the beach until after Karter and Rory are picked up by their humans. While we are waiting, Angel takes us with her while she does a Poop Patrol and Stephanie gives the horses a good cleaning including a spray of fly repellant before they are turned out into the East Pasture. Mary is busy on the phone trying to make arrangements for the plumber to come and do some work and getting the emails answered. 

    Finally, Stephanie makes the big announcement that we will head down to the beach and today Angel is going to go as well so she can see exactly what we do once we are down by the shore.  We all agree to be on our best behavior so she'll be impressed but you just can't predict when the best laid plans might go awry. We have a high speed race from the top of the hill and we can never decide who first place should go to except that the first one in the water is the most likely winner. It's almost a dead heat with the two Gracie's and Marcy all hitting the waves at the same time. Stephanie chucks balls in the water and some of us will race out after them, pick them up but then return to the shore without one but Stephanie can always count on Piper, who races to the ball, picks it up, swims back to shore and drops the ball right at her feet. We enjoy our usual sea weed investigations and then it's getting near lunch time, so we head back to the house where lunch is ready for Angel and Steph. Now comes the time when Angel and Stephanie have to go and pick up their daughters from school and we hang out with Mary while she waits to hear from the plumber.  Piper gets picked up by her human and once Angel gets back, we switch gears and head back outside for some more play time while Mary grabs a few minutes to repair three dog beds that have some tears in them. 

    Just before we get ready for our dinner, Gracie McE and Marcy both go home and after we eat our meals, we get our biscuits and settle down for our after-dinner naps. Two more departures are still on the board, Sammy followed by Lily, so that when it comes time for our last walk of the day, there are only ten of us for Mary to round up. Still no sign of that plumber!  

  • News Item! 


    Please note the following:

    We will be closed for a break

    November 28 to December 4, 2018.

    We will resume regular operations on

    December 5, 2018.

    There will be no day-care services offered during this week.

    Thank you for your understanding. 

    Mary and Stephanie

  • September 14, 15 & 16 - Playing catch up again.

    Sorry we've let the DogBlog get so far behind but we're starting to get confused about which day it is since they all seem to run together.  Friday was a busy, busy, day with seven overnight guests arriving, two day visitors being dropped off and four others leaving.  It may not seem like much but that's a lot of bums to sniff and a lot of barking for us to do every time a car drives up to the gate. Plus, it's hot and sunny again so all we really want to do is get to the beach so we can cool off but Mary says we have to wait until the other beach lovers arrive so they can go with us. Finally, Rory, Karter, Kelty, Poppy, Piper and Marcy are all on-site and their luggage is put way and we take off down the hill in a cloud of dust, since it hasn't rained for a lot of days. Saturday is pretty much a repeat of Friday except that it's Stephanie going to the beach with us and Tali has joined us for an overnight stay. 

    Here are a bunch of photos to give you an idea of what kind of fun we can have. 





    The Jerusalem Artichokes are putting on quite a show. 

    On Saturday afternoon, the blacksmith arrived to reset the horse's shoes but we were so tuckered out from our beach antics we didn't even have the energy to bark at him. Later Henry and Gunner were picked up and after dinner Kelty went home. Mary go gussied up so she could go out to celebrate Stephanie's Birthday at dinner with family and friends and Kelsea came and kept us company until she got back. By the time we all got to bed, we were so tired we didn't take long to fall into our deep sleep. 

    Sunday was, you guessed it, a carbon copy of Saturday and all the previous days with more sun and heat and Kelsea arrived to get our breakfast which we ate without complaint. Then we waited for Annie C to get here so she could spend the day with us and Stanley and Gracie were dropped off for a short stay. Mary brought the horses in so they could have a break from the sun and the flies but by the looks of the damage to the fence beside the parking lot, they must have been pretty agitated last night as there was another broken post and the wire fence was wrecked. The broken fence will have to wait until Keegan or Joe can come and do the repairs so Mary had to close off that section of the field. Kelsea took the bunch of us to the beach for some fun and cooling off and later we said goodbye to Hunter R, Sophia, Tali, and Annie C. It's now almost dark and the temperature outside as well as inside the house is still twenty-five degrees so the best thing for us is to just nap under the ceiling fans.     

  • September 13, 2018 - Meat pie proves to be a distraction. 

    Another hot and sunny day for us to enjoy with both Stephanie and Kelsea on hand to keep us busy. Our good friends Maggie R, Lily Mac, Riley Mac and Shelby all stopped by to enjoy a visit with us and it took a while to get them introduced to those who hadn't met them before. We said goodbye to Hali and Chester as they left us in a flurry of excitement since they were leaving here to go to the groomers for a bath and a clip before returning home. 


    The beach was our playground in the afternoon and the water was very cooling. We would try to write more detail but tonight Mary is baking a meat pie with some leftover Sirloin Tip Roast and the smell has got all of us hooked. She trimmed some pieces off the roast and they were slipped into a container and we are all imagining that we will get a tasty morsel at breakfast.  We can't concentrate on anything else so we'll try to make up for the it when we do the next DogBlog. Here are a few photos to enjoy.  




  • News Item! 


    Please note the following:

    We will be closed for a break

    November 28 to December 4, 2018.

    We will resume regular operations on

    December 5, 2018.

    There will be no day-care services offered during this week.

    Thank you for your understanding. 

    Mary and Stephanie

  • September 12, 2018 - Lola can't take the heat. 

    Wednesday and the hot and humid summer days continue along with the summer work projects. Lola, Marlea and Kali were dropped off to spend the day and Baxter arrived for his first one night sleep-over. Keegan, the handyman, also drove up to the parking area and got busy right away replacing the front veranda lattice panels and doing some repairs on the back deck. We all got over our barking and welcomed our buddies while we waited for Juno to arrive a little later. Stephanie kept us busy with walks and brushing and filing water buckets as fast as we emptied them.

    Lola was having quite a bit of trouble breathing in the high humidity but she is such a determined old gal, fourteen plus years old, and she was trying to keep it together so she could go to the beach with us. Finally, Mary made the decision to call her human and let her know that Lola wasn't coping well today and she agreed that she would come and pick her up. We'll look forward to seeing her next week. We waited until Casey got here so he could enjoy the beach with us and Stephanie gathered us together along with Ellie and a friend, Lexie and off we raced down the hill.




    THe usual pick-ups and then dinner and a quiet evening until our last walk of the night and we head outside to make lots of noise. We tell ourselves it is part of our property protection assignment but in reality we just like to bark at nothing. 



  • September 11, 2018 - How to change a broken fence post. 

    Tuesday was forecast to be a rainy day but all we got were a few showers that lasted only minutes. The regular Tuesday bunch arrived, Baxter, Oliver, Drake and Benny and Keegan the handyman was here to do some more infrastructure jobs. Those darn horses broke another fence post last night so that has to be the first priority so we moved over to the cabana with Stephanie and Angel so we wouldn't be in the  way. 

    We started to make a few jokes about how many dogs it would take to replace a broken fence post.  Kind of a variation on the joke which many of you have heard,  

    Question: ' How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?' 

    Answer: 'Only one, but the light bulb has to really want to change.'  

    So here goes, our answers to the burning question of the day,

    How many dogs does it take to change a broken fence post? 

     Buster, the Golden Retriever:  "The sun is shining, the day is young, we've got our whole lives ahead of us, and you're worried about a stupid broken fence post? Time to reassess your priorities."

     Auggie, the Border Collie:  "Just me. Once I've put the new one in, I'll haul the old one to the discard pile and chew it into mulch for the garden. No problemo, done and dusted."

     Gunner and  Atlas, The Labrador Retrievers: " Oh, us, us !!! Please let us change the broken fence post. Can we ?, Can we ? Huh? Huh? Please, please, please. I'll tell Gunner to put the ball down and we'll get right on it. 

     Henry, The Portuguese Water Dog: " Don't look at me. First, I would have to care that the post is broken and second it might involve real work. So, no way, Jose! " 

     Hunter and Parker , The Brittany Spaniels:  " It didn't take us long to debate this. The answer is simple, let the horses change the dumb post since they broke it. Maybe next time they'll be more careful."

     Benson, the Havanese Terrier:  " I could do it but if it might interfere with my beach walk, my dinner or my nap time, so you better find some other sucker ... I mean critter. I'm a busy guy!"

     Sophia, the more mature Labrador Retriever:  "I'll just let those two wing-nuts, Atlas and Gunner, deal with the broken fence post. I have to confess I've sometimes used the term 'fence post' when describing their acumen. 

      Roxy , the Whoodle: " If Mary or Stephanie asked me to change a broken fence post, I would do whatever was necessary to please them because I am such an obliging critter. I have often overheard them praising me but I don't like to brag. H'mm,  I wonder what they want the fence post changed into?

        Hali and Chester, the Doodle and the Maltepoo: " Well, we could do it but it would mean that we would have to leave Cocoa's office unattended and the Boss might call while we were out there working.  No, we better stay put and let one of those Labs look after this.

     Hunter M, the Diva Dog:   "Puh-leeze, dah-ling! Get one of those handymen to take care of this. I surely wouldn't give up my place on the sofa for some old fence post." 


  • September 10, 2018 - A visit from two Annie's. 

    Monday morning and a lovely one it was, more sunshine and cooler temperatures. The morning was very busy as we welcomed a bunch of critters just after breakfast and our new dog sitter trainee, Angel, started her first day, shadowing Stephanie and absorbing as much as possible as she started to learn who we were and what our good and bad habits were. Our regular Monday day-visitors arrived first, Gracie and then Sammy and we started to follow Stephanie and Angel around as they did a poop patrol. A short while later, the two boys from Ship Harbour, Henry and Gunner, were dropped off for a few day's vacation and they were just getting into the swing of things when the two Annie's drove up and hopped out of their cars. First to arrive was Annie K, a sweet looking little gal but the minute she realized her human was gone she began to fret and look  for a way to leave so she could go and find her. Mary and Stephanie tried all of their tricks to distract her but she wasn't having any of it so they had to watch her like a hawk. She wasn't interested in hanging out with the rest of us particularly when she saw Sophie masquerading as a Hydrangea blossom. It was around this time that Lupin's human came to pick him up and he was looking forward to getting back home to his comfy bed where he could sleep without interruption.

    The other Annie C was also a little insecure when she arrived but it didn't take her long to join in the fun of playing chase and watching the silly antics that the rest of us would get up to. Annie K's human arrived to get her at noon and she was sorry to hear that Annie didn't want to stay with us so she will have to make other arrangements for when she wants to take a short trip. We wished Annie K well and she was so happy to be back with her human, she didn't even notice. 

    After lunch, one of the workmen, Randy arrived with is machinery to do a couple of jobs and later Stephanie took a bunch of us to the beach for a fun time. Annie C didn't go since her human was coming to pick her up but it seems like she will be coming back at the end of the month for a short stay. We had a great time playing at the beach as you can see from the photos. 




    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, both Hunters and Parker were enjoying  a lot of one-on-one patting and ear scratching from Angel and we took a lovely stroll around the fields, stopping to eat some of the ripe blackberries. Hali and Chester had taken up their sentry posts in the mudroom, watching every move that Randy and his machines made and sounding the alarm when the tandem loads of pit run and gravel arrived. Annie C's human arrived in the midst of all this noise and confusion to pick up her girl and she was very pleased to get a good report regarding Annie's stay with us. Then Stephanie arrived back with the beach gang and Gracie's chauffeur was waiting to get one wet Border Collie back to the city,  The magic of dinner hour was fast approaching so Angel went to assist Stephanie and watch how our meals are prepared and how fast they were consumed. Once everyone was fed and the dishes washed, Stephanie and Angel and Randy departed and Sammy's driver came for him as well and then we all found a good spot for a nap.  

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