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Country Critter Sitters

  • April 20, 2018 - Bailey is back, bouncy and brash as before.   

    Friday started out to be another wet and cold day but things warmed up when Charlie  , Luna (she doesn't like being photographed)  and Bailey, the Havanese,     all arrived before breakfast. We had to get out there and sniff them all over after Stephanie and Kelsea fed us and then we accompanied Kelsea on a Poop Patrol while Stephanie was busy vacuuming the house to get rid of some accumulating dog hair.  Mary started to make a pot of Minestrone soup but discovered that she was missing a key ingredient so she had to make a quick trip to the store before the soup was ready to simmer for an hour. 

    Meanwhile we had gone over to the  cabana with Kelsea and once the sun started to peek out, the suggestion of a trip to the beach was enough to get all of us up on our feet and howling. Our buddy Norman was dropped off at just the right time so he could join the chorus. Off we raced down the hill which was still muddy from the rains but we didn't let that slow us down and there was still some heavy wave action happening so we stayed close to the shore. While we were at the beach, Hunter M was picked up by her humans and she headed home to get caught up on her sleep.  Luna and Charlie had a great time racing with one another along the sand and splashing in the tide pools and the rest of us either went for a swim or went exploring amongst the sea weed that has washed up in the recent storms. 

    Once we got back to the house, we had to get Gracie M cleaned up before her human came to get her and then eat our dinner and say goodbye to Hamish and Otis M who both headed home with their humans.  Then we  all picked out our favorite bed and settled down for a nice nap before our late walk. 

  • April 19, 2018 - Fun with Otis, Otis and Otis. 

      With the support of my good friend, Ellie, I, Stanley, will give you the lowdown on Thursday's activities here in Seaforth. If this were a Reality Show, we would have voted Lumie off the island yesterday after the silly fuss she made about her cousin, Otis B. We all got along fine with him and thought he was just a splendid fellow while she can be a bit of a prig. The morning got off to a busy start with the arrival of four day players, Benson, Oliver, Benny and Winnie and our usual day visitor Gracie M got dropped off for an overnight stay. Five critters to introduce to Otis B made for lots of sniffing and tail wagging and games of chase with a stick were soon underway. 

    Kelsea took a bunch of critters to the beach and Mary supervised the rest of the gang at the house while she was busy doing the e-mail thing and answering the phone calls. Joe arrived on the eleven o'clock bus and started his usual chores. The first beach hike included Tali so she could have her beach fun before being picked up by her human. Otis B got to have his first beach adventure with this group and he was so excited he jumped in the water and didn't realize that the wave was going to wash over him. He was sputtering and splashing when the wave receded and after that, he stayed close to the shore to avoid another soaker.  Kelsea got back with the first group and Mary had Group Two ready to go. That group included the Four Cairn Terrierists, Otis, Ted, Rory and Robbie and they wanted all the sticks and balls to come to them. Lumie also went with Group Two so she wouldn't feel the need to hassle Otis B about his beach manners. Hubble and Carly tried to beat the others in a race for the water but Benson and Benny were too fast for them. I elected to stay behind with Mary and Winnie and enjoy the relative peace and quiet. 

    In the afternoon Kelsea raked a lot of the gravel that got plowed from the parking area out of the flower beds and we hung around watching her work and enjoying the little patches of warm sun that were popping up now and again. After lunch she took Joe home and we enjoyed some nap time before we had to say goodbye to Benson, Oliver, Benny and Winnie.   

  • April 18, 2018 - Lumie and Otis. 

    Well, it was a relief to wake this morning and not see rain and not hear the howling winds. After the tedium of yesterday, we are all looking forward to getting outside and stretching our legs. Of course, that comes with a price as there is a lot of water on the ground and we can manage to make a lot of mud. Good thing it's house cleaning day. 

    I'm Lumie   and I'm in charge of the DogBlog for Wednesday so I can be sure to get the story straight.

    You see, I have been staying here in Seaforth for a good many years, twelve to be exact.

    My first visit was when I was just a six month old  .

    I know you're probably thinking 'She doesn't look a day older' and that's because I have always lived a good life and obeyed my humans so they took good care of me. Mary and her partners have always been able to rely on my good manners and keen intelligence. I have never given them any cause for concern, particularly when it comes to my social contacts and other affiliations. 

    So, you can only imagine my chagrin when I saw my cousin, Otis  , being dropped off along with his food. I almost couldn't believe my eyes as he immediately began introducing himself to all my Seaforth friends without checking with me first. Now, don't get me wrong, he's a nice kid, just shy of one year old, and I like him but he's still a little rough around the edges and he would have benefited from my advice before sticking his nose in places where it wasn't welcome. He was so busy running around trying to meet everyone, I don't think it even registered that I was here and by the time he bumped into me, he had already made a few friends and he wasn't going to listen to my guidance. He also dropped the bombshell news that my other cousin, Piper, would be arriving next week. Now there's a typical blonde, if there ever was one, and she's a Lab so there will be lots of tail wagging, bum wiggling, that big tongue wil be hanging out and the cold, wet nose will be poking itself into everything.       

    I decided that the best thing I could do would be to keep an eye on Otis and try to smooth things over if he made any social blunders. As it turned out, he quickly learned which critters he could play with and which ones didn't appreciate those big paws stepping on them. By the time we returned to the clean house, he was good buddies with most of the other youngsters, like Tali, Hubble, Carly, LaVie, Kali and Hunter R. At that point I figured I could relax and enjoy improving weather. Stephanie took lots of photos as the afternoon sped by, with Buddy M and Sugar going home and Plum arriving for a vacation. I did overhear a couple of comments from my fellow critters where they were saying that it was hard to believe that an uptight and humourless _itch like me could be related to the fun-loving and gregarious Otis. It will be interesting to see how they feel after he has repeatedly knocked them over or stepped on their toes.      




    When bedtime rolled around, Otis had to learn his lesson about jumping on the bed. Owen, Mary's dog, is a gentle and good-natured guy up to a point. That point comes when any critter jumps on Mary's bed with the idea of sleeping there. There was a decisive move by Owen accompanied by a rumbling growl that could not be ignored and Otis changed his sleeping plans right away. Smart Boy, Otis. 

  • April 17, 2018 - In a word ... Wet! 

    We awoke this morning to the pounding rain and the wind howling from the East.  It didn't stop all day and none of us went outside willingly. It took a lot of pulling, chasing, coaxing, begging, bribing and many other tactics to move us through the door and out into the deluge. We won't bore you with a lot of wet dog stories, We'll just let you know that Stanley and Gracie arrived for their long spring vacation, Caper came to spend the day, Tali was dropped off for a couple  of sleepovers and Hali and Chester had their much anticipated  and noisy reunion with their humans. There were boxes of cookies from Hawaii for Mary, Stephanie, Kelsea and Ellie and the pups were whisked off to their grooming appointment. It will certainly be much quieter around here without them although Otis M and Hunter will try to maintain a similar level of vocalization, particularly at mealtimes.    

  • April 16, 2018 - We never tire of playing together. 

     Monday was a mix of sun and cloud and a bit chilly.  We had four day visitors arrive at nine o’ clock.  First was sweet little LaVie, then Oliver the Portie who brought his little brother Drake, the ten week old yellow lab to show off to everyone. He will come back for play days when he is a bit older. Next Shelby the Valley Bull Dog hopped out of her Big red truck and was eager to start a game of chase and wrestle with LaVie.  Finally, Neema the Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy (who is growing by leaps and bounds each week and already weighs about 50-60 lbs at 5 months old) she was also eager to play with her BFF’s, LaVie and Shelby.

    We spent the first few hours outside with Stephanie while she did a major poop patrol.  We passed the time by playing ‘get the stick’, ‘chase and wrestle’ and ‘king of the mulch pile’.  Buddy and Little Otis like to get a stick and drop it by Stephanie and bark at her to pick it up and throw it, but Ted keeps explaining to them, that when there is a big group of dogs, the humans don’t play fetch because it usually just causes a fight over the stick.  Stephanie also had a photo shoot while there was a bit of sun.  As soon as Hunter spied the camera, she knew Stephanie would try to steal her soul again, so she headed for the house and barked at the door for Mary to let her in.





     Carly and Hubble joined the girls (LaVie, Shelby and Neema) with their silly antics. Reggie and Hamish liked that there were four young girls here to impress and they started to act really silly to try and get a laugh out of them. 



    Sugar   followed the gang around but didn’t really take part in any of the games.  She is more of a spectator.

    Tucker, Rory and Saki, the wise ones, mostly just lounged on the veranda and watched. Once in a while Tucker would join in the games or roll in the grass.  Lumie just followed Stephanie around wondering when she would be going to the beach.

    Mary had to run a few errands, so she took off and we assembled our selves inside while Stephanie heated up her lunch, a yummy hamburger casserole which Mary had prepared the day before. We all did our best to convince Stephanie to share with us, but we didn’t succeed. Once Mary returned, the beach group was assembled and off we went to play in the surf. The channel is getting quite narrow and fairly shallow, so until they come back to dig it out again, we don’t have to wait until dead low tide to go for our beach walk.  I think the pictures can speak for themselves.



    When we returned to the house, we were wet and muddy and getting a bit tired.  There was about an hour left until all the day visitors had to depart and since it was such a busy day, Stephanie decided to leave us at the house with Mary to have a nap while she went to clean the barn.

    Once everyone left for the day, our meals were prepared and served. The loudest and fastest ones got fed first, followed by the more dignified, who actually chew their kibble up and don’t swallow it whole.

    The evening passed and soon the rain started.  According to the meteorologist, we are in for quite a lot tomorrow, we had better start on that ark


  • April 15, 2018 - Would you like some Sugar with your tea? 

    Sunday was an exceptionally long day as it started at five o'clock this morning. Owen jumped off the bed and made a beeline for the front door, obviously short-taken so some of us had to get up from our beds and go outside as well. Mary tried to convince us to go back to sleep but that just didn't work with the youngsters, Carlos, Hubble and Carly. They started wrestling and chasing one another and while some of us chose to remain in our beds, Mary resigned herself to keeping an eye on the wide awake gang. Over the course of the next couple of hours, the more sensible critters arose  from their bed and greeted the day and then we all waited patiently for Kelsea to arrive and start preparing our breakfast.

    Once we had eaten and the morning meds dispensed, bags were packed for Jazz and Sophie since they are going home this morning. Sure enough, their humans arrived to get them and they also had some lovely gifts from their travels for Mary, Stephanie and Kelsea. Jazz and Sophie were thrilled to see them and they were looking forward to getting back to their own beds where they could sleep until a more reasonable hour.   

    Sam's humans arrived just as Jazz and Sophie were leaving and Sam was very excited to see them and they wanted to get home with their little man. While we might have had to say goodbye to one Shih Tzu, we quickly got to say welcome to another as Sugar   was dropped off for a short stay.  She immediately did a complete tour of the fields and then picked out her favorite napping spot but she didn't get to nap for long as another new friend drove up to meet us. His name was Deegan and he was a Portuguese Water Dog  and he got on with all of us like we'd been friends forever. He raced around in circles with Carlos, Carly and Hubble and told us he would really like to stay here for his vacation.  Given that he was so friendly and polite, he'll be packing his bag and coming back later this month. 

    After lunch, a bunch of us got to race down the hill and enjoy the beach with Kelsea. The ones that had been playing in the mud puddles, like Kaci, went in for a swim so they were cleaner on their return. It's amazing how sme critters, like Hunter, can go to the beach and never even get their feet dirty while others like the four Cairns, come back splattered with mud and sand. Others just enjoyed the beach with all of its offerings, including the driftwood, the dead crabs, the seaweed ropes and lots of room to race. When we all returned to the house, Kelsea, got the vacuum cleaner out and while Mary kept us busy out in the yard, she sucked up all those dust bunnies and some 'small' quantities of dog hair. Little Carlos was the next departure and Hubble is sure going to miss his little buddy and then Marley also found herself back in the warm embrace of her family. Dinner was good as usual and we were all pretty tired, so there wasn't too much action until later in the evening when we accompanied Mary to the barn and waited for her while she fed the horses and bedded them down for the night. I think we're going to get to bed at a reasonable hour and hopefully get to sleep a little later tomorrow morning.        

  • April 14, 2018 - Say hello to Carly. 

    Saturday was a pretty typical day here in Seaforth although we did meet two new friends who would like to come and stay here. The first one was Chloe, a NS Duck Toller, still a puppy in a lot of ways and she was fast on her feet. We took her on a walk about the yards and she said hello to all of us. She was a very pleasant girl and we look forward to seeing her again real soon. Chloe had just departed when Winston arrived. He is a Shih Tzu guy, no longer a puppy with a serious demeanor but not unfriendly.  He wasn't too keen on leaving his humans side but as long as she came on our walk he was content to stroll around the yards. He was very patient with us as we crowded around him and sniffed his bum so he'll be staying with us while his human is travelling. 

    We had a pleasant surprise in the afternoon when little Carly  , who we met last week, arrived for her vacation stay. She immediately set about making friends and Hubble was very happy to engage her in a game of chase and wrestle.  We all enjoyed lots of time outside in the afternoon and Stephanie made sure we had lots of pats and ear rubs. 


    We had our usual great dinner and even little Carly ate up all her food and ran outside to play some more. She enjoys being outside but she's always ready to come to the door when she is called. 

      Carly wants her humans to know that she is having loads of fun and making lots of friends and she hopes they are enjoying their vacation too. 

  • April 13, 2018 - Carlos finds trouble.

    Well, no one here is suffering from Paraskevidekatriaphobia ( fear of Friday the Thirteenth).  We were all up early and outside greeting the morning with our usual chorus of barks while we waited for Kelsea to get here and prepare breakfast. Its overcast but not bitterly cold as we take a few tours around the fields checking out all of the messages left by the creatures that pass through in the night. 

    Our Cairn Terrier count doubled with the arrival of Otis and Ted who will stay with us for a vacation. They were introduced to their kin, Rory and Robbie, and then the four of them spent some time getting to know one another.  Little Hubble, a Broder Terrier , thought he might be able to pass himself off as a Cairn but his streamlined little body just didn't match at all. All four Cairns have the same bullet shaped bodies with very short legs.


    Ted ... Otis .... Robbie ... Rory 



    The weather started to improve as the sky got more patches of blue and the sun came out. Kaci, the Newfoundland was dropped off for her vacation and she was happy to see so many of her old friends. We played and played and eventually Mary and Kelsea decided that because there were so many of us, we would go to the beach in two groups. The first group to go would be the 'big' dogs, Jazz, Sophie, Regie, Buddy, Hunter, Kaci, Max , Maggey Otis M, Hamish Saki and Tucker. That meant that Mary had to stay home and pacify the 'little' ones who thought they were being ripped off and howling their displeasure. Just as the big ones were starting down the hill, little Carlos, the maddest one of the little bunch, dashed through the door and raced after the big dogs and Kelsea. Mary called him to come back but he was having none of that and he went with his big buddies to the shore and then he decided he wanted to return to the house on his own.  Kelsea called Mary to tell he that Carlos was heading back up the hill so she could keep an eye open for him. Of course, right at that moment, Marley and Sam arrived and right on their heels was Zoe's human who arrived to pick up her critter. It took a while to get everyone in their proper place and when Mary went back to check the beach path, Carlos still hadn't returned. She called Kelsea and asked her to cut short her beach hike, bringing back the 'big' gang and looking for Carlos. 

    There was a lot of grumbling and protest about having to cut short their hike and when they heard that it was because of that naughty little Havanese, his name was mud particularly when they found him almost back at the house, taking his good old time. The 'big' ones were settled in the sunroom with Carlos who wasn't going to get another beach walk and Kelsea gathered together Otis, Ted, Robbie, Rory, Hubble, Lumie and Sam and they prepared to depart for the shore when Kelsea spied another dog walker and dog already on the beach. She and Mary decided that perhaps it might be best to forego this trip as our window of opportunity was rapidly closing and it wouldn't do to have to delay dinner. Carlos wasn't done with his misbehaving as he knocked the TV remote off the table and the batteries fell out so he grabbed one and started chewing on it before Mary could grab it from him. She had to chase him in order to get the battery and she figured it would be best to put him in the mudroom to await the dinner preparations. There, while Mary was getting the driveway gate closed after Winnie departed,  he managed to tear apart the garbage bag and make another mess to clean up so he was in everyone's bad books at this point as dinner was delayed in order to clean up the  floor. But at the end of the day, no one could stay mad at that little face and all was forgiven.


  • April 12, 2018 - It's getting crowded ... hope there's enough dog beds for everyone. 

    It was a real spring Thursday in Seaforth with lots of sunshine and a big bunch of dogs that all get along so well together. Here's a bunch that organized a group photo op ... what a handsome bunch of fur buddies. 

    We were also happy to have our young day players on hand to keep us entertained. There was Shelby, Oliver, Neema, LaVie and Benson. That bunch sure have lots of stamina and they can invent a game on the spot but the most fun seems to be Catch Me.  



    We had to say so long to Finn and Henry as they had a very noisy reunion with their humans and left to return home. We played outside or enjoyed the sunroom, depending upon our individual preferences. 



    The arrival of Hubble in the afternoon and Ellie home from school, prompted a trip down to the beach and there was more chasing and splashing and exploring. One of the early marsh dwellers, the Great Blue Heron, circled overhead watching the activity. 



    Once we got back to the house, Benson, Oliver and Neema had to go home and then dinner was served and later our Doodle Guy, Otis, joined us for his Spring Vacation. 



  • April 11, 2018 - Wednesday, brought to you by the makers of warm sunshine. 

    Wednesday was a lovely sunny day and we made the most of it. There were some new arrivals and the two regular day visitors, Lola and Hunter R. It got very busy about mid-morning with the deparure of Kenzie, followed by the arrival of Zoe, Maudie, Briar Rose, Rory and Robbie. The warm sun was a major incentive to play outside while the house was being cleaned. 




    Lupin joined us just as the house cleaning was finished and after lunch, our other Hunter friend, the lady Beagle mix, was dropped off for her vacation. She just couldn't wait to say hello to everyone and catch up on all the gossip but we had to get assembled for our beach hike, so the excitement of that just took over. All of the beach lovers raced down the hill as fast as they could and some of the older critters took a slower pace, but soon we were enjoying the warm sand and salty tide pools. Girlfriend Hunter came with us to check out the beach but decided to head back to the house hoping she could be first in line for dinner.   




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