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Country Critter Sitters

  • February 26, 2020 - New window gets installed without our help.

    Nala Jr. arrived to spend the day, just as excited as ever and she was thrilled to see many of her favorite friends on hand to greet her. Charley and Murphy rushed out the door to say hello and the three of them raced off on one of their many adventures. 

    The Window Installer was scheduled to arrive at nine this morning so Stephanie got our breakfast cleared up and moved us over to the cabana before the rest of the day-visitors arrived. When Luke got here the action was taken to a new level as he raced around getting everyone pumped. Kali tried to bring a calming influence but there's no diluting Luke. The Window guy arrived right on time and got started on the replacement of the broken sunroom window. Even though we barked to let him know we would like to come and assist him, he proceeded with his task and we went back to playing. Even old Max couldn't resist a romp with the youngsters. 


    Stella and Cruze were still settling in after their arrival last evening and Stephanie made sure she got a bunch of photos so their humans could see that they were doing fine. Stella's not much for playing but, every once in a while, she'll join one of us in a game of chase while Cruze spends most of his time looking for sticks. 



    We continue to enjoy warmer temperatures which has one down side. MUD!  After the snow and ice start to melt, there are lots of mud holes and rotten stuff on the softening ground which some of us just can't resist. These smelly things need to be rolled in and today Sasha was in the mood to sample these along with Charley.  Sasha usually looks very prim and proper and doesn't even get her feet muddy when she's outside but after rolling in a particularly offensive smelling pile of pheasant poop, into the tub she went for a bath. She was not amused. 


    Charley also found something black and unidentified and the only choice was to spray her with the barn hose until most of the mess washed away. She also was not amused and refused to be photographed.

    Karter got the call to pack up as his human was on the way to get him and after he left, the window job was finished as well. After lunch, Angel started more house cleaning while we enjoyed Mary's company as she raked some gravel piled up by the plow and did some poop patrol. All of us were starting to look for a good napping spot and we settled down on the dog beds until Kelsea arrived. Then it was time to say goodbye to Nala Jr., Mika and Kali while Luke was staying to have dinner with us and then got picked up and taken home.     



  • February 25, 2020 - Rusty's centerfold issue.

    Tuesday was another welcome, early spring, day with sunny skies and warm temperatures. The usual Tuesday day-visitors arrived along with the first day-visit for Oliver P. He is an energetic young Lab who broke a front leg and had to be on restricted activities for the past two months, so, needless to say he's got  a lot of pent-up play time. He spent the first hour learning the rules about proper introductions and he slowly began to understand that not everyone welcomed his enthusiastic overtures. He did have a great time racing around the fields with his new buddies and doing his best to please Angel and Stephanie.  

    Because there was some house cleaning that needed doing, we spent the late morning over at the cabana with Stephanie and she took lots of photos so you could see how much fun we we're having. As usual Charley (aka Pig-Pen) managed to find a good mud puddle to roll in.   



    Some of us enjoyed the quiet atmosphere inside the cabana while the youngsters were outside letting off steam. 


    Young Oliver P didn't stop to rest until late in the afternoon so we're sure he'll be sleeping it off all day tomorrow. 


    Our two late arrivals from yesterday, Sasha and Max,  gave Stephanie some great photo opportunities as they joined in the fun and games. 


    The real surprise of the day came when Rusty wanted to pose for some naughty photos that he thought would make him a PlayDog centerfold model. Just to humour him, Stephanie took a couple of shots while Atticus and Saki were somewhat disconcerted by such an  impudent display so they averted their gaze.  



    A bunch of us got a fun-filled hike to the beach with Angel after lunch and the afternoon sped by until it was pick-up time for the Tuesday regulars, followed by dinner. Once the dinner dishes were all washed and everything put ship-shape, two of our newer friends, Stella and Cruze  were dropped off by their humans for an extended stay  with lots of food, instructions, hugs and kisses. They had no problem fitting in with the pack and making the rounds to check out all the hotspots.   

  • February 2, 2020 - Welcome back Sasha and Max.

    Monday was another early, spring-like day and we made the most of the melting snow and ice which turned into mud. Charley, usually sporting a white curly coat,  was particularly drawn to the mud puddles so that by midday she was brown from her toes to her belly and a lovely shade of beige above. With Piper's encouragement, Charley's trip to the beach and a dip in the ocean soon fixed most of the two-tone color job and she was almost white again. 


    Gracie, Daisy, Baxter and Nala were all with us for the day and they really enjoyed their time at the beach. Gracie got to make two trips which suited her just fine. 


    In the afternoon, Sasha , the Shiva Inu, arrived to spend her vacation with us and after all the introductions were over, she was soon playing a game of chase with Daisy. Soon it was time for Baxter, Nala and Gracie to depart and dinner was served. Later, our buddy Black Lab, Max, who just celebrated his tenth birthday a month ago,  was dropped off by his human and he quickly set about checking all of the property before being introduced to us. We said goodbye to Daisy and Rupert and settled back to sleep until it was time for our late walk.   




  • February 23, 2020 - A Spring-like day for us to enjoy.

    It was sunny when we went outside this morning and it didn't take long for the temperature to climb above the zero mark which is very encouraging. It encourages us to play outside, the robins to look for food in the softening ground, the ice to melt and suddenly there are a lot more people out and about. 

    This was also a day of goodbyes as we had to bid farewell to many of our fellow guests, starting with Zag and Rufus  . It's almost a sure thing that we won't enjoy Rufus anymore since he is moving to Ontario and it's unlikely that we will see him in Seaforth again. He has been a good guy to have staying with us and he always had a pleasant disposition. The rest of us got a treat when Kelsey announced she would take those of us who could handle the icy footing down to the beach for some fun. Cuffs, Tali, Lavie, Lily, Piper, Hercules, Charley, Murphy, Rory, Karter, Owen and Arthur picked their way down the hill and had some fun checking out the beach. When it came time to return to the house, three of the group had disappeared into the alders so Kelsea brought the rest of the group back to the house. The AWOL group included Arthur, Owen and Cuffs and usually they turn up at the gate within ten or fifteen minutes but not today. This always happens when Spring first appears and the temptation to flush pheasants becomes all consuming. We're pretty sure the pheasants have another word for it. 

    Then the phone rang and it was Mike,  the neighbour across the road, who spied the three outlaws busy in the field in front of his place. Mary and Kelsea hopped in the car and drove down the driveway but Stephanie had already spotted them from her house so she was on the case. Between Mary, Kelsea, Stephanie and Mike, the three, out of breath with their tongues almost touching the ground, were rounded up and loaded into the car and taken home.  They all headed for the nearest water bucket and had a big drink before collapsing on their dog beds. 

    The rest of us were dying to find out what exciting things they came across on their adventure but they were too tired to even give us a few hints. The departures continued with Hercules and Rory being picked up after noon and then Tali, Hunter and Diddy all having excited reunions with their humans. We did have one arrival, Rusty, the newly-clipped Doodle, who was dropped off for a week's stay and then it was dinner time.  After dinner, Lily left us to go home but she'll be back, likely next weekend, given her family's busy hockey schedule. 

  • February 22, 2020 - A pleasant Saturday in Seaforth.

    It wasn't sunny and warm until late in the afternoon, but we still managed to have some fun while we also had to say goodbye to Tessa and Scamp. There were two arrivals, Rufus and Beauty, and we had a good time escorting them around and showing them the sites. 

    The most exciting part of the day was seeing how much fun Diddy would have on her first visit. At first, she wasn't inclined to go outside without a human escort but by the end of the day she was playing with us in the East pasture and having loads of new adventures. At times, she ran so fast her paws barely touched the ground. She told us her best friends were Rupert, Tessa and Charlie. 



    It's best if we just let the pictures tell the story for the rest of us as well.  

    Happy faces from Rory, Beauty and Piper.


    On the move with Hercules, Hunter and Rupert. 


    All shapes and sizes strutting their stuff as Zag, Charlie and Karter get some exercise. 


    Rufus gets some sun, Cuffs finds a patch of snow and Tali wishes she were at the beach. 


    Here comes Leroy and Lily, Murphy and Tali were having a race. 


    Back on the veranda with Tali and Rufus, while Inky marches around showing off his Puppy Bumper.


    Here's Piper having a race with the wind, two Turkey Vultures watch us from above and Atticus doesn't give up his sunroom sun bathing spot. 


    After Beauty was reunited with her humans and left for home, we settled into the usual evening routine of dinner and naps until our late walk under the crisp winter sky.

  • February 21, 2020 - Friday arrives and so do some critters.

    Yes, it was a sunny morning and very cold at minus sixteen but that didn't dissuade our Fearless Friday Flock from coming to spend the day. Odin, Baxter, Nala and Shelby arrived after breakfast and didn't waste any time getting introduced and joining in the fun. Stephanie   was a good sport, braving the cold   with her unicorn head band and we followed her around while we waited for Lily and Tali to get here. It was a great warm-up  when we came into the sunroom where Atticus was stretched out, baking in his favorite patch of sun and we stepped outside only when the heat was too much.  Mary got some lunch together and that's when our old buddy, Zag, arrived to spend the weekend, sporting a new winter coat. After lunch, another of our friends, Charlie, was dropped off by her human for a longer stay and she was keen to play with all her friends. Charlie's human brought a yummy looking Apple Crisp but I don't think we're going to get a taste.  

    Kelsey arrived for her afternoon shift and she took all of us into the East pasture so we could have a good runaround since the ice conditions on the beach path are still too tricky for us to navigate. While we were busy exploring, another new friend, Diddy, the Cockapoo, drove up to the gate and Stephanie got her settled while Kelsey got us organized so that the day visitors could be ready for their humans to pick them up. Dinner time was very busy given how many of us wanted to eat first but eventually Stephanie and Kelsea managed to get all of us fed and they prepared to sign-out for the day. Diddy was fully occupied getting to know all the doors and other critters and Ellie took her into the back field and gave her a tour of the area with Murphy and Tessa.          

  • February 20, 2020 - Lots going on here on the hill today.

    Our neighbours, Maybelle    and Skit  were back early this morning after missing two weekly visits due to the stormy weather and they spent the first half hour sniffing every bit of ice and snow for clues about who had been visiting. Meanwhile, we were having our breakfast then heading outside to see them and catch up on the news. While all this was going on, the magic hour of nine was approaching which would bring Angel   and Benson    for the day and more bum sniffing and introductions. 

    The morning unfolded as usual until the guy who was supposed to arrive at twelve-thirty to install the new sliding door in the sunroom, arrived at eleven while we were all outside playing. Stephanie and Mary had to round us all up and get us into the yards so he could bring his truck up to the house. We cooperated to a point but eventually there were leashes required for some of the more 'independent' hold-outs at the gate. 

    While the new door panel was being installed, Stephanie kept us occupied over at the cabana and we said good bye to our little buddy Benji while we waited for Piper   to arrive. The East door install got finished and the repair guy got busy ordering another panel for the door on the West end of the sunroom which recently started to get fogged up. Next week, the broken window will be replaced and Mary is praying that this will be the end of the glass door and window saga for a while.

    The ice on the path is still too tricky for us to try and get to the beach so we keep ourselves busy in the fields and then mid-afternoon brings a surprise in the shape of a black Lab pup called Oliver who just moved here to Seaforth a week ago after spending two months in a cage at the animal shelter. He was convalescing from a broken front leg and now he has been adopted by a neighbour and he would really like to come and play with us a couple of times a week so he can get back in shape. Oliver was thrilled to meet so many new friends and to be able to run in the fields with them so we're pretty sure he'll be back on a regular basis to spend some days with us.


    The next arrival was our friend, Rupert, and he wasn't here very long when the day visitor Benson had to depart and then it was dinner time. After we ate, Angel and Maybelle and Skit went home and we settled down to a well-deserved nap after such a busy day.    

  • February 19, 2020 - The temperature drops but the ice doesn't slow us down.

    Last night the temperature was plus eight and it was raining and this morning it's minus ten and sunny. The result is slippery conditions underfoot but that didn't stop Nala Jr. as she raced around greeting everyone and trying to get a game started. 



    Kali and Mika both arrived this morning and they enjoyed the challenge of outrunning Nala or joining the other critters in watching her as she unwound.



    Scamp was very surefooted and she didn't hesitate to show off her graceful form while Lola was in full voice howling and doing her best to imitate Scamp. Tessa waited patiently, hiding in the bushes, looking for her chance do a surprise bushwhack.


    The sun was so pleasant it brought out some of the more sedentary guests like Saki and Atticus, both of whom, took a long walk in the East pasture, posing for their photos. Leroy and Inky couldn't be persuaded to leave the comfort of the sofa in the warm sunroom.  



    Cuffs was feeling bold so she lead a bunch of the troops on an exploration and Hercules was  glad he has such a warm coat so he could spend more time outside than some of the others critters who don't have a big double coat .  Hunter was hot on the trail, hoping to catch up with a squirrel and Murphy had his double coat all puffed up to stay warm while Rory just followed the crowd and tried to be everyone's best friend.  


    Our buddies Willie and Nikku both left us this morning to return home while Karter is back for another stay so we spent some time socializing with him until the cold and house cleaning sent us into the warmth of the cabana. Later in the afternoon, Nala , Kali and Mika all went home, we had dinner and when we took our late walk, the wind was blowing hard but there was no snow.








  • February 18, 2020 - A slice of the moon precedes a sunny day.

    It was a gentle sunrise after that brilliant slice of the moon   and the morning got off to a roaring start with the arrival of our five, regular Tuesday visitors, Oliver, Drake, Baxter, Nala and Benny. Those Golden pals, Baxter and Nala brought a belated selection of Valentine Day candy and cookies for critters and humans to enjoy. The Tuesday crowd wanted to check out the rest of us and get the latest news so the best thing to do was follow Angel around as she did the Poop Patrol. Suddenly, things got wound up another notch with the arrival of our little buddy Luke   who was bouncing off everything and everyone. Round and round we raced trying to catch him   but he's too fast for the rest of us. Meanwhile Hunter spied something very interesting up in the trees and he spent quite a long time watching whatever it was and trying to sweet talk it into coming down for a visit. 


    Mary had to make a trip into the city for errands and an eye appointment, so after she drove off we mostly relaxed until it was time for Jake to be picked up by his humans. We gave him a big send off and we look forward to seeing him again in March.    




    After lunch Charlie left to go home with his human promising to be back real soon and the remainder of the afternoon slipped by until it was time for the day visitors to be picked up and for us to have our dinner. We had all settled down after dinner when Mary arrived back from her trip with two big bags of shopping that didn't include any dog treats or toys. Just boring stuff like storage containers, a new frypan and some placemats. Oh well, back to sleep until it's time for our late walk while we wait for another snow storm to visit us overnight. 

  • February 17, 2020 - More Snow! What a surprise.

    When we awoke early this morning, we were greeted by the sight of a snow-covered landscape that was so perfect it looked like someone might have just painted it. The early morning fog hung over everything and cast a blue light. Stephanie, always ready with her camera, captured the magic. It was quite a sight. 

    The plow truck, driven by Rollie, arrived to clear the driveway and so, another day starts as we wait for breakfast and start to plan our day.  Gracie M was dropped off to spend the day with us and as usual she ignores us and wants to go to the beach as soon as she gets here. Stephanie tells her she'll have to be patient so breakfasts can get digested and  so we follow Angel around on a Poop Patrol to pass the time. Once all the medications are dispensed, Stephanie begins sorting us out. Beach goers in the mudroom and the stay-at-homers in the main house. Once everyone is sorted, Stephanie and Angel head down to the beach with a very enthusiastic bunch including Scamp, Tessa. Charlie, Cuffs, Hercules, Murphy, Lucy, Willie, Rory, Gracie F, Gracie M and Owen. It's not an easy go with the fresh snow but going down the hill we have gravity to help us. 

    Once there, we enjoy the big expanse of sand and snow and we get to fetch some balls and take some swims and get photographed. 





    After we finished our ball fetching, Arthur and Chloe came down to the shore to meet us and give us an escort back to the house. 

    Today was going to be busy with lots of departures, starting with Maya and Winston who were both very excited to see their human and he was also happy to have his grey pups back. Lucy was the next one to bid us farewell and the late afternoon was busy as we said adios to Queen Ruby, Gracie F and Stanley and Gracie M. After dinner, Flynn was picked up by his human amidst lots of tail wagging and jumping and then later, Marley was reunited with her family.   

    The temperature dropped a lot this evening so it is icy underfoot tonight when we take our late walk but we all manage to stay upright.                                                                     

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