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  • January 18, 2019 - More comings and goings.

    Friday was a somewhat warmer day with lots of arrivals including our litte Cairn Terrorists,

    Robbie and Rory     

    and Thunder   rolled in for a visit as well. We also had to say goodbye to Stanley and Gracie as they were picked up just after breakfast. Kelsea and Stephanie kept us busy most of the morning while they did Poop Patrols and escorted walks with us in the surrounding fields. Little Thunder was having a great time racing after his bigger buddies and    and Rory and Robbie took advantage of the warmer weather to enjoy the outdoors and the company of some playful friends.      

    Later in the day Kelsea took some of us down to the beach while Stephanie stayed at the house while she waited for Henry to be picked up. She figured it was still too soon to take little Thunder to the beach so he stayed behind with Marty, Rory and Robbie. 

    That was pretty much the excitement for the day and after dinner Charlie and Luna were picked up by their human and they headed home. AFter dinner, Mary had to do some more bug reporting to the web site hosting service which seems to take a lot of time but hopefully it will result in some improvements to the DogBlog. 


  • January 17, 2019 - Morning arrivals kick off a beach walk.

    Today is Thursday and while it may be sunny, the temperature has plummeted again and there is a high wind chill factor. But that doesn't deter our intrepid day visitors who arrive right on time and are excited to hear that a beach walk is on the morning agenda. 

    Benson                                                         Clover


    Shelby                                                        Baxter ( chasing Arthur) 


    Gracie  and Stanley arrived for an overnight stay. 


    Mary is still having problems with the Web Site Hosting service and this posting will mostly be photos until they get some things de-bugged. Our friend Enzo arrived eary which was great since it meant that we could get down to our beach and have some wild and crazy good times with Stephanie and Kelsea. 





    The remainder of our day after we got back to the house from our romp on the beach was pretty much napping and taking a few walks and saying goodbye to our day visitors that were not staying for dinner. 




  • January 16, 2019 - Blogging surprises create extra work..

    Wednesday morning brought us a dusting of snow and flurries on and off most of the morning but it wasn't nearly as cold as it has been lately. The early arrival of the day was Charlie and Luna who will stay for a couple of nights and then we welcomed or Brittany pal, Hunter. They were happy to be back with their buddies as well as having a chance to meet some new friends. 




    Kali also joined in the fun this morning and, while Angel was busy cleaning the main floor of the house, we followed Stephanie over to the cabana and enjoyed the morning of play and nap and pats and lots of special attention.  



    The ice and the high tide conspired to keep us off the beach today but we had lots of fun playing with one another and relaxing in the sunroom while Mary sat at the computer cussing about the 'surprise' re-design of the DogBlog Editor by the web site hosting service. Apparently, she has to spend some extra time figuring our how things work now and when they don't work as expected she has to contact the hosting service with her queries and wait for their replies. So, don't be surprised if the DogBlog doesn't look the same as before or if there are delays in getting posts done. 

    Just before dinner time, Kali went home and after we ate, Hunter was picked up. That signalled the quiet time for us as we settled down to our naps and reluctantly stirred our stumps to go out for our late walk while Mary took care of the horses.   



  • January 15, 2019 - Make way! Boss Marty is here. 

    Tuesday, sunny and very cold with a high wind chill factor. That sun sure can heat up the sunroom though, as Karter enjoys the spa like-conditions along with Inky.


    Today we had the six day-care guests arrive Oliver, Drake, Baxter R, Benny, Daisy and Baxter W. so things got very busy between nine and ten o'clock. Lots of sniffing and wagging tails and since Angel wanted to do some house cleaning, most of us took up residence in the cabana. Daisy and Henry were more than content to sleep on the sofa after a busy run around the North field while Auggie, Drake, Caper, Baxter W and Nick wrestled with one another non-stop  so that eventually Stephanie brought Nick back to the house so he could get some rest. 

    Then our bossy, little pal, Marty   , was dropped off for a vacation showing off his very pronounced limp. It seems that he slipped on the ice New Years Day and hurt his knee and he brought his bag full of medication with him along with a huge bag of apples   for the horses. We didn't realize he was so fond of the big dopes but they sure are going to be fond of him and his humans when they get an apple chopped up in every meal.  He did a tour around the front yard and then he came in the house to meet everyone, making it clear that we were all supposed to be very careful not to bump into him or try to get ahead of him at dinnertime. The rule is Marty eats first which doesn't go over well with Atticus and Inky who have been accustomed to being at the front of the dinner que. 

    After lunch, Stephanie and  Angel, organized a beach hike for the rowdy ones and Henry went along as well as Owen and Arthur. Daisy stayed at the house today just so she wouldn't get bumped into by the more agile youngsters and once they got to the beach, they could see that the ice was beginning to form along the edge of the surf. Stephanie kept a close eye on them to ensure that they didn't get into any trouble with the ice and they didn't stay too long because it was very cold with that North wind still blowing.  




    Once everyone was back at the house, it was nap time until Baxter W and Daisy were picked up, followed by Oliver and Drake and then Benny. As expected, Marty was at the front of the dinner line making it known to Stephanie that he was expecting to eat before anyone else. We figured we'd humour him for today and then see how it goes for the rest of his stay. 

  • January 14, 2019 - Some Monday arrivals to liven things up. 

    We were happy to see Karter and Auggie back for a visit first thing this morning and Angel was also here to spend the day playing with us along with Gracie. Mary had to go back into the city for another appointment so Stephanie looked after the horses, feeding them and getting them outside to enjoy the sunshine. We enjoyed our chance to catch up on the news from Karter and Auggie while we checked out all the new smells in the fields as we patrolled with Angel.






    Since the tide was reasonably low this morning, Stephanie suggested that some of us might benefit from a beach hike so Angel took Auggie, Caper, Nick, Gracie and Karter down the hill and they all had a great time chasing one another around and exploring all of the new beach sights. Mary arrived back from the city just as Stephanie and Angel were sitting down to lunch and soon after, the kids had to be picked up from school so we settled down to have an afternoon nap only stirring long enough to say hello to Henry who was dropped off and adios to Pi who was picked up by his human. That brought us to the time when Gracie was ready to go home and the welcome smells of dinner wafted through the house. Then we had a beautiful sunset to top off a great day. 


  • January 13, 2019 - Mr. Seal is on the mend.  

    A lovely sunny day today and the good news that Mr. Seal is doing well, receiving some antibiotics for his wounds and enjoying his tank and all the fresh fish that is being delivered to him by the volunteers at Hope for Wildlife.

    Once our Yellow Lab Buddy, Caper, got here, Kelsea took us to the beach so Riley could have one ore swim before he had to go home. We had a great time racing around like young pups, particularly that silly Marley.




    There were lots of balls to fetch and lots of swimming in the ocean so that we all brought a load of icicles back to the house. Of course, once the warmth of the house hit them , they all started melting so the floor was covered with drops and the best place for us was in the warm sunroom where we napped until lunch time.

    That’s when our Greyhound buddy, Lupin, rang the doorbell and he rushed in to see who he knew from previous stays. He recognized Riley, Caper, Marley M and Marley R as well as Inky and Atticus. He was introduced to Nick, Pi and Pippin and found them to be very agreeable playmates. After a few races around in the fields, Lupin was ready to return to the warm house and enjoy the baking smells as Kelsea and Mary made three loaves of multi-grain bread as well as a pan of lemon squares.

    After dinner, Marley M was thrilled to see her humans waiting for her at the gate and she quickly jumped into the car  and headed home. We all settled down for our after dinner naps and later on Stephanie came up and took us for a walk before our ebdtime and then she fed the horses theri evening hay while we waited for her outside the barn door. .  


  • January 12, 2019 - A surprise trip for Mr. Seal  

    It was a very cold and windy day and Stephanie was here for the morning meal and other tasks while Kelsea arrived at noon so Stephanie could take Ellie and some of her friends into Dartmouth for Ellie’s seventh Birthday party.

    In the morning, we got to meet a little Sheltie dog, just five months old, called Murphy who would like to come and stay here next month. He was a very friendly and lively little guy and Hubble got him into a game of chase within the first few minutes of his arrival. Gradually, he got to meet all of us and go for a walk with Stephanie and the gang while Mary and his humans talked about his upcoming stay. He certainly will liven the place up with his puppy antics and once all the arrangements were confirmed, Murphy and his humans returned to the city. Tali got a call to say she would be picked up early and she was the next one to make her exit.

    After Stephanie left and Kelsea arrived, a beach hike was discussed and it was agreed that before we could go, Kelsea would do a scouting trip to see if Mr. Seal was still up in the tall grass. Kelsea went down and looked around and discovered that he had moved farther into the grassy area. This was probably because a predator had gone after him and he had some head wounds. Only one thing to do, call the wonderful folks at Hope for Wildlife, an tell them the sad tale. Kelsea had taken some photos and these were sent to the staff who immediately arranged a seal rescue mission.


    Meanwhile, our old Golden Girlfriend, Marley R was dropped off for a vacation with us and Mary figured that since she would be twelve years old soon, she wouldn’t be interested in playing with us or racing around in the fields. Marley showed Mary just how wrong she was as she acted like a pup, wrestling with us and going for a big walk. She was keen to get to the beach, but we had to tell her that this was a no-go until Mr. Seal was picked up.   

     By this time, it was getting close to our evening meal, so Stephanie and Ellie arrived followed by the rescuers with their crate. Kelsea, accompanied by the ever-curious Ellie, went back down to show them where Mr. Seal was located and without any fuss, Kelsea, Sarah and Tanya had Mr. Seal in the crate and then they had to carry him up the hill and back to their car. It was starting to get dark so they left with Mr. Seal in the crate and returned to the Hope for Wildlife centre.  

    We hadn’t let the change of routine interrupt our dinner but we were happy that our seagoing buddy would be in good hands. Mary says she’ll check on him tomorrow to see how he faring.      


  • January 11, 2019 - A beach surprise, sealed but no kisses

    Today was a mixture of winter weather with some sun and a few flurries. Things got off to a roaring start with the arrival of Marley M and Pi both showing up at the gate at the same time. They immediately got into playing a game of introductions before going to meet the rest of their buddies. Kelsea and Mary were busy getting the horses ready to go out and once they were taking care of the rest of the gang got to meet the new arrivals. We played outside most of the morning with Kelsea until Tali arrived but all she was interested in was getting down to the beach.  

    Mary had a couple of errands to run at the shopping center while we waited for Charlie and Canons human to pick them up. Once she arrived, we started to get ready for the beach trip. We were patiently waiting for Hubble to arrive, and once he arrived, we raced down the hill to the beach. We ran around on the beach and fetched the balls that Kelsea threw for us but than we noticed that Owen was barking at something over by the grass. We then all ran over to find a real surprise. It was a seal. Mr. seal was not impressed by having so much unexpected company, but Hubble didn’t care he ran right up to him and had a good sniff. Kelsea couldn’t figure out what we were barking at, so she started walking towards us, she almost walked right past the seal until she noticed that Hubble was face to face with the him.

    Kelsea decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and she whipped out her cell phone to call Mary to advise her that it would not be a good idea to let Arthur join us as was his usual routine. If anyone was going to upset Mr. Seal it was going to be Arthur, who would think nothing of inviting him back to the house for dinner. After a lengthy discussion with Owen she was able to convince him to join us all on our journey back up the hill to the house. We are all hoping that Mr. Seal will be there for our next visit. Once we were back at the house it was time for Henry to go home with his human and dinner was high on our list of priorities. Once we had finished off our grub, we settled down for a nap although Arthur was still concerned about Mr. Seal's situation.  

  • January 10, 2019 - Sunny, warmer and lots of fun at he beach. 

    Thursday brought us weather that had cleared away most of yesterday’s snow and ice so we were expecting a bunch of daycare visitors and they arrived right on schedule. There was Baxter, Benson, Shelby, Kali and Marlea and they were all super excited to be back amongst their friends.  Pippin was the centre of attention and she had to let them all sniff her even though she was a little nervous. Soon they were all racing around in the fields and having lots of fun with Kelsea, stopping now and again to get a drink of water and have a little rest.  The macho men, Riley, Nick and Henry were strutting around , scuffing up the ground and marking territory, all in a vain attempt to impress the new girls, Shelby, Kali and Marlea. Those girls were not at all impressed so the boys soon gave up the silly posturing.

    In the afternoon, once the tide had started to fall and the surf had gone down a bit, we got to have our beach walk and it was loads of fun for everyone. The sun really makes a big difference and we all managed to get good and wet. 






    We timed our return from the beach so that Marlea, Kali and Shelby would be at the gate when their humans came for them and the rest of us waited for our dinner to be served. After we ate, we took a walk with Stephanie and then Baxter and Benson departed for home. With the sudden quiet, it didn't take long for the rest of us to curl up for our naps.  


  • January 9, 2019 - Mother Nature hits us with the old one-two punch. 

    Oh, the joys of winter in Atlantic Canada! Another one of those snow, ice pellets, rain and wind storms blew in overnight.  Of course, this had to happen on the day Mary had strategically arranged three appointments in Halifax so she would save herself a trip or two. She was up at 5:30 to check the conditions and when she saw all that snow, she went back to bed hoping that things would improve.  

    Our three daycare friends cancelled their visit today and school was cancelled as well, so Ellie got to accompany Stephanie. When they arrived, it was pouring rain and they got soaked in the short walk from the car.

    Mary waited until after we had our breakfast and the roads were a bit safer before heading into town. She saw cars off the road in the ditch and tow trucks hauling others off after collisions but the most exciting part of the drive was the extra high tide surge at Lawrencetown Beach. She could see the waves spraying the road up ahead so she timed it, waiting for the big wave to recede and then she floored it to pass by without getting more than just a light shower of salt spray. Once she reached her first appointment, two ours late of course, she called to let Stephanie know she had made it.

    Back in Seaforth, the rain and wind were so miserable none of us wanted to stay out for very long today. Even when Stephanie bundled up and went out with us, she would look back and we were all huddled together by the sunroom door waiting for someone to let us in. Suffice to say this is how we spent most of the day while Stephanie was busy getting lots of indoor tasks out of the way.





    The rain and wind did let up a bit in the afternoon so we played around outside the barn while Stephanie put the horses out and cleaned their stalls. Rocky was reunited with his family in the afternoon and he didn’t want to wait around to hear his humans tell Stephanie all about the beautiful Andalusian horses they saw on their travels. He high-tailed it to the car and let them know he wanted to get home to his comfy bed where he could catch up on his missed sleep. .

    Mary returned home just after we had our supper and she was exhausted after her day of navigating puddles the size of lakes, waiting rooms and errands. Even though we had a lazy day, we were just as happy to nap with her for the evening until we took our late walk at 10:30, when Mary looks after the horses for the night.

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