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  • March 15, 2019 - Beware the Ides of March.

    Yes, In Shaespeare's Tragedy, Julius Caesar, this was the warning given to Caeasar by some unknown soothsayer. Shakespeare was not above borowing this bit of drama from Plutarch's Life of Julious Caesar though he did jazz it up a bit.

    What's all that got to do with our day's activities you might ask. Nothing, just though we would pass along some of what we discussed  tonight after dinner.  We are still somehwat limited in our blog postings though Alice insists she could transcibe the details if we would let her loose on the keyboard.  It's a pretty good bet that nothing would make any sense after she demonstrated her skills. When she typed the word 'March'  this is what appeared ton the screen.


    Stephanie has to, not only look after Mary, who keeps tripping over us in the house but her daughter Ellie is also home sick from school and being nursed by her dad, Christopher. It's a good thing Kelsea is working today as she can pick up a lot of the extra work and in particular, the beach walks. 

    Just to give you an idea of how busy it is, here is a list of the arrivals since Tuesday. Maggie R, Roxy A, Shadow R, Hamish H, Lily Mc, Pi and Josey B have all been dropped off for varying lengths of time and they all need to be brught up to date on the current 'situation'.  Stay tuned.   

  • March 12, 13, & 14, 2019 - Be patient, we'll get caught up soon.

    Mary's daily trips to the hospital have been taking their toll when combined with the early arrival of our friends who want to stay here during the School March Break. Stephanie, Angel and Kelsea have been putting in a lot of extra time and, so far,  the important jobs, like our meals, are getting done on time. 

    Since the weather is sunny and warm we have made several trips to the beach and there is lots to explore after the long covering of snow and ice.  Everyday there is more snow melting away which makes for a lot of mud for us to play in.

    Sorry about the lack of photos. Stephanie has been too busy with lots of other things to fit in any photo shoots.

    We are all being on our best behaviour and we hope for Mary's sake things start to get better for her real soon!


  • March 11, 2019 - A picture's worth a few words.

    Because Stephanie  is finding it hard to find time to sit and think of clever things to say about us, she is just going to post some photos from our beach hike today.   Our apologies if your critter was not in the shots. Until things quiet down a bit, you shouldn't expect any riveting literary works here, probably just  photos.













  • March 9 & 10, 2019 - Sorry that we're falling behind in the posts.

    Time to fess up! We have had a temporary set-back in manpower to cover the updates to the Dog Blog. Stephanie has been doing a double workload caring for our guests and trying to keep the ice and snow under control and then trying to get the blog posts done at the end of a very busy day as well. On top of all that, she has had to provide nursing care to Mary who had to have an urgent Corneal Debridment on Friday which has left her with eye pain as well as photophobia and nausea such that she is mostly useless. To those of you who don't know what this entails, imagine a very pleasent Opthamology resident took a sharp tool and scraped the surface of your eyeball. No, he wasn't cruel, he did put some drops in her eye to freeze it but the freezing wore off in an hour after they had shoved her out the door.  

    This is a quick recap of events over the weekend. Thankfully, we did have lots of extra help from Kelsea. 

    Saturday, Hunter and Watson departed for their homes and our buddy Hercules joined us for a vacation while his humans headed for the sun.

    Mary's dear friend Beth was so kind to drive over an hour to bring a load of groceries so that Stephanie could knock one more thing off her to-do list and Mary would have food in the house in case the nausea passed. Then to achieve her final qualifactions for Sainthood, she sat with Mary for an hour and listened patiently as Mary railed and picked up the many items Mary knocked over in frustration. 

    Sunday, brought Kelsea and Stephanie, the dream team, to us. They had our breakfast prepared and served in record time, plus since the clocks went ahead, we got to eat an hour early. Since it was such a beautiful sunny morning, we stayed outside with Kelsea for most of it. Stephanie got the horses fed and turned out. They were also happy they got to eat an hour early. Once everything was squared away and Mary had all her eye drops, Stephanie took off for the afternoon and spent some time with her family. Kelsea promised to take good care of Mary while she was gone. 

    In the afternoon Kelsea couldn't resist the beach and thought it would be pretty safe as the tide was low and there wasn't much ice. So off we all went down the hill.  It was a welcome relief as Mary is living like a vampire and has all the windows covered to keep the light out so we frequenty come close to getting stepped on.

    Don't we look happy!


    However, our highly entertaining beach romp was interrupted by a very noisy ATV which is when we discovered Benji's fear of noisy mechanical vehicles. He bolted West and disappeared. Poor Kelsea called Mary and gave her an update before heading back up the hill with the rest of us so she could go back down and look for Benji. Meanwhile,  Benji was on the west side of the fence whimpering to get through, so Kelsea picked her way through the thorn bushes and lifted him over the fence when he could feel safe once more. We were all very good about not laughing at him.  It was shortly after this that Benji's humans came to pick him up. He seemed extra happy to see the back of this place. Shortly after, Marley's humans arrived back to pick her up as well.

    The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful other then getting stepped on or mistaken for another dog as Mary stumbled around in the dark house. We waited patiently for Stephanie to come back and take us for our walks. We all agreed as we headed outside, that none of us will ever make it as a guide dog for the visually impaired.

  • March 7, 2019 - Watch out for Major Marty!

    Things were hopping today.  We welcomed Watson and Baxter before breakfast. Then as soon as breakfast was finished our other daycare pals started arriving. First was Shelby.  She is a real keener and is always early. Next, Benson was waiting at the gate doing his Havanese dance of course. Kelsea was here to help out today. She is very good at keeping us entertained. First thing on her to do list though was to take away a pile of snow that was in the north field right by Tallen’s paddock. The last thing we need is for one of the dogs to climb in with the horses!

    As Kelsea was finishing up that task, our wild and crazy Golden Gal Alice pulled up to the gate. 

    She needed a few laps around the north field before she could show any signs of settling down. As soon as she was calm, another wild and crazy boy called Luke showed up to play for the day. Luke is just about six months old and he sure loves to give everyone a kiss when he gets here. Lucky for him, everyone was understanding of his puppy antics and didn’t get snappy with him. He and Shelby, along with Tilley, Baxter and Watson all had a great game of chase with Hunter and Cricket joining in from time to time when they weren't bird watching.

    Before we knew it lunch time had rolled around. Kelsea and Stephanie were treated to a yummy bowl of corn chowder, made by Mary of course. We all had a nap while the humans were eating. It was around this time that the tyrannical Major Marty arrived.

    He had his chauffeur pull up to the gate so he didn't have to walk so far.  He had a nice little jaunt around the place before he introduced himself to the rest of us. After that was done he went inside and proceeded to kick Atticus out of the coveted bed under the computer desk. Poor Atticus is a little too easy going sometimes!  While all that drama was unfolding with the little dog crew in the house, the rest of us were having a blast over at the cabana with Kelsea.  Rolling in the snow, playing chase and catching little snowballs were the popular pastime. Roxy spent a majority of the day sitting at the gate staring at Thor and Tallen. She is mesmerized by them. 

    Next at the gate screaming out his very distinctive  howl was Benji.

    He was so happy to be back as he hasn't been here since the summer. He didn't hesitate for a moment and got started with his games of chase right away.  His howl took a few of us off guard, but soon we got used to it.

    Soon it was time for our daycare friends to clear out. Shelby,Benson then Luke all left  and then Tuck, a little black Cairn Terror arrived just before Stephanie started getting our dinner ready.

    Tuck is one of those really lucky dogs that eats a yummy homemade diet so we were all drooling as Stephanie packed all his delicious  meals into the freezer. Kelsea brought the rest of us over to the house and she helped with dinner prep as Tuck got aquainted with the group.  We soon realized that he wasn't much of a terror, just a playful terrier. We all ate with gusto after such an active day and it didn't take Kelsea long to get the dinner dishes cleaned. Soon Baxter was on his way home, followed by Kelsea, Stephanie and Ellie.

    Stephanie didn't want Mary out in the dark walking around on the ice, so she offered to come up at ten o'clock  to take us for our walk and tend to the horses. Boy were we pleasantly surprised.



  • March 6, 2019 - Saki goes home and Maya and Winston pay a visit.

    Today was a nice sunny day. The sun is getting much stronger now so it doesn’t take long for the sunroom to warm up.

    We welcomed Kali and Mika for the day and Saki went home in the morning.  Stephanie was too busy clearing snow away from fences to take any pictures of us.

    Angel was here and she cleaned the house in between looking after us when Stephanie was busy with the snow and barn clean up.

    Just after lunch, Maya and Winston, the matching grey doodles, arrived for a short vacation.

    There was no beach walk again today due to icy conditions.

    In the afternoon, the skies clouded over at times and there were several snow showers which was a bit discouraging, as the flurries covered up all the clear areas where the sun had just melted the ice and snow away the day before!

    I think we are all really looking forward to the arrival of spring!


  • March 5, 2019 - Happy 12th Birthday Chloe!

    Yes, today we celebrated all that is Bulldog with Stephanie's gal, Chloe . . The first thing that knocked our socks off was the sight of her walking up the icy driveway with Stephanie at breakfast time. This was not something that Chloe would do willingly so we all tried to guess what motivated her. It turned out that Stephanie had a pocketful of liver treats and she had to feed them to her to keep her moving. Nevertheless, we were impressed that she made it, given her 'human-age' of eighty four years. She dashed into the mudroom and then into Cocoa's office and we all wished her a very happy birthday after we finished our breakfast. 

    The usual Tuesday visitors were dropped off over the next hour or so including Baxter R, Oliver , Drake, Benny, Daisy and Baxter W. We also got to welcome one of the smallest guests that ever stayed here, Toby , who will stay for a couple of weeks. Best estimates are that Toby weighs eight pounds but he's  got a huge personality and lots of attitude.  

    Most of Tuesday was spent trying to manage the piles of icy snow that are the result of the two snowstorms, the rain and the deep freeze. All of the plowing that Ryan did with his little plow had to be redone but the heavy ice hade it very difficult. Rollie arrived with his excavator and moved the big piles back to make more room in the parking area. Stephanie and Angel were busy chopping the drifts away from the fence so certain critters couldn't take it into their heads to hop over and go for a walk-a-bout. 

    Our Doodle friend, Tillie, arrived just after lunch and he was anxious to get busy playing with his look-a-like, Baxter. 


    Throughout the afternoon , Chloe accepted visits and good wishes form all of her friends, all the while, hoping that a big Birthday Cake would suddenly appear. 



    Well, the sunny day and the ice crusted snow tired us out and  it was time for our day visitors to head home before we could star dinner. When we went for our late walk, someone did find a drift next to the fence and climbed over only to find himself on the wrong side of the gate after we all went back in the house. After Mary got inside she did a count and found one missing and that's when she heard the mournful howling of a naughty Brittany Spaniel so she went to the gate to let him rejoin the pack. I guess there's more snow removal to be done tomorrow in order to prevent any further adventures. 

  • March 4, 2019 - A double whammy of winter weather.

    We awoke this morning to another raging blizzard of snow which had covered up all the shovelling and plowing that was done yesterday. The winds were brutal from the East such that it was tough to stand on all fours without getting blown over but like good little troopers we headed outside to take care of our business. Once that was taken care of we quickly returned to the house and waited to see if Stephanie would be coming to make breakfast. Right on time, her trusty SUV drove up and today Ellie is with her as school was cancelled.

    Gracie, our regular Monday visitor called to cancel today's visit due to the poor road conditions but Shelby was dropped off by her human at her regular time and she was not daunted by the high winds or the ice pellets that stung when they hit. she just wanted to play and run and chase and she managed to convince Roxy and Hunter to stay outside for a while. Meanwhile, Mary and Stephanie were waiting for the arrival of two Black Lab friends, Ellie and Cricket and they managed to  get here without incident, their human declaring that our driveway was cleared better than the highway. 

    Both Ellie and Cricket were keen to get outside to explore but the bad weather drove them back inside as the ice pellets turned to freezing rain and then rain. The house became completely wrapped in ice but our trusty plow guy, Rollie, arrived to push back some of that heavy snow and clear the driveway of drifts. As long as the wind was from the East, we could get a little shelter on the West side of the house but getting cold and wet didn't hold much appeal.  Stephanie had to go out in the late afternoon and knock down some of the drifts that had built up next to the fences so we wouldn't be tempted to go exploring on the other side and Mary took a couple of buckets of sand and grit with her to make a path to the barn so the footing would be a little safer. 

    After Shelby got picked up by her human and taken home, we had our dinner and we went outside to show Ellie and Cricket around. They were keen to climb up on the big mounds of snow, never straying too far from Mary or Stephanie. Tonight, the temperature has dropped and the winds have shifted to the North so everything is freezing. Goodness knows what tomorrow will bring but you can be sure it will mean lots of work to get that ice off all the latches and doors. Some sunshine will be a big help so that's what we'll hope for.        

  • March 2 & 3, 2019 - A picture perfect snow storm.

    Saturday was a busy day starting with the arrival of Rooney, here for just the day,  Harley H, here for just overnight and Karter, here for a couple of weeks. His human had quite an armload to deliver, including a huge bag of apples for the horses which will be greatly enjoyed. He also had a giant size bag of Dried Liver Treats which are one of our most favorite things in the whole world and that had Hali hopping and Inky itching to get the bag opened. Of course, Karter always brings his raw meat meals so there was a big cavity filled in the freezer and the rest of us fantasized about what might happen if there was an extended power failure and all that meat started to thaw.  We would have to volunteer to help Karter out so it wouldn't go to waste. Slim chance but it's nice to think about. 

    We also had to say goodbye to our good buddies like, Rusty, Jasper, Bauer, Rosie and Bear throughout the day. The blacksmith, who comes to shoe the horses, was on hand today to do his thing so Stephanie got the horses ready and supervised Tallen's re-shoeing until Mary gave her a break, so she could be on hand for Thor's pedicure and shoe reset. Once that job was finished and the blacksmith sent on his way, it was time for a bite of lunch after which we watched a huge pile of pack ice get pushed into our cove down below the house. 


    That put a beach walk on hold for today as the ice would not only be difficult to walk on but also quite unstable if one of us were to walk out thinking  it  was  solid. So Stephanie enjoyed taking us for walks and getting a few photos to share. 

    Here's Buster flossing his molars and Harley posing like a statue. 


    Saki, Maiya and Hunter all look very serious as they contemplate how to be first in line for dinner. 



    That's Rooney, on his way to some fun while Nikku talks to Murphy about his life experiences and Zoe tries to decide who to play with next.  


    After Rooney was picked up, we raced to be first in line for dinner but we can't ever seem to beat Atticus, Hali and Inky, who always manage to sweet talk their way into the mudroom first. There is a snowstorm forecast for tonight and it is just getting started when we take our late walk with Mary while she gives the horses their hay ration.  Well, we'll worry about that tomorrow, now it's time for bed. 

    Sunday morning arrived and it was still snowing with lots on the ground and some drifting. We waited for Kelsea to arrive on her snow-plow equipped buggy and just as breakfast was getting underway, Rollie arrived to plow with his big truck so there were lots of piles of the white stuff scattered around the house and barn along with an interesting snow sculpture created by the winds off the front veranda.  We also spotted a rare Golden Snow Angel creating some interesting geometric patterns.  


    Kelsea's partner, Ryan, arrived with his buggy and plow and proceeded to do a significant bunch of snow clearing in the areas where we like to travel. That included plowing the beach path as well as plowing a track around the North field and Kelsea took care of clearing the verandas, steps and gates. While all this activity was underway, Mary was busy baking some mincemeat muffins and staying near the phone till most of today's questionable pick-ups were resolved. As the sunshine got warmer and more blue sky appeared, the snow started to melt and the highway was getting passable so most humans just delayed their pick-ups till the afternoon.

    After the plowing and shoveling was done, Kelsea and Ryan came in for a cup of tea and a muffin so we had a chance to make a fuss and get lots of pats. Marley M arrived so she could spend the day with us while her family hit the slopes and after Ryan left and the gate got closed, Our next arrival was Roxy, the Whoodle and she was very excited to be back with a bunch of her friends. Kelsea proposed a trip down to the beach to see how the walking would be after the plowing.  It was also a great time to take some photos and show you all those mini icebergs left on the beach after the tide dropped. 



    After our beach adventure, we were ready for some quiet time and we said goodbye to Harley, Murphy and Zoe as they were reunited with their humans and returned to their homes. While Kelsea did a big barn clean up, we rested so  we'd be ready for dinner and we ate our grub , had a good walk and said good bye to Kelsea. Just as the sun was setting  , we accompanied Mary to the barn while she brought the horses in  and gave them their dinner and we enjoyed a little snow play before Marley got picked up by her human. A very busy Sunday here in Seaforth and loads of good times with our friends.   


  • March 1, 2019 - March comes in like a lamb.

    A lovely sunny Friday morning greeted us as we raced outside and we immediately noticed that the winds had dropped and it wasn't quite as cold as it had been. Today was Stephanie's day off and Kelsea arrived to get our breakfast ready and give us all the pats and ear rubs that we could ask for as we finished our food and then took our biscuits outside. Our regular Friday visitors, Daisy and Baxter, arrived right on time and their human brought some sweets from a bake sale at the local Vet clinic. They joined us along with Kelsea in a Poop Patrol and walk-a-bout. 

    About mid-morning our girl, Zoe, was dropped off at the gate for a short stay and she was very excited to see everyone she knew and to meet the new friends. Jasper suggested a game of chase and Zoe was happy to oblige while the rest of us cheered them on.  Tali had to go home at noon when her humans arrived and she was miffed that there hadn't been a beach walk but the ice situation is still too tricky down at the beach.  Mary doesn't want any of us to fall on the icy rocks and hurt ourselves so Kelsea takes us into the East pasture for a fun time. 

    The sun is nice and warm on the south side of the house and Mary sits with us for a while until it's time for Daisy and Baxter to go home and we have our dinner before Kelsea wraps it up for the day and makes herself scarce.    

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