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Country Critter Sitters

  • July 15, 2019 - A perfect combination of sun, sand and surf for us today.

    We awoke to a beautiful, soft summer morning with little bits of mist hanging over the hollows and the promise of a lovely summer day. After breakfast, the two Angels arrived, human and dog, and we welcomed both of them to join in the fun of a Poop Patrol. While we were occupied with this important  task, Kelsea and Mary were busy in the barn bathing Tallen's right eye which had swollen up overnight. Mary figured he probably got stung by an insect so she got the ingredients out to make a hot compress except now there was no kettle to boil the water because of Tallen's late night escapade last week.  

    Quick! NOTE for fridge: buy another kettle ! 

    The water got boiled in the kitchen kettle and then carried over to the barn and the hot compress was applied to the eye to take down some of the swelling. As usual, Tallen stood there like a brave boy and enjoyed the attention and it was decided to not turn him out in the pasture while there was no wind to keep the bugs at bay. That done, Kelsea and Angel cleaned out our pool and refilled it with cold water which we couldn't resist and at one point there were five of us in the little pool at the same time. Kelsea brought the 'new and improved' mower out and started to mow the North field, almost finishing it, when the front of the mower deck fell off the tractor. Kelsea was able to diagnose the problem as a broken FRONT LIFT ARM and she brought the broken pieces over to the house so she could make Mary's day. A quick email to the helpful people at Maritime Lawn and Garden and ten minutes later they confirmed that they had the part required in stock. That company knows what good customer service is all about.       

    It was right about this time that our good buddy, Hercules, was dropped off for a short stay. He's very excited to be back and really looking forward to maximum beach time so that's what he got. Kelsea gathered group one together and off we raced down the hill and into the waves. Oh boy, was it refreshing and everyone joined in the fun watching Bailey and Snowflake run zoomies around in the sand. Kelsea had her hands full when a neighbour's dog, Ebby, didn't go home with him and decided to come back to play with us instead and she watched to make sure the neighbour would return and to get his dog as she didn't cotton to the idea of having to take charge of him as well. 

    Once, Ebby, got the message about going home, we also returned to the house and enjoyed a long cool drink and it was time for group two to make their way down to the water where Angel reported that Winston played and acted the fool like he was a puppy again while Maya  and Nikku swam to their heart's content, fetching as many balls as Angel could throw. Angel waited patiently for her human and went home for the day and then we had dinner and spent the evening relaxing on the front veranda where there was a very pleasant breeze. 

  • July 13 & 14, 2019 - The swallows take to the the air on a family excursion.

    Saturday brought us some cooler weather, fog and a little rain. It also brought us Caper, Dory, Sammy and Snowflake, one right after another.



    Of course, that meant we had to properly introduce ourselves and make sure that the new arrivals were up to date on the current beach plans. Stephanie was getting organized and soon we were off on another beach adventure with the new arrivals and we had a great time in and out of the water. The surf was heavy today and there was a lot of seaweed and kelp that had been torn up and was washing ashore. Very tricky to walk on, that wet kelp as we slipped and slid our way across the beach.  

    When we returned to the house, it was our choice to have a long nap and we slept right through the departure of Bella and Charlie N as they were whisked away by their human. It's a good bet they'll both sleep for at least one day after the busy time they had while they were here. 

    Other than our usual delicious dinner, the rest of Saturday was unremarkable and when we awoke on Sunday morning, Seaforth was still blanketed by a big bank of fog. That didn't deter Kelsea from arriving to make our breakfast and we played outside while the sun struggled to burn off the heavy haze. Later Kelsea took us all to the beach for some fun and, like yesterday, the surf was still pounding and dragging a lot of seaweed and kelp on shore. We swam after lots of balls and sniffed through the more interesting piles on shore hoping to find a crab or piece of fish to munch on. 

    Sunday afternoon was busy with the return of the Tractor Mower Deck which Ryan, Kelsea's partner, had very kindly done some repair work to along with the whipper snipper. It's great that there are so many talented and generous people in this community who are always prepared to offer assistance. Mary gave Kelsea and Ryan a big Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie as a thanks for the repair job.

    We were all hanging out by the barn while Mary and Kelsea were trying to do a repair to the garden hose when there was a big commotion amongst the swallow tenants. What a fuss they were making when suddenly we saw that the baby swallows in nest number one were going out on their first flight and Mom and Pop were concerned that we were too close to the open door. Mom, Pop and the babies swooped in and out of the barn and it was quite an aerial dispay so we just say there mesmerized as they showed off their flying skills.  

     Tilley, Charlie Mac and Caper were all picked up by their humans and disappeared down the driveway while we waited patiently for our dinner after which Kelsea returned home and we waited for Coco's family to come and get her. She was very happy to see them and we hope we'll have her back with us again real soon. The last excitement of the day was the arrival of Owen's Havanese buddy, Bailey, who will be staying for a few days. Tonight we took our late walk i a very thick low-lying fog bank and when we looked up, we could see the moon while down here on the ground, we could barely see a foot in front of us. 

  • July 12, 2019 - The big mow is underway.

    It was threatening to rain all day today but it didn't amount to much so we were able to enjoy ourselves with Baxter W , Nala and Angel when they arrived just after breakfast. Of course, they are keen to get down to the beach with Stephanie and Ellie but they had to wait for Charlie Mac to get here. He arrived a few minutes before his scheduled time which made everyone very happy and they gave him a big welcome. There was lots of socializing, chasing posing for pics and Hali kept trying to get everyone organized for the best part of the day.  





    Finally, we were let loose on the beach path and the race was on to see who would be the first one in the water. Of course, it's difficult to get the real story as we get there several minutes ahead of Stephanie and Ellie and everyone claims to have won the race.




    Saki pointed out a stranded Jellyfish just in case some of the youngsters had never seen one before but it just lay there doing nothing so we lost interest pretty quickly.  


    After we were all cooled off and starting to get tired, we headed home and Henry got picked up by his human to be reunited with his family.  We got back just in time because the Mower Guy, Bill, arrived with his machine and began mowing the beach path to make it wider.  After the beach path, he moved into the North-East pasture and that took the rest of the afternoon to chop down all the weeds and bushes. There was a little light rain falling when Baxter, Nala and Angel went home and we ate our dinner so we could settle down to our evening nap. 

    But the busy day didn't end there as our old girl friend, Morley  was dropped off, grinning from ear to ear and very excited to see all of us. It took an hour for her to get introduced and explore all the fields and make friends with everyone. 




  • July 11, 2019 - Introducing Miss Coco and Benson is smitten again.

    We're falling behind with our DogBlog so this will have to be a quick catch up on Thursday's activities. It was very busy with Benson, Baxter and Finnigan being dropped off in the morning for a day of fun. In addition we welcomed back Rooney, Bella and Charlie and Roxy C and that lead to lots more excitement as they ran around sniffing every bum they could find and every bush and tree as well.  The newest guest joining us for a few days was Coco  , a Cairn Terrier, full of fun and curious about all her new pals and this place. Benson, who has a weakness for blonds, immediately took her in hand and was soon racing around showing her all the high spots.  

    We did enjoy a great hike to the beach with Kelsea, Stephanie and Ellie and the water was very refreshing. continuing to enjoy sunny and warm weather,





    Mr. Neiforth from the Back Road brought his big tractor and bushwhacker over after dinner and he mowed the bushes along both sides of the driveway as well as cutting down a lot of weeds and shrubbery from Tallen's front field. He was here until nine o'clock and while he was working, we stayed in the house and relaxed while Mary made a second Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie. Two pies that needed safe and secure hideouts from Arthur meant that Mary had to be creative. The rest of the evening was taken up with the restoration of the computer apps and making sure that we were keeping stuff together.  


  • July 9 & 10, 2019 - Lessons learned and just watch that Maudie go.

    We are a day or so behind in the DogBlog but for good reason. It's late on Wednesday evening and Mary is trying to get us up and running on the new laptop while using the old laptop to back up some critical files. Consequently, this will be a combined post and somewhat abbeviated. Please forgive typos as this new keyboard is a challenge. 

    Tuesday was very busy because we had six day visitors arrive along with Tali who gets to stay for a couple of nights. We had to say goodbye to our buddy Soba when his human arrived to pick him up just a we were getting back from our beach hike. 

    The photos are a top notch replay of our fun times. 



    Swallow Update: The young couple in nest two are pleased to announce the birth of their four kids and now the work of feeding all those mouths begins. 


    The older couple in nest one are flying all day long to satisfy their brood. 


    These guys are soon going to be ready to leaave the nest. The day was hot and sunny so we relaxed in our favorite shady spots and soon it was time or our crowd to hop in their vehicles and head home. So long Oliver, Drake, Benny, Baxter W and Nala. After dinner, Baxter R got picked up and we found our napping spots.  

    Now, Thursday was another hot and sunny day and it was hopping around here with people and dogs. Stephanie arrived with Ellie and Mariah to get our breakfast and later both Kelsea and Angel reported for duty. Besides two beach walks, Angel will be cleaning the house and Kelsea will be cutting the grass and Mary has to go and pick up the new computer.

    A huge group of day visitors arrived this morning including, Hunter, Parker, Angel, Clover, Luke, Kali, Marlea, Maudie and Briar Rose. The pictures don't do justice to the determination of Maudie, the Border Collie who had her fifteenth birthday earlier this year. We had two groups going to the beach and Maudie went with group one, fetched balls, swam and staggered back up the hill. When it came time for group two to go, Maudie eluded capture and ran after them to get a second load of beach fun. Mary said:

    'What the heck! If she wants to go that badly, let her go.'







    Well, it was a busy spot at four o'clock when the humans started to arrive and pick up their critters and then we ate. Tonight Mary is very busy trying to get the new laptop back in the works while making copies of some big files from the old, old laptop that has been limping along this past week or so. Unfortunately, the loss of thousands of photographs and videos  going back to 2003 cannot be remedied due to the problems found with the Windows Back Up software after the hard drive failed on the old laptop. 

    So there are a few lessons to be learned from this incident. First, never have liquid beverages near the laptop and if you do, don't spill them. Second, don't rely on Back Up software to do what it's supposed to do. Third, make copies of all important spreadsheets and documents as well as photos and videos each week and store them on USB drives.      

  • July 8, 2019 - Say it with flowers.

    Monday dawned sunny and warm so our stretch of great weather continues. Gracie and Angel arrived to spend the day and we were organized into two beach walks. The beach was delightful and both groups had loads of fun. Mary decided it was time to check in on her garden so she did some picture taking while we were splashing and swimming and fetching balls. 

    Early July seems to be a very colourful garden time as you can see from the photos. 

    False Indigo  ............................................  Columbine  .........................................  Flowering Dogwood 



    Tree Peony ................................................  Yellow Iris .............................................. Blue Flag Iris 



    View of the pond waterfall  ..................  Late French Lilac  and Bloodgood Japanese Maple ....................  Stella D'Oro Lilies 



    Variegated Weigela  ............................................Bridle Wreath Spirea  ...................................... Wine and Roses Weigela 



    Snowball Bush ........................ Ornamental Grass ( Karl Foerster?) .......................... Johnson's Blue Geranium 



    Red Rugosa Rose ........................... Gold Mound Spirea ..............................White Rugosa Rose 


    ... and of course, she didn't forget her vegetable garden in the raised boxes where the potential champion Biggest Potato is being nurtured along with some other salad greens.  


    Rupert got picked up by his humans and he didn't even give us a wave as he hopped in the car and around four o'clock, as we were starting to get hungry, Caper, Gracie and Angel were escorted to the gate and departed for their respective homes.

    Later, we were surprised to see Stephanie and Mariah arrive and they saddled up the horse and took him out for a ride while the big truck/trailer rigs drove up to unload the hay for the coming year. Scout felt it was necessary to open the screen door and let us all out into the front yard so we could bark and the intruders but no one paid much attention to us so we wandered back in to the house to continue our naps.  

  • July 7, 2019 - Summer is here for sure and we're loving it.

    Last night's power failure lasted for three to four hours but no one seems to know what caused it. When we got up this morning it was a sunny and warm day already and we enjoyed the front and back yard investigations while we waited for Kelsea to get here and prepare our breakfast. 

    The day really kicks off with the arrival of our buddy, Caper, who has only one thing in mind ... a trip to the beach with Kelsea. Mary and Kelsea confer and the decision is made to get down to the water early since there may be other humans showing up as the day gets warmer. The first bunch head down the hill in a big hurry and they spend the next hour swimming, fetching, chasing one another and just having fun. After the first group gets back, Kelsea doesn't rest, she's off with group two to repeat the adventures while Mary welcomes little Tommy, the Corgi, who will be with us for a couple of weeks.  Tommy went exploring as soon as he got here and he only took a few minutes to introduce himself to his fellow guests, being much more interested in all the new smells. 

    When group two returned they were still excited over the great swims and fetching and Kelsea said they had all been well behaved. Soba enjoyed a dip in the ocean and Saki did his usual bathing in one of the deeper tidal pools. Rupert was very busy fetching balls, on land as well as in the water. Our friend, Packer, dropped by for a short stay, excited as usual to be back amongst his comrades and ready to accompany them on the next beach walk. 

    A tall, lanky friend called Richard walked up from Stephanie's house, volunteering to do some whipper-snipping for Mary. When the little machine wouldn't work due to a broken fuel line, Mary hauled out the Monster Machine, filled it with gas and oil and it started up right away so Richard spent the next couple of hours cutting down some of the three foot-high growth around the house. Hot work at midday when the sun is beating down but Richard persevered with numerous bottles of water and the garden hose. 

    After Mary and Kelsea had a late lunch it was time for Alice to be picked up and shortly after, Luna and Charlie went home as well so it wasn't long before our dinner was on the agenda. A nice peaceful evening stretched before us and we enjoyed sitting on the front veranda and watching the sights in between naps.          

  • July 6, 2019 - Where were you when the lights went out?

      I was just getting ready to dictate the DogBlog  after our last walk on Saturday, when the lights went out in Seaforth.  Sorry, I should introduce myself. I'm Rupert. It must have been close to eleven o'clock and there wasn't any obvious reason for the outage but when it didn't come back on within a few minutes, Mary suggested we all go to bed in the dark. She didn't get any arguments from the critters as they were all very tired after a busy day. 

    We had three arrivals in the morning, Charlie   and Luna    as well as Pi  .   Our little buddy Luke got picked up by his humans and headed home to his newly renovated house. The excitement started to ramp up with the arrival of Kelsea and her side-kick LaVie at noon as we knew a beach hike was soon going to happen.  Sure enough, we got organized into two groups and Group One was on its way down the hill where they swam and played in the surf. After that group returned to the house, Kelsea organized Group Two and off they went to enjoy the delights of the beach. Since the tide was still quite high we didn't have a lot of beach to explore but the water was very refreshing and even Winston had a swim.

    The afternoon was spent lying in the shade to escape the heat of the sun as the temperature kept climbing  but the fog bank that was sitting just offshore moved in later and cooled everything down to a much more comfortable level. Kelsea got the tractor out and started mowing again, this time the path to the beach and while all that was going on , Mary had an unexpected group of visitors stop by for a quick hello and look around. It was the people that sold this piece of land to Mary back in 1991 and they were on vacation from their home in New Hampshire.  After their brief visit we were looking forward to having dinner and sure enough, that was next on the schedule. 

    So that brings me to Saturday evening when we were relaxing in front of the TV and the fog was starting to get heavy and when we took our late walk there were a few showers and we all got back in the house, when everything went black.    

  • July 5, 2019 - Just horsing around.

    Look who busted out of his stall last night and ransacked the barn. 

    Yes, that's Tallen and this morning he is in deep doo-doo, both figuritivly as well as literally. He ate all the carrots and peppermints in the feed room and chewed a big hole in the bin that holds his grain. He knocked over the power washer and then pooped on it. He broke the electric kettle and generally made a big mess. Why the flashlight was turned on is a real mystery. Stephanie did a clean up and tried to downplay the damages but Mary still threatened to send him to the glue factory, wherever that is. 



    After breakfast, the usual Friday visitors arrived including, Baxter W, Nala, Angel, Sammy and Clover so there was a busy time of introductions for the new guests and lots of bum sniffing. Because there are record breaking high temperatures forecast for today, Stephanie, along with her able niece-assistant Mariah, will take a bunch of us to the beach early so soon we were at the shore, getting nice and cool in the surf. 



    We got back to the house and enjoyed a long cold drink before we settled down on the front veranda to keep cool in the shade. Meanwhile Zig and Zag had been reunited with their human and departed for their city home and later Enzo and Parker also bid us a fond farewell. It got increasingly hot as the afternoon progressed but we were very lucky to have a breeze from the West which helped to keep us cool. Later, the day visitors were picked up and Stephanie began the preparations for our dinner and after we all ate, we all agreed that a nap would be our best way to pass the evening.

  • July 4, 2019 - Soba's sleepy so he'll finish in the morning.

    Hello all you humans who are reading this DogBlog. I am Soba    and it's almost eleven o'clock and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I was given the honour of doing the post for today and if I wasn't so sleepy, the job would be done. There is so much to write about, what with all the comings and goings, trips to the beach and wonderful meals, I don't want to miss any of the details. so here's the deal, I'll be a lot fresher in the morning and I'll give you a DogBlog that will knock your socks off. Deal? 

    Okay, I'm feeling a lot less sleepy after a good night's sleep so here goes. On Thursday, we were all up and out the door in a big noisy rush to greet the warm and sunny day. It hasn't taken me long to become one of the gang and I fancy myself something of a mentor to the youngsters, Bella, Charlie and Luke, trying to set a good example for them. They are full of beans and seem to have a non-stop game of wrestling going on from the moment they get up in the morning. 

    The more mature members of the gang include Hali, Zig, Zag, Saki, Henry, Hunter, Parker and Nikku and we go about our business in the front watching out for Stephanie to arrive and get our breakfast. The other members of the gang, mostly all bigger critters includes Maya, Winston, Rosie, Bear, Enzo and Scout and they are all in the back field checking out all of the smells left behind by overnight visitors. 

    Mary brings us into the house and then she begins the process of dividing us up for the breakfast service. Once Stephanie gets here, we have a great meal and then we find ourselves outside again with a biscuit while more meals are served. After we all have eaten, the day visitors arrive and we make time to introduce ourselves to Benson and Baxter, two very congenial fellows who have been coming here since they were puppies so they know a lot of the other critters and the next big event is the arrival of Kelsea with her critter, LaVie. 

    Oh, wait a minute, I just had a tap on my shoulder. It's Owen and he quietly lets me know that I may be getting a little too detailed with the description of Thursday's events and I could miss Friday's breakfast. I'll be back in a minute......

    .... okay, I'm back and I'll try to just give you the highlights along with some photos. We were all gathered into a big group and made our way down to the beach which was a very noisy and energetic process. Our gang had the beach to ourselves and we enjoyed the wide open sand and surf, as you can see from these photos. 




    When it was time to head back to the house, everyone gathered together and marched up that hill, a lot slower than the trip down. A nap was next on the agenda and later another guest, Alice, the Golden Gal, was dropped off just in time for a beach hike with Maya and Winston, lead by Kelsea.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Hunter was picked up by her humans while we were at the beach and she is likely catching up on all her lost sleep. 

     Alice, Winston and Maya got back to the house and that's when we got an opportunity to meet the wild child Alice who was still very excited and not able to focus on meeting new friends. Also, the evening meal wasn't far off so we were all thinking about that rather than being sociable. So, in the name brevity, I'll finish off this post by telling you that Benson and Baxter departed, we ate dinner and later, another guest, Rupert, the Poodle, was delivered to the gate. Rupert spent the next hour roaming around outside, meeting a few old friends and getting introduced to some new ones. 

    Right about then I didn't think I could handle any more excitement and I fell sound asleep but Mary woke us up ten-thirty so we could have a late walk and I tried to concentrate on the DogBlog post but Mary declared that I should get a good nights's sleep and tackle the job in the morning.  

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