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Country Critter Sitters


    December 15, 2017 - Winter solstice is only six days away. 

    We had some very early arrivals today so we were busy before we even had our breakfast.  Henry, our Schnoodle buddy from next door arrived first and he always has lots to tell us so he pretty much talks non-stop for the first couple of hours but the cold weather kept him indoors. We then said good morning to Charlie and Luna and they were just the opposite of Henry. Not much to say but they wanted to enjoy the outdoors and explore everything but they stopped long enough to say hello to everyone. After we finished eating, Winnie got here and as usual she has her own agenda. A brief sniff of anyone she passes in her travels is about all the socializing she wants to do which allows her to always keep Mary and Kelsea in her sights.

    The rest of us begin the day following Kelsea over to the cabana and racing around in the North field as the ravens and seagulls swoop overhead hoping for some handouts. Eventually we had to say so long to Willie who was very happy to see his human and really looking forward to getting home to check out the new paint job. Then Tali and Sam here both picked up and Kelsea had some lunch before taking the few remaining critters to the beach. Everyone had a good time and no one got into any trouble or caused Kelsea any worry by wandering off so that when it came time to return to the house, everyone was present and accounted for. 

    About mid-afternoon we heard the arrival of a car which was dropping off Maudie and Briar Rose for an overnight stay. As usual, Maudie just ignored us and took up her post guarding the food in the mudroom while Briar Rose was the life of the party, racing and wrestling with anyone who would join in her games. Marley was happy to oblige, so they spent most of the afternoon together making lots of noise and acting like teenagers. 

    Dinner time was soon here, Winnie had to go home and we ate with gusto after such a busy day. Caper and Kelty both departed a short time later and now we were just ten to tuck in bed later after the horses were bedded down for the night.        


    December 14, 2017 - Cold weather and haute couture in Seaforth. 

    Thursday was a cold but sunny day and the ground is starting to freeze solid which will cut down on the mud problems. The sky last night was putting on a spectacular show at sunset when Mary took this photo. 

    Caper made an early morning appearance and he will stay overnight so he doesn't waste any time getting some action going. Our regular Thursday buddies, Benson and Oliver, were dropped off to spend the day playing and we did our best to oblige by including them in Caper's games of chase. We also had the benefit of both Stephanie and Kelsea with us today while Mary had to run more errands in Dartmouth. 

    About mid-morning Kelsea took a bunch of us down to the beach where we had lots of fun racing on the sand bars and splashing around in the tide pools. The wind was still blowing hard from the west but the hill managed to block most of it down at the shore so we didn't get too cold but Benson managed to get his red winter coat soaked. Mary got back shortly after lunch and once the car was unloaded, we got ready to welcome the next wave of critters and we had to say goodbye to our good buddy, Rupert. His human was thrilled to have him back and she brought a yummy looking  box of biscuits for Mary, Stephanie and Kelsea to celebrate the Christmas Season. Tali was back to spend the night  and this time we critters were the grateful recipients of her giant size gift bag of liver treats which we plan to share with her and our other guests to celebrate the season. There was also a box of chocolates in the bag but they will have to keep Mary, Stephanie and Kelsea happy as we don't plan on sharing our liver treats with them. 

    Little Sam  in his handsome plaid coat was next at the gate and he heard there were going to be a buffet of liver treats, so he was keen to get his share. He was soon followed by Marley and she just wanted to play, play, play so the rest of the afternoon passed quickly until it was time for Benson and Oliver to go home.

    Mary was busy crocheting the addition on Flika's sweater without Arthur's assistance and finally after dinner, the project was complete and Flika  seemed pleased with the result. She said at her age she needs to keep her bum warm so the extra coverage was a appreciated. 

    Sweater Before                     Sweater After 




    December 13, 2017 - Arthur goes woolgathering.  

    The usual Wednesday routine was in play today after that night of heavy rain has left the ground water-soaked which of course means mud, particularly with Hunter coming to spend the day. He loves to dig holes and every one he digs fills with water and makes a lovely mud puddle. Kali arrived and watched Hunter dig holes and Lola's human called to let us know that she wouldn't be coming today because of the rain. After Reggie was picked up by his humans, there was only nine of us to entertain over in the cabana and when the rain let up we took a big walk with Mary and she kept a eagle eye on Hunter so he wouldn't start any new excavation projects.

    After the house was all clean, Mary and Stephanie had some lunch and we relaxed in the sunroom. That's when we got to witness Arthur's  latest hobby. It seems that Mary used to do a lot of crocheting in the past and she even has a couple of unfinished projects down in the sewing room. This would have been pre-Arthur's arrival in Seaforth. The sweater that Flika is currently wearing when she goes out in the cold is a little too skimpy for Mary's liking so she bought a couple of skeins of wool, one red and one grey,  so she could add to the sweater's sides and back.  The skeins of wool were left on the counter until some quiet time would allow for the crochet project to be undertaken and when that time arrived in the late afternoon, the red skein of wool was missing.

    Ellie and Mary went to look for the missing skein and they found a big pile of red wool in Arthur's bed, full of drool and all tangled up. It seems that Arthur thought this was some kind of toy and decided to adopt it, snarling the whole skein of wool in the process. Ellie helped Mary untangle the red skein and rewind it into a ball so she could get started on the sweater project. Meanwhile, Arthur had returned to his bed and discovered that his new toy was gone, so he liberated the grey skein of wool and did the same thing. Later that evening, when the grey wool was needed, it was found in the same snarled mess and it took the best part of the evening to get it rewound into a ball that was usable. So, what should have been a simple two-hour crochet job took a lot longer and probably won't be finished until tomorrow evening. Just to be on the safe side, the sweater and balls of wool were stowed in a bag out of Arthur's reach. We wonder what hobby he'll take up next. 

    Around dinner time the wind came up and started battering the house so when Mary went out to feed the horses, it was no surprise to find that the back door of the barn was blocked by something that got blown over. She had to make a trip around the barn through the North field and into the paddocks and clear the section of fence that was blocking the door so the horses could come in for the night. After everything was settled in the barn we listened to the wind pull and push at the house until it was time to go to bed. 


    December 12, 2017 - More rain on the way.  

    Tuesday was sunny and not too cold and we were happy to see Benny, Tali and Briar Rose come to spend the day with us. Otherwise, it would have been a pretty quiet day around here with only eight guests and two of those are seniors, Biscuit and Flika,  who don't participate in games of chase or wrestling. Joe, the handyman, arrived on the bus and got busy with the barn clean up while we enjoyed a beach hike with Stephanie. Due to the recent heavy rains, there were plenty of mud puddles that needed to be investigated as you can see from some of the photos. Briar Rose, Reggie and Kelty did their level best to check out every one of them. 


    Rupert enjoyed investigating everything on the beach and racing with his buddies.  



    It took us quite a while to dry out after we got back to the house and both Tali and Briar Rose got picked up early by their humans and had to go home. Then, before we knew it, the dinner hour was here and Benny had to skedaddle before Stephanie would serve our grub. The weather forecast says we're in for another big rain storm tonight and sure enough, it started just after dinner and it rained almost the entire night.   



    December 10 & 11, 2017 - Fun and games abound. 

    Here it is Tuesday and we got behind in our DogBlog updates so that Sunday and Monday are combined and somewhat abbreviated. The Sunday weather was still very stormy and the surf was pounding the shore so we didn't get to the beach but we had lots of fun taking walks with Kelsea and playing with one another. Kelsea brought her puppy LaVie with her but since she's so little and young she isn't allowed to participate except in some brief walks with the smaller critters. Hali, Chester, Kelty and Rupert were very patient with her and she enjoyed following them around when she wasn't chasing leaves that blew across her path. Stanley and Gracie had to say good bye to us in the morning when their human came to get them but they are looking forward to coming back to stay over Christmas. Both Ellie and Spencer were picked up by their humans around lunch time and we all agreed that Ellie was a great addition to the roster and we'll look forward to seeing her again real soon. We overheard Spencer's human telling Mary and Kelsea that they were going to bring a new Golden Puppy into their home in January and Spencer showed them how patient he could be as Kelsea's puppy climbed all over him, licked his face and pulled his ears. Another youngster for us to train and teach proper behavior. Lumie was the last departure of the day and we had a nice quiet evening while Mary worked on making some adjustments to the display of our DogBlog so it would be easier to read on mobile devices.

    Monday was a grey, overcast and scattered snowflake kind of day and Mary had to attend an appointment in the city for some eye tests that required her to have a driver so Mike, our neighbour across the road, agreed to do the honours. Off they went before nine o'clock and we got ready for the start of our busy day. Willie and Gracie Mc both arrived shortly after and they raced around the yard getting to know the new guy, Rupert, and saying hello to their old friends. Juno and Karter both had excited reunions with their humans and left us to return to their respective abodes. Stephanie had a pile of dog bed covers to wash and dry so we kept ourselves amused and an interesting game developed between Reggie, Kelty and Rupert. Reggie would chase Kelty around, then Rupert would chase Reggie who would then turn and chase Rupert until Kelty began chasing him again. Round and round they went until they were all out of breath and they had to flop down and have a rest. Willie decided he wanted to get in on the game and off they went again using the woodchip pile as a diversion.   


    Rupert looks more like a brown rabbit than a miniature poodle. 



    Flika looks very smart in her new sweater and Gracie enjoys watching the show. 


    This guy looks like he could decorate to top of someone's Cristmas Tree.


    Three Amigos 


    When Mary got home she wasn't too steady on her feet as her pupils were still dilated and her tears were fluorescent green from the stain they used. She couldn't do much for the rest of the afternoon except sit and listen since reading, TV and computer work required her to see. It was a great opportunity for Hali and Chester to get a lap and lots of pats and they took full advantage. Benji and Gracie both went home before dinner and we had a very quiet household except for Cocoa's snoring.    


    December 9, 2017 - Rain, rain and c'est la vie. 

    Yes, this Saturday was a wash-out as it rained all day and into the night. Like humans, we don't enjoy getting wet cause some of us get to smelling kind of funky so we have to be convinced that we should go outside in the rain. The day wasn't a total loss as Stanley and Gracie arrived for a sleep-over and they're always full of fun so we overcame our reluctance and headed outside with Stephanie while she did a Poop Patrol.

    Then we had the pleasure of seeing Kelsea's new puppy, LaVie , who is just eight weeks old and still too young to play with us. She's pretty cute and learning fast and soon she'll be able to come and play with us when Kelsea is here to supervise our activities.  After Kelsea and LaVie returned home, we settled down to have a lazy day while Mary prepared a Mincemeat Pie to take to a dinner tonight. She also cooked some more liver for the Queen Bee, Flika,  since all attempts to get her to return to eating kibble are futile but Cocoa is benefiting as Mary chops up some of the organ meat for him as well. Our old buddy, Spencer, the Golden Guy, was dropped off mid-afternoon to enjoy his Christmas visit and he didn't waste any time telling us all about his recent activities. 

    Stephanie rejoined us at dinner time after having gone home to put up some Christmas lights on her house and after we ate, Mary left with her pie to go and have dinner with Parker's humans who live nearby. We hung around with Stephanie, getting lots of pats, belly rubs and ear scratches until Oliver's human's arrived in the cold pouring rain to pick him up after his extended stay. He was very excited to see them and looking forward to getting back to his routine at home which includes more sleep. It wasn't long before Mary drove up and made the cold wet dash to the house having been treated to a lovely Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and enjoying her mincemeat pie for dessert with two very special friends and Parker.    


    December 8, 2017 - All hands reporting for duty.

    Because Stephanie had he day off yesterday, both she and Kelsea were here to get our breakfast ready this morning after Mary dragged us out of our dog beds before the sun was up. Queen Bee Flika was up and has her appetite back so she ate another dish of liver and headed outside. The smell of beef liver had Cocoa up and moving early this morning but he had to settle for his regular breakfast since Flika cleaned up the last of the liver. Mary added liver to her shopping list and made plans to pick up some provisions later on this morning. 

    Winnie and Maya both arrived to spend the day with us and our buddy, Karter, was dropped off for a long weekend so once everyone was in place, off we went to the beach with Stephanie and Kelsea.



    We had loads of fun particularly Maya who is a good sport and loves the beach. It was sunny which always makes our beach adventures more enjoyable and Arthur couldn't resist the urge to go exploring. When it was time for us to return to the house, he was nowhere to be seen so Stephanie had to keep an eye out for him after we got back. When he still hadn't come home after a half an hour, Kelsea took another walk down to the shore and there he was enjoying himself amongst the seaweed and sand, completely unaware of how much time had gone by. On went the leash and his beach quest was over for today.

    Mary arrived back with a pile of liver and a few other provisions and it wasn't long before we got to meet a girl little Golden Girl called Ellie . She is five months old, she loved playing with all of us and it wasn't long before that lovely blond coat was full of mud. We had some more excitement in store for us when our new friend, Rupert , the Miniature Poodle, was dropped off to stay for a week. He has a lovely coat of reddish-brown curls and he is a speed demon. He showed off his racing skills around the fields for the rest of the afternoon and even at dinner time, he was reluctant to come in to eat cause he was having so much fun. He watched as Winnie, Maya and Benny all departed for home and after the rest of us ate, he realized that he had worked up a big appetite and he ate his bowl of food before asking to go outside again. Our Chocolate Chunk buddy, Hamish, was happily reunited with his humans who brought a very fitting gift from their travels. A bag of Chocolate Peppermint Frogs which won't last long around here.           



    December 7, 2017, Sorry folks, no pictures today.

    Thursday was cool and overcast in the morning but Mister Sun made an appearance  in the afternoon which helped to take the chill off. 

    Kelsea arrived at eight to get our breakfast ready.  Our other personal chef and photographer, Stephanie, was off duty today.  Most of us ate with gusto but others, like Oliver and even me, Cocoa, have to be bribed with liver treats. Alternatively, we might be inclined to eat if someone sits with us and does lots of coaxing . Flicka continued her hunger strike this morning so Mary decided she would buy her some liver and see if she could be persuaded to take some nourishment. 

    Parker, Benson  and Clover all arrived at nine o'clock for a day of fun and games. There were lots of competitions to see who could get the muddiest  but Kelty wins that  game every time with Oliver coming in a close second.  Soon Benji drove up to the gate and hopped out of his van and he was quick to start showing off his interesting  bark'n'screech technique. Some say he sounds like a rooster but I think he's doing a fair imitation of one of the seagulls that perches on the barn roof.  He decided  to just tag along on some of our games of chase and when he got bored, he hightailed it for the house. Here he could get the prime spot, under the computer desk where Mary was working. The rest of the morning was spent hanging with Kelsea  and barking at  Joe as he worked in the barn.   Parker was captivated by a squirrel that kept running along the fence on the south side of the property then disappearing  up a spruce tree. Every time Parker thought he just might have him cornered, up the tree he went like a flash.   

    The lunch hour rolled around and it was time for Jasper to pack his bags and go home.  His humans brought some interesting sweet treats from Arizona for Mary, Stephanie and Kelsea but not a thing for me. I can't imagine how that happened. Kelsea and joe had their Cabbage Patch Soup for lunch and then it was time for the beach hike. Parker and Owen stayed back at the house with Hali, Chester, Mary and me and Kelsea told us later  that Arthur was so worried about Owen not being with him, he just kept running back to the beach path to check and see if he was coming. Otherwise, the rest of the gang had a blast!  Clover, Hamish, Reggie, Benny and Juno were the most keen to fetch the orange balls but Benny has a bad habit of chewing them up, As the balls kept disappearing, everyone started getting a little perturbed so the balls had to be put away then everyone could enjoy the walk. Once the beach crew returned and had a cool drink, they all hunkered down in the warm sunroom for a nap.  Mary took Joe home and stopped at the grocery to get a supply of liver for that Queen Bee dog, Flicka.  Ever since she arrived, I find that my needs have been relegated to the back burner.  Some might say I'm getting my comeuppance given that I am perceived to be a miserable old grump.  I resolve not to bite Mary's hand the next time she washes my face and perhaps she'll take pity on me. . 

    Parker, Benson and Clover departed for their houses just before Kelsea started dinner preparations.  Benny was supposed to go home too, but his human brother called and asked if he could stay just one more day,  Benny was tickled when he heard he got an extra day of vacation.  Once dinner was done and dusted. Mary had a bit to eat after tending to the horses.  She also cooked up the beef liver she bought for Flicka and that old girl was happy to eat two helpings. So that put an end to her hunger strike.  Soon Stephanie's daughter Ellie arrived to stay for an hour or so while her parents attended the parent /teacher interviews at her school. Next Lumie our favourite Lemon beagle arrived so we all went out to accompany her on a stroll around the property.  The last bit of action was when  Winston and Maya departed after an exuberant reunion with their human. 


    December 6, 2017 - Rain, at times heavy. You bet! 

    It was raining hard when we got up this morning and it continued all day with strong south-easterly winds. Lola didn't come for the day due to the inclement weather but Hunter arrived right on schedule along with Angel, the house cleaner.  Off to the cabana we went with Stephanie while the house was being cleaned and she had difficulty persuading us to go out for a few walks in those downpours. So, we just hung out, played, posed for our portraits and napped.



    Lotti got picked up by her human and she said she was looking forward to having a long uninterrupted nap when she got home. The afternoon was spent pretty much like the morning so there wasn't much to report in the way of exciting adventures or even minor misadventures. We had our dinner before saying goodbye to Job and then Hunter and we watched some TV with Mary before taking our last walk of the day.   


    December 6, 2017 - Rain, at times heavy. You bet! 

    It was raining hard when we got up this morning and it continued all day with strong south-easterly winds. 

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