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Country Critter Sitters

  • January 15, 2020 - A little snow and a little Nala.

    Wednesday was a wintery kind of day. The gentle snow flakes started falling just before we had our breakfast and they continued all day however, they didn’t amount to much.

    We had quite a line up of daycare friends who came to join us for some fun today.  Kali   got here just before breakfast, then Benson   arrived after breakfast. A new Golden gal, who is also called Nala  , was next to drive up to start her day of fun. Boy was she raring to go.  We all raced out to meet her and every time one of us approached her, she would flip over on her back and play dead. The humans call this submissive behaviour but we know it's all just a big act.  Once she warmed up to all of us, she was racing around and playing games in no time.  The next day-player to arrive was Mika  , she and Nala hit it off right away and took off bounding through the fields  .   

    Mary had to go in to the city for an appointment this morning and, once she left, we all headed over to the barn so Angel could start the house cleaning. We had fun showing Nala all our favourite play spots and she got to sniff the horse as he put his head over the fence then she flipped over on her back until he walked away.  Our buddy Lupin’s human came to collect him around mid-morning and she left a big box of treats to say thanks for keeping him an extra day.  We heard her tell Stephanie about the cottage where she was staying. It was hit with the a heavy load of freezing rain and everything got encased in ice, including her car, so she had quite an ordeal trying to get home.  Next Tucker got the call that he would be going home today and he was quite excited at the prospect of his humans reading his report for yesterday's DogBlog. 

    Once Angel finished the house cleaning, she and Stephanie had some lunch and then Angel took a small group to the beach. Mika, Benson, Breagha, Kali and Nala snuck away to the seashore, while Stephanie distracted the rest of us with liver treats. 




    Since it was Nala’s first beach tip Angel wanted to be able to keep a close eye on her and didn’t want her to be intimidated by anyone, so that’s why the rest of us stayed back with Stephanie.  We didn’t mind and soon we were all cuddled up having a nap.


    When the beach gang returned it was time for Angel to head home for the day so the wet ones warmed up and dried off napping with the rest of us while they waited for their humans to collect them.  Eventually, the day visitors went home and we could finally have our dinner. Mary returned home with her friend, Beth, and they had a big bucket of KFC with them for dinner. We had to watch from behind the French doors of the living room as they enjoyed their tasty treat and the smell of that chicken made us drool puddles on the floor. After Beth left too go home, we settled down in front of the TV and Mary promptly fell asleep, only waking when Stephanie arrived back to take us for our late walk.    

  • January 14,2020- A day of fun and games

    Hello I'm Tucker .I will be reporting on today's activities but if you're looking for juicy tidbits of gossip or salacious hearsay, you'll have to go elsewhere. 

    Tuesday was a little more exciting because the day players, Oliver, Drake and Benny rolled in just after breakfast was served and they seem to have boundless energy when they first arrive. Angel reported for duty around the same time and got started with that daily task which is necessary, but not so glamorous, Poop Patrol.  We all went out to fraternize with the newcomers and accompany Angel on her task. Soon most of us moved over to the cabana to play with Angel while Mary and Stephanie met three little dogs thaat have never been here before.

    There were two Havaneese and a Yochon (Bichon/Yorkie mix)   The two Havaneese were a bit overwhelmed, and not so crazy about being out of their owners’ sight, so it was agreed that a test stay of a few hours should be set up.  Once that was all wrapped up, lunch was prepared and served to the humans.  Even though we all pleaded a good case as to why we should all get a yummy tuna melt, it was a no-go.  Next, Charlie was reunited with his human and told him all about the fun birthday party he had while he was here. We are sure he will have some sleep to catch up on when he gets home.

    As a trade off for not getting a tuna melt, we got a fun beach hike instead.  Baxter, Nala and Maya headed down first with Angel so they wouldn’t get trampled by the keeners like Oliver, Drake, Benny, Breagha and Duke.  Once they were down the path, Stephanie followed with the keeners and Owen.  





    Fun was had by all and once all the balls were put away, Arthur and Karter were allowed to race down to meet everyone at the waters edge. Stephanie said it was a tie, but judging from the photo, I’d say Karter was the winner. 

    Once we got back from the beach it was nap time while we waited for the day-dogs plus Baxter and Nala, who had a double sleepover this week, to be picked up. Once they all went their separate ways, we got to eat dinner, then after dinner, Maya was picked up by her human and the rest of us continued on our napping duties. All in all a very pleasant day for me and all my friends.  

  • January 14, 2020 - Meeting new friends is fun.

    Today, Tuesday, started off as usual with the arrival of Oliver and Drake and then Benny. 

  • January 13, 2020 - Say hello to Maya.

    It's Monday and Gracie, our Border Collie day-visitor arrived to spend her day waiting to go to the beach. That's right, she can't be bothered to say hello to her fellow guests, she just hangs out with Mary waiting to hear the magic letters, B-E-A-C-H while the rest of us go out with Angel and do a big Poop Patrol before settling down in the cabana. Karter was dropped off to spend the week with us and he's a little more sociable so we all get to say hello and have a romp with him. 

    All this is happening around the same time that Riley gets picked up by his guardian human so he can go home and get some uninterrupted sleep. There isn't a scrap of snow left after the big snowfall last week but today the ground is frozen which will reduce the mud and wet factor. We can play chase in the North field and then relax inside where it's warm and toasty. 

    Lunch time rolls around and that's when the big Newf gal, Maya , arrives for an overnight stay. She is a very sweet gal and very gentle for her dimensions, which are giant size, as she weighs well over one hundred pounds. That 'special B time' eventually arrives and Angel takes a bunch of us down to the shore where we have a blast checking out all of the new things that have been washed up in the last few days. Big piles of tangled seaweed contain lots of stuff and there is a lot of sand to race on now that the channel has closed. Gracie chases balls non-stop and Charlie rounds up his share while Karter and Arthur race one another down the hill at top speed. 

    Once we get back to the house we settle down for a nap and wait for dinner which Mary begins to prepare once Gracie has been picked up. The e-Mail requests for future accommodations are arriving daily so a lot of time is required to fit everyone into the schedule and return calls, so the evening passes quickly. Time for our late walk and there is a little snow falling but we make our way around the North field and then wait for Mary to give the horse, Tallen, his evening bag of hay.     

  • January 11 & 12, 2020 - Where did all the white stuff go?

    On Saturday, the mild temperatures and south-westerly winds ate our snow all day so that by tonight there is very little of the white stuff left. We did manage to get outside for a few short walks when the precipitation let up but the only excitement was Marley's arrival for a short overnight visit. 

    Here she is posing with her new best friend, Breagha, on the left.


    Here is a set of photos to show the big difference a day can make. 

                                  Friday                                                                           Saturday 


    So, Lupin finally came out and showed off his new red jacket and there was another brilliant sunset. 


    About the only remarkable thing about Sunday was the fortuitous absence of freezing rain which had been forecast. Unfortunately, there were heavy downpours of cold rain which kept us inside except for some quick trips outside to do our business.  

    Kelsea and Mary migrated down to the basement to do another one of those purges and we went along just so they could trip over us every time they tried to move. It didn't look much different to us after a couple of hours but there were several armloads of stuff to go in the garbage bin or recycling bin. 

    Once that job was done, Kelsea kept an eye on the radar map so she could figure out when would be an opportune time to get us out for a run in the East Pasture. Just after three o'clock It looked a little less wet, though it was getting colder, but she bundled all of us outside and some of us went along with her just to be agreeable. We had our dinner after that and Kelsea got the horse fed and then she and LaVie went home. The temperature is hovering right around the freezing point when we take our late walk and we keep an eye open for the possibility of ice underfoot.       



  • January 10, 2020 - Happy Yesterbirthday Charlie!

    Yes, Charlie arrived today and we wanted to let him know right away that we didn't forget his first birthday, which was yesterday, the 9th.  He asked if he would have to wear one of those silly hats and we said 'of course, if you want some birthday biscuits' so here he is. 


    Before the Birthday celebrations started, the sun made  big show as it rose this morning making the snow take on the  pink and purple hues.  Funny how we never get tired of seeing these colourful displays. 



    After the show was over, we had breakfast and welcomed Shelby, Baxter and Nala for the day of play and then there was a long period of snow fun with Stephanie capturing some of our periods of reflection with her camera. 


    We welcomed Lupin back for a short visit and he had his brand new, red, fleece-lined jacket on and he didn't want it to get dirty or wet so he elected to stay inside after a brief hello. His human never arrives empty handed and today she brought Mary and Stephanie some of those delicious Croissant from the LF Bakery as  well as a surprise bag with a couple of Jelly Donuts. 

    Then the main event, when Charlie drove up to the gate and wanted to get into the yard with his buddies right away. What followed was an extended game of chase as well as lots of wrestling and then the Birthday Boy had his special 'ONE YEAR OLD' photo taken.  I think Maybelle also sang a couple of choruses of 'Happy Birthday' 






  • January 9, 2020 - The follow up to Big Snow Day.

    We were up early this morning to greet Maybelle and Skit who are going to spend tonight with us and have some fun. The first thing they did was a perimeter check and a major sniff job to see what critters have been around since their last visit. Then we got to go out and say hello and be properly introduced before having our breakfast which Stephanie prepared with her usual loving care. 

    After we ate, Daisy arrived to spend the day and then Angel, the human, joined the fun and we congregated at the cabana while Mary waited for the snow shoveling guy, Tristan, to get here. Tristan is going to have a big job on his hands as he gets to work moving the deep snow away from the many gates and off the many sets of steps and that's the easy part. The bright sunshine made it very pleasant to play outside and, as usual, Stephanie was right there with her camera to capture the magic.    




    The North field where we usually take our late walk was deep with packed snow so Dave, our kindly neighbour across the road, came up and plowed a strip around the outside. Just like having our very own oval track so we gave it a good workout. After lunch, Kelsea got here and she did some more shoveling to move the banks of snow away from the east wall of the barn. If the forecast comes true, we'll get rain on Saturday which would melt all that snow and cause some flooding on the floor in the barn and cabana. 

    Kelsea had the mail with her and there was a parcel today which contained a special piece of apparel for Inky, called the Puppy Bumper. It is designed to prevent little dogs from getting through the gaps in the wire fence which Inky had been known to do in the past. He's not quite sure about the colour, but he admits that it's better than the plastic E-Collar he has worn in the past. 

    Nikku was thrilled to see his human back to get him after his three week stay and then Daisy got picked up before we had dinner. That just left Josey, waiting patiently for her human to come for her, and sure enough, he arrived and there was lots of hugs and tail wags and off they went into the night. It's late and the sky is clear so we can see all of Seaforth with the 'almost' full moon tonight, called the Wolf Moon, which will appear full until Sunday. 

  • January 8, 2020 - A big pile of snow fell from the sky today.

    Yes, it was as forecast, we had a snow storm but not a nasty one. It basically snowed all day and school got cancelled along with lots of other activities including visits from our regular Wednesday visitors.  Here in Seaforth, we made the most of the white stuff and enjoyed playing and rolling in it while Mary and Stephanie took care of shoveling and plow guys, Rollie and Dave, did the plowing. 




    Levi was collecting lots of snowballs and Atticus was breaking a trail through the accumulating snow so Levy could bring his collection to the house. 



    We had our dinner and then Levi's human arrived, having walked up the snowy driveway, to take his boy home. Off they went through the twilight racing back down the driveway to their truck, parked down by the road. When we took our late walk, it was cold and windy but very bright and we didn't want to stay outside for very long when it was warm and toasty inside. 

  • January 7, 2020 - Day visits resume and the glamour girls depart.

    The morning started off with a lot of excitement as our regular day visitors, Oliver, Drake, Baxter, Nala and Benny all arrived around nine o'clock and there was a long process to get everyone properly introduced. Angel also arrived about the same time, so we all set off to check out all the new snow and see who might have passed through the yard last night. Angel had to get some house cleaning done today so Stephanie guided us over to the cabana and there we played,  relaxed and had our pictures taken. 




    At some point while we were relaxing inside the cabana, the glamour girls, Maxine and Suzanne   were reunited with their human amidst a great deal of excitement and they said goodbye until the summer as they will be heading to Arizona for the remaining winter months.   

    Once the house cleaning was done for the day, Stephanie and Angel took us down to the shore through the snow which delighted the day visitors since they hadn't been for a couple of weeks and they had missed their beach fun. It was a great time with everyone happy to race up and down the sandy parts, splash in the surf or jump in and take a swim.   



    When we returned to the house, a certain Husky wasn't with us, having slipped into the alder bushes on the way and off she went for some extra adventure. Stephanie had to go back  down, in the hopes that she would come when she called for her, but no luck. We were just getting a search underway when the farm neighbour called to ask if we were missing a Husky dog since one had just appeared at their barn. At that point, we suspect that the urge for adventure deserted her and she got scared in this unfamiliar place with a bunch of cattle milling around and a farm dog sounding an intruder warning. The neighbour reported that she took off running and all they saw was a streak as she disappeared back over the hill behind their place. Mary had no sooner hung up the phone when Stephanie and Angel spotted her trying to get back to the house through the fence and they ran down to show her the way. We all agreed that she may have cooked her own goose with this stunt but we'll have to see how it goes. 

    The rest of the afternoon passed quickly and soon it was time to say goodbye to the day visitors and have our dinner and then our well-deserved naps. But before we could relax too much, the roof repair guys arrived just as the sun was setting and wanted to climb up on the mudroom roof to put a temporary patch on the ridge to keep the snow out. Fortunatelly, we only had to bark for half and hour and then they were gone and we could finally get some rest.  




  • January 6, 2020 - An old friend stops by for a visit.

    The storm blew itself out overnight but it did manage to take a section of shingles from the roof ridge on the house. This will have to be attended to soon so that snow and rain don't cause too much damage but there are very few roofers are clamoring to go up and do the repair at this time of year.

    There is lots of snow to be shoveled and Mary makes arrangements for this to be done while Stephanie gets our breakfast ready. Our regular Monday day visit from Gracie was cancelled and we're not sure if we will get down to the beach. Stephanie tackles the snow clearing from the gate so that obstacle is removed.

    Before we can go, we get to meet a new friend, Diddy. She is a Cockapoo and a little shy when she first arrives. She is also a friend of Jasper WD, Ellie H and Cricket. We get introduced to her and go for a stroll around the yards and soon she is much more relaxed. She would like to stay with us in April and we think she will have a good time. Her human agrees that she might benefit from an overnight visit before then so we expect to see her again real soon.

    After Diddy departs, Stephanie and Angel head down the hill with Owen, Tucker, Pippin, Breagha, Riley, Levi, Josey and Nikku while Karter has to stay behind since his human will be at the gate soon to get him.  Once Karter is on his way home, it's time for Arthur and Chloe to race or amble down and meet the pack on the beach. The snow makes the going a little tough but everyone is happy to be at the shore. 


    After checking out all of the new snow and rearranged sand piles, we head back to the house and Stephanie takes a few more photos of Maxine and Suzanne cavorting in the snow.  


    We also watch while Stephanie goes out the back door onto the veranda to be greeted by this guy. 

    He is a large and imposing Raven and he seems quite happy to stay where he is and greet Stephanie.  Mary believes this might be Poe, who she hasn't seen for many years. His parents, Edgar and Ellen reared Poe here on the property about twelve years ago and when he reached maturity, he moved on to his own territory. Edgar and Ellen are still living in Seaforth and they still come by for a snack every few days, often watching us and making some very unusual and sometimes rude sounds. We don't dare leave a dog biscuit unattended when they're around or they'll swoop down and grab it in a flash. 

    Poe stayed for quite a while and Stephanie got some great photos of him and Mary is hoping he'll be back again real soon. The rest of us are not so keen on having such a bold and brazen guy getting this close, but we'll have to see what he has up his wing. 

    Of course, Mary might be full of old rope and this could just be a random, well socialized raven looking for a handout but the whole Edgar, Ellen and Poe story is much more entertaining.


    The afternoon passes quickly with some walks and some naps and then Kelsea arrives to get our dinner ready and take us for a good hike in the East Pasture.

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