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Country Critter Sitters

  • October 19, 2020 - A typical Monday in Seaforth.

    We awoke to a lovely sunny day and warm temperatures for late October. The regular Monday  visitors arrived on time and they joined us for an introduction session as we roamed around the fields with Stephanie getting more photos taken. 


    Anni                                                             Daisy                                                       Karter 


    Benny                                                                Rigo                                                          Nala Sr. 


    Action Shots 


    Beach Action 

    Baxter                                                            Gracie                                                Joey & Benny 


    Nala Jr.                                                          Daisy                                                     Joey, Gracie, Daisy 


    We said goodbye to Karter and Anni before we took off for the beach and after we got back, Daisy, Baxter, the two Nalas, Joey and Gracie all cleared out before we settled down for dinner. Tonight, it's showering off and on and none of us are looking forward to taking our late walk but we'll humour Mary and go along with her.



  • October 17 & 18, 2020 - Wet Saturday and Diddy does Sunday.

    Yes, Saturday was a rainy one and all we can tell you is we got wet several times without even going to the beach. Karter arrived early and Tucker went home in the afternoon and that's about all we can tell you without making up some stories. We did see some brief breaks in the rain during the late afternoon and Stephanie managed to capture the rainbow that appeared and was gone in minutes. Then it started to rain even harder so we didn't spend very much time outside until late in the evening when the rain seemed to be done with us.  


    Hi, Diddy    here and I'm going to give you a more interesting DogBlog report for Sunday but it doesn't have to be much  to beat that pathetic effort that you got for Saturday. 

    First, Sunday dawned clear and sunny with a fresh north wind that was rapidly drying up the puddles left from yesterday. After Kelsea arrived with her two girls, LaVie and Ocean, we had breakfast and I raced outside to say hello and introduce myself to them. Very polite and well-behaved girls, for sure, and it seemed like it would be an ho-hum kind of day until Daisy  arrived. As you can see, she is a Brittany Spaniel, like Parker, and one of her hobbies is racing like the wind, particularly if someone will chase her. Both Ocean and Parker were happy to oblige but there was no way they could catch her as she dodged and darted in and out of all the shrubs and bushes. Benny    was the next arrival and this was a special event since he normally only comes for day visits and this time, he had a bag of food and treats and he's going to stay for three days. He's very excited at the prospect and immediately joins in the fun and games. After the chase thing gets boring, Daisy and Parker are suddenly laser focused on some chatter they hear in the trees and it turns out they are both avid squirrel hunters. The squirrel that lives here seemed to know this and wanted to entertain himself by tormenting them as he ran long the top rail of the fence and then jumped to the trees, so they thought.

    Parker:  "Did you hear that?"                          Daisy: "I'm sure it's that smart alec squirrel."  


    Smart Alec Squirrel: " Na, Na, Na, Na, Nah! Keep looking up that tree while I check out the barn."  

    Pretty much for the rest of the morning, that's where Daisy and Parker would be, sitting at the base of the spruce waiting for their arch-enemy to appear. I reflected on this obsessive pastime and had some advice for Parker and Daisy. 










    Around noon we had another guest arrive. This time, it was Anni  ,  The Bernese Mountain Dog and she was very pleasant and keen to meet all of us. Kelsea introduced her to everyone and then they all went to the beach while I stayed at the house working on my DogBlog report. While they were gone, another critter appeared at the gate and it was Rigo, back for his second stay this month.  He seemed happy to find Parker and myself in residence and we took him for a nice walk around the front yard. The beach goers arrived back and they all wanted to say hi to Rigo as well and tell him all about the beach hike. 



    I was just winding up my work when Mary  summoned me to the door and we went to the gate where I was very excited to see my human family. They had come to take me home and I can't wait until they see what a great job I did with the DogBlog today.  Maybe I'll get to come back and do this again.  

  • October 16, 2020 - Another beautiful, late-summer day in Seaforth.

    Friday was a sunny, warm and fun-filled day as we had lots of day-visitors and Tucker   came back for another overnight stay. He and Ollie started playing as soon as Tucker got here and they pretty much kept it going all day. In addition, it was great to have our regular Friday guests, Baxter, Nala, Marlea, Mylea and  Quiver were dropped off and Kali was here, having missed her regular Wednesday visit. Cody was also back to finish some fence post and rail replacement and we also had Joe arrive on the bus to do some work around the barn. 

    While we waited for the tide to fall, we played our usual games and enjoyed the company of our friends or just relaxed in the sunroom. Diddy was much more relaxed and happy to be with us today so she wasn't looking for a whole in the fence which meant she did not need to wear the Puppy Bumper.  




    As soon as Stephanie was satisfied with the tide situation, she gathered us together and off we went to enjoy the re-arranged beach after the visit from the excavator yesterday. The newly-dug channel was doing its job moving the pond water out to the ocean and the flow was rapid but not deep. 



    We got back to the house in time for Jake and Tilley to be picked up by their humans and it wasn't long before Marlea and Mylea bid us farewell. They were no sooner down the driveway when Kali, Baxter and Nala climbed into their conveyances and headed home. It was a beautiful sunset and the sky was full of colour as Mary and Stephanie took Wim's advise on bracing the driveway- gate post and got it to open and close without a struggle. 

    We enjoyed a long nap after our dinner and then Quiver went home and our nap continued. All in all, it was a grand day to be a dog in Seaforth. 

  • October 15, 2020 - That excavator doesn't scare us.

    Our lovely Thursday was disrupted by the sight of a huge excavator  rumbling along the shore toward our beach early this morning.  Stephanie broke the unwelcome news to us after the day visitors arrived along with Tilley and Diddy. As long as that mechanical monster was on the beach, we couldn't be. The DOT sends the big machine in whenever the water level on the pond gets too high and there is more rain forecast. The job that needs doing is to dredge a channel from the pond into the ocean so the pond can drain and bring the water level down. The last thing Stephanie needs is to have us running around on the beach while that machine and its handler are digging out huge buckets of sand and piling them up. 

    So, we have to spend the day playing in the yards around the house but, even that is somewhat restricted, because the furnace technicians are back for the sixth visit. They are going to try and make the new furnace system work properly and we are not allowed to annoy, bother, hound, hassle, intimidate or pester them. They are on the phone, having a tele-conference with the furnace manufacturer most of the morning before they finally announce that the problem has been solved and the system is working as it should. We are more than happy to see them depart as we can now expand our play area. 

    That's not to say we didn't have lots of entertainment watching our companions disappear into the Stephanandra hedge while the Hide and Seek game was ongoing. 

    Has anyone seen the Nikku or Oliver? 


    Found them! 




      Diddy     was a little shy at first, so Mary wanted to keep a close eye on her as she looked for a way to get through the fence. The bright orange Puppy Bumper was a piece of added security and soon she was playing along with the other members of the Oodle club, Cockapoo Joey and Labradoodle Tilley  as well as Shih Tzu Sophie , and Havanese Benson    

    The giants, Bella and Odin, enjoy chasing one another and Tilley enjoys chasing them while Drake enjoys rolling in the grass. 



    After lunch Mary arrived back with the freshly shorn Owen and Arthur who had been at Scruff to Fluff all morning and just as she was coming through the gate, Odin and Sophie's human drove up to take them home.   

    That darn machine was still busy down at the beach so, we despaired about whether we would be able to get there today but after Stephanie took Joe home and picked up Ellie from the school bus, she gave us the news that the excavator had finished its work. Yippee! There was still enough time for us to get a fast trip to the shore in before Joey would be picked up so, off we raced to see what the mechanical monster had wrought. The first thing we noticed was its tracks so, Jake and Ellie went ahead to check out the situation. They came back to report on the huge piles of sand and the wide channel with gallons of pond water rushing to the sea. 






    We all had a chance to sniff around and check out the new arrangement of rocks and sand before heading back to the house where Joey's humans were waiting to pick him up. That started the trend and soon Drake, Oliver and Benson departed and that was when we got our dinner. The last departure of the day was Bella followed by Stephanie and Ellie and we enjoyed a couple of hours of warm late summer weather before it got dark.  


  • October 13 & 14, 2020 - The DogBlog is current again.

    Hello! Lately we've been falling behind with the DogBlog so this is an effort to get caught up. 

    Tuesday was a sunny, warm and busy day and Stephanie took lots of photos so we're going to let the photos tell the tale. 





    We had lots of good times with a great bunch of pals and we had to say goodbye to Rigo and Karter along with the day-visitors, Benny, Georgia, Bella, Ollie and Luke. Cody, one of the handymen, replaced some broken fence posts, pulled the pumps from the pond and took the hand pump off the well before the winter weather takes its toll. 

    Tuesday night brought some heavy rain and high winds which persisted throughout Wednesday and resulted in several of our regular day-visitors staying home and staying dry.  Baxter   and Nala   arrived at their usual time determined not to let a little rain ruin their fun. Our little buddy Jake, from down the shore, was dropped off for a short vacation and he was pretty excited to be back amongst his friends. During those brief moments when the rain let up we did get outside and, as usual, Stephanie had her camera ready to capture Jake's meet'n'greet. . 



    The garden foliage colours are starting to get very vibrant and Stephanie spotted a Wooley Bear Caterpillar that got soaked before finding some shelter.  

    Holly                                                                       Burning Bush                                                     Barberry 


    Mary ventured out to do some errands and she arrived home with some groceries and she was very thankful for the kindness of tall strangers in the grocery store who volunteer to get the milk in the cooler because she's vertically challenged.  Nick's humans called a short while later to say that they would be picking him up before dinner and a short while later Baxter and Nala said goodbye as well. The rain continued but hopefully it will move out to sea overnight.     

  • October 12, 2020 - Happy Thanksgiving !

    It was a lovely day and we are all thankful for many things. Rigo decided to record our thankfullnesses (he thinks that's a word )  and he put them into the DogBlog. Here they are.  

    Chloe A   is thankful that she has such a neat fetch stick, a great beach to play on and the opportunity to let her humans know how much fun she has with the other critters. She plans on giving them a big thank you when they come for her.  

    Max   says that he gives thanks every day for his wonderful humans who take such good care of him and bring him to Seaforth to enjoy himself with such great friends. He's also thankful that he's discovered he was a talent for writing after doing the DogBlog this past week. 

    Lerp   is thankful that he has met so many cool critters who want him to be their BFF and to share those delicious meals with them until his human comes to get him. That's when he's really keen to show his gratitude. 

    Charlie   says that he also has wonderful humans who are always thinking about making his life great and he's really thankful that they always forgive him when he rolls in something that smells bad. 

    Flynn   is full of thanks that he can find so much excitement in what happens around him and he never runs out of enthusiasm. The sight of his humans, who love him to the moon and back, can send him into a wild spin and bounce routine that makes the others dizzy when they watch him.

    Karter    wants to thank his humans for letting him spend these weekends in Seaforth cause the beach is his favorite place and he can get there in under ten seconds. 

    Nick     says thanks for that big seafood buffet served each day down at the shore. His humans are great and they understand his weakness for kelp and crabs so he's grateful to them for being so understanding. 

    Hunter    really appreciates the opportunity to come to Seaforth and stare at that squirrel for hours on end. He says that his humans are super understanding about his rodent addiction and he wants them to know how happy they make him. 

    Nikku   tells us that he is thankful that he can do all the things that he wants when he's in Seaforth which includes eating the delicious meals his human prepares for him, sleeping and barking at nothing.     

    Nala Jr.   says thank you every Monday to her human who drops her off in Seaforth to play with all her wonderful friends and she particularly enjoys meeting new friends like Rigo. Also, she can outrun most of the other critters which means she can get the fetch stick or a ball before they even know its been thrown so she's thankful she was born with such good reflexes.     

    Joey   can't wait to get through that driveway gate when his humans drive up with him and sometimes he forgets to say thank you but he wants everyone to know that he's grateful. He's sure that Stephanie loves him the best of all cause she always makes sure he gets the fetch stick at the beach.   

    Baxter and Nala Sr.    are very grateful for all the wonderful photos that Stephanie takes of them and for having so many neat friends to play with. They tell us that their humans are always making sure that they can participate in the fun times, particularly the birthday parties and the baking contest is fun to watch.  

    Gracie  said that she was much to busy to stop and say thank you because Stephanie might throw that fetch stick and Chloe, Nala Jr. or Joey might get there ahead of her. She did admit that she is thankful for her humans who think she's the most intelligent and beautiful dog in North America and she wanted us to know that they are right.  

    Rigo  , to sum up, says that he feels like a very lucky dog with lots to be thankful for and more to come in the future. His humans are thankful that he came into their lives and he is gratified that they hold him in such high regard.

    Were not sure what thanks Tallen has cause we don't speak horse but we were all thankful for this lovely sunset. 


  • October 10 & 11, 2020 - Lots to be thankful for this weekend.

    Saturday , was sunny, windy and cool and we were all outside to greet the day, as well as Kelsea, when she arrived. After breakfast Parker and Finnigan were dropped off and that always causes a bit of a stir since they are both very excitable.  

    Kelsea suggested an early beach walk so we would catch the low tide and we assembled for the big race down the hill. Max stayed at the house with Mary as he thought it looked like it might be to much work to come back up that hill.  We did lots of running, swimming and fetching before heading back to the house where we had to do a major poop patrol in advance of the lawn mower guy coming this afternoon. 

    Tali was very excited to see one of her humans at the gate around noon and she departed for home without giving the rest of us so much s a backward glance. The next arrival more than made up for Tali's defection; it was Flynn   and he was, as usual, over-the-moon excited to be back amongst his friends and he wanted nothing more than to play chase and have a good time. The rest of us were happy to oblige for a while but later we were happy to see Fritz arrive so he could take over the Flynn's entertainment. Lerp and M'Gosh also helped out by doing the tag team wrestling bit which kept Flynn occupied for most of the afternoon. 

    We had to move inside when the lawn-mower guy got here and started whizzing around on his machine, doing what Mary hopes is the last cut of grass for this year. Dinner time approached and Finnigan was picked up so Kelsea started to get our meal ready. Suddenly there was another car at the gate and this time it was for Lucy so Kelsea had to round her up and get her down to the gate, all the while keeping her out of the way of the mowing machine.  We ate our meals, enjoying every last kibble and Quiver gets picked up after dinner leaving us with a good period of napping before we take our late walk under the dark skies which are threatening rain. 

    It did rain through the night and it was still kind of showery on Sunday morning when we raced outside. Today, Stephanie was on duty and we were all ravenous , nothing new there. We all cleaned up our dishes and any loose kibbles we could get off the floor before the broom and the mop got them. 

    The skies started to clear and it got sunny while we waited for the morning arrivals, Rigo   and Hunter  , to get here.  Rigo goes off to do his complete property inspection with Max  while Hunter goes looking for Parker and the Squirrel.  The rest of us head down to the beach with Stephanie and we have a grand time.  



    Once we are all tired and wet, we climb the big hill back to the house and have a long drink before settling down in the warm sunshine for our naps. The afternoon was full of fun and relaxation , Parker departed around four o'clock and then we had dinner and a nice walk with Stephanie where she snapped these photos of Rigo feeling frisky and wanting to play with Lerp.


    When we took our last walk, there was a fireworks display just West of us so we all felt obliged to sound off and register our disapproval. The skies were clear and the temperature had dropped to four degrees which means there may be some frost overnight.

  • October 9, 2020 - The musings of Max.

    Hello, anyone out there who might be reading this, including my humans. My name is Max  and this is my first stay in Seaforth so I am nominated to compose today's DogBlog. It is now Friday evening and I arrived at one o'clock this afternoon so I don't have much to tell you about the morning activities except what I was told by some of my fellow guests. Here I am being introduced to them earlier  and I have to admit I had a hard time remembering their names until we had spent most of the day together. They were all very pleasant and they let me sniff their bums which helps with the identity issues so by late afternoon we were the best of friends. 

    Apparently, the crowd that arrived in the morning along with the guests who were already here and the host dogs, got to go down to the beach with Stephanie and enjoy the fetching and swimming and racing around. Stephanie always takes lots of photos so I can give you some idea about who all my new friends are. 

    From left to right, meet Quiver, Drake and that's Baxter trying to be cute. 


    Here you have  Lucy, host dog Owen and Charlie. That's me and Chloe A standing behind Charlie.   


    Here you will see host dog Chloe CC , then Nala and Chloe A. That was Drake trying to photobomb the shot. 


    These two had me confused for a while but I think that's Mylea on the left and Marlea on the right. 


    Here you see host dog Arthur, followed by Nikku and M'Gosh


    Later arrivals included Lerp, Karter and Tali. 


    And finally, there was Oliver 

    I have to say that I have never before made so many friends in one day and I found it to be very stimulating, so much so, that when dinner time rolled around, I was ravenous and ate a big bowl of food. It is late now and we are taking our walk and Mary puts a collar on me that reflects the light from her headlamp so she knows where I am when I go exploring. The final chapter in this tale is the feeding of that big brown horse that lives in the barn and then we are all ready for bed.  

  • October 8, 2020 - A day of high winds and good times.

    There was lots of rain last night and some heavy-duty winds are still howling this morning, when our early arrivals, Bella, Oliver and Merle, get here. A little later the arrival of Chloe A, Benson and Joey result in lots of sniffing and tail wagging. The skies are brighter and since the tide has turned and is rising, Stephanie decided that we better get down to the beach while there is still some sand to walk on. All that kelp and eel grass that got pushed up on the beach during last week's storms has been enhanced by this week's rough water which has pushed lots of additional sand and rocks on top of the kelp and made the footing kind of tricky.  Nevertheless, we had lots of fun running with the brisk winds but there were no signs of our seal friends from yesterday. 




    When we return from the beach, we are soaked, tired and thirsty so a long drink of water is just what we need before we have to say goodbye to Hali and her humans. Then, our buddy M'Gosh   arrived to spend the weekend so we had to give him a good going-over which wasn't easy as he just wanted to run around and pick up sticks. The rest of the day was pretty routine with some games of chase and some wrestling matches mixed in with some naps while Stephanie did some grocery shopping. As the hour of four approached we began to say goodbye to our day visitors and then dinner was ready which we always enjoy before going on another jaunt with Stephanie. 

    Tonight, the wind is still blowing hard and the temperature has dropped so we'll get a taste of what's to come in the next few months. 

  • October 7, 2020 - Back to summer-like weather today.

    Our regular crew of day-visiting critters was in good spirits today as they were dropped off , ready to enjoy the day. Since it was Wednesday, Angel was here to do the house cleaning so we waited until Lily arrived and then made ourselves scarce at the beach. We had our usual good time but we were being spied on and followed the whole time we were there.

    Who by, you might ask? 

    Well, we don't know their names but they're bigger than a breadbox and they live in the ocean.

    Give up? 

    Seals! Not the Navy kind but the whiskery ones with the sleek grey coats. 

    This is a web image of a Harbour Seal up close  and Baxter  said if he got rid of his ears, they could be cousins. Maybe Baxter ought to get his eyes checked. These are the photos Stephanie took as, the two seals in our cove who followed us when we ran on the beach, seemed curious about our activities on shore. 





    After the beach fun, we rested and as four o'clock approached we had to say goodbye to our day visitors as well as Tali. The house was very quiet with only three of us guests but it got very noisy when a sudden downpour of rain came beating on the house accompanied by thunder and lightning. Mary told us that we had better pray that this deluge would disappear or we would get very wet later on during our last walk. 

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