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Country Critter Sitters

  • November 18, 2018 -  A super Sunday in Seaforth. 

    Sunday was another sunny and bright day and we had to say goodbye to a bunch of our fellow guests as they were picked up by their humans throughout the day. But first, we welcomed our little buddies, Zig and Zag, back for another stay and at the same time, Parker was dropped off for his early winter vacation. After Stephanie finished riding her horse, she took a bunch of us to the beach for a great walk and we explored the piled up sand and seaweed while keeping a close eye on the ducks and geese that were sitting on the pond. The recent storms pounded the shoreline and took  away large sections of the clay banks causing the trees from the top to slide down to the beach. 





    Meanwhile, back at the house Mary was busy trying to distract Rory and Robbie and Zig and Zag, who thought they should also go to the beach. Those little critters just can't accept that they might be getting too old to make that long trip in this cold weather while little Holly, Rosie and Saphira are more than content to stay inside and enjoy the warm sun beating in the sunroom windows. When the big dogs got back to the house they were thirsty and muddy and ready for a nap, The big exodus started with Marlo, followed by little Rosie, then big Rosie and Winnie and then Rufus and Holly. Boy, it sure seemed very quiet around here once Winnie was gone and the afternoon slid by until dinner was served and eaten.    

  • November 17, 2018 -  Jolly Ball envy.

    Saturday dawned sunny and warmer so we we keen to get outside this morning and see what kind of havoc all that rain and wind set on our fields and surroundings. Our good Lab friend, LaVie, arrived to spend the day with us just before Stephanie got here to make breakfast and, as usual, she was happy to see everyone, big and small, giving all of us a big wet Lab kiss whether we wanted one or not.

    After breakfast, Stephanie saddled up Tallen and took him for a ride while Mary got Bauer ready to go home. He certainly gets very excited when he sees his human arrive to get him and he doesn't even give us a wave as he rides down the driveway. Next, it was Trinity's turn to go home with her human and she was also very excited but then we got Rufus, the Border Collie, dropped off for a short stay and he was very excited to see all of us. 

    After lunch there was big hoopla as Mary arrived back from the store with a Jolly Ball for Arthur and we were all green with envy as we watched him toss it around and have lots of fun. The big poopy bum wouldn't share it with the rest of us so all we could do is watch and hope that he would get bored and leave it unattended. Reggie   got lucky for a few minutes with the Jolly Ball before Arthur chased him off and recaptured it.  Just watch as Arthur puts the moves on his new toy in this short video clip. 


    It was a lovely afternoon and we enjoyed the warm sunshine and had our pictures taken but the surf was much too rough, after yesterday's storm, for a beach hike.  




  • November 16, 2018 - Snow, rain, wind, ice pellets ... we had it all. 

    Friday was spent trying to stay in the house and out of the snow and rain and wind. The bad weather didn't stop our little buddy Benson from coming by but his favorite activity, a beach hike, was not in the cards today. Kelsea and Mary tried their best to keep us amused and the snow was fun for a few minutes but it was heavy and wet and the wind drove it in our faces. The roads were messy for driving so Rory and Robbie's arrival was delayed until the afternoon along with Breton's pick up. Both drivers reported seeing one of more cars off the road and Rollie did come by to plow the driveway. By late afternoon the rain had washed most of the snow away but the wind just didn't want to quit.

    Here's hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for weather and we'll have some fun things to report.    

  • November 15, 2018 - A BMD celebration. 

      I'll bet you didn't know that today was Bernese Mountain Dog Day. I swear, it's true. I'm Bauer and I am going to help all of you celebrate such an important day by taking care of the DogBlog.  You might be asking how I know this is Bernese Mountain Dog Day and I'll confess that when I awoke this morning I was completely in the dark about the significance of today. But once I got to the beach with my pals and Stephanie started taking photos of me, I figured this must be a red-letter day. Just take a gander at these and you'll agree that it was a day to celebrate my heritage. 

    Agile , fun loving, handsome, ready for action.  


    A good buddy, always alert and ready for a good romp. 


    My other pals had loads of fun racing around and we had to keep moving to stay warm since the wind chill was about twelve or thirteen below freezing. All that big surf from yesterday's wind storm froze on the sand so there was a lot of salty ice on which Kali and Breton had a great time rolling. Those of us who ventured into the water ended up with lots of icicles hanging from our coats. 




    What a memorable visit to the beach on my special day. 

    Of course, the two little ones, Saphira and Holly, stayed back at the house trying on more of their colourful wardrobes and only stepping outside for brief walks. 








  • November 14, 2018 - Look what the wind blew in! 

    We awoke to clearing skies but winds that were trying to rip apart the house and anything not tied down. We went outside to take care of our morning business and that wind tried to knock us down so we quickly raced back to the house. Here's how the surf was dealing with these winds. 


    Stephanie managed to get some shots of us in spite of the wind chill. No beach hikes today.  



    New arrival, Saphira  , settled in quickly wearing her new grey flannel coat and looking very sharp indeed. Holly was quick to ask where she got it saying she  had plans to order one as soon as she can get a few bucks together. Later Bauer was dropped off for a short stay and just before dinner, our Lab friends, Rosie and Winnie,  who we haven't seen for a while, arrived and due to the timing, they managed to get their dinner before anyone else. It was getting harder and harder to get the doors closed against that North West wind so Mary suggested that we go outside on the East side of the house and not let so much cold air into the house. East or West, it doesn't matter as it's probably going to take some convincing to get us outside at all tonight. 

  • November 13, 2018 - Another wind and rain storm batters Nova Scotia.

    Tuesday morning dawned cool and bright.  Once we had all devoured our lovely breakfast prepared by our executive chef, Stephanie, we welcomed Baxter, Benny, Oliver and Drake for their weekly day of fun. Drake was drawn to the other chunky yellow labs Sophia and Breton right away. Things were going great at first but then Sophia found him to be a little clingy and she asked him to move along, he found something else to do, play chase with Reggie and Oliver.  We accompanied Stephanie on a property wide poop patrol while Angel did some of the house cleaning.  All we really wanted to do though was head to the sandy shore and fetch some balls or sticks.  It wasn’t long before we got our wish.  Stephanie wanted to get the beach walk in before the wind and rain storm that everyone was talking about begun.  Angel finished just in time to come with us to help keep an eye on any wanderers.

    Since the tide was coming in, Steph and Angel were not able to get across the channel, but that certainly didn’t stop us from racing back and forth across it. We would stop to sniff a seaweed pile or an old crab shell, but most of the time we were on the go racing to get to the ball first.  Well all except Marlo. He is one cool customer. He has fun and enjoys his time at the beach, but he just sits back and watches all the silly antics. 


    While we were at the beach Mary and her sidekick Holly were waiting for someone to come and inspect the house and test its energy efficiency.  Mary had thought it was going to be a thorough inspection of the windows and doors, insulation, light bulbs and power bars, but not much of that happened.  He did the blower test and a few other things but the only conclusion he had was for Mary to have a few unfinished basement walls insulated on the inside, even though they are already insulated on the outside.  Given the fact that it’s never cold or damp in the basement and it’s not a living space and it would mean tearing apart twenty six years of storage shelving and work benches we don’t think that’s going to happen.

    While all this was going on in the house we had returned from the beach and were whisked over to the cabana so we wouldn’t be underfoot.  We all settled down for a nap while Angel and Stephanie enjoyed their picnic lunch Mary had prepared for them.  A few of us were very hopeful they were in a sharing mood, but that wasn’t the case.

    Once the not so helpful energy assessor departed, Stephanie returned to the house with a few senior members of the group, like Sophia and Jasper so they could rest and so she could do some emails and other administrative tasks. The rain had started by this point, so Angel stayed in the cabana with the players for a while longer.  Mary suggested that due to the weather and lack of action around here, Stephanie might as well go home after she collected Ellie from the bus stop. Stephanie made sure all our meals were prepared before she left so all Angel had to do was serve them. Once Oliver, Drake and Benny had departed for the day the evening meal could commence. Mary played the role of bouncer, only letting a few dogs into the mudroom to eat at once.  Baxter departed soon after Angel left for the day and the rest of us hunkered down for the evening waiting to see what the storm brought in the form of wind, rain and possible power outages. The forecast has wind warnings with expected 100 KPH winds to be beating the house.  

  • November 12, 2018 - Our first taste of winter. 

    Monday dawned with lots of sunshine but very cold temperatures and high winds but we were, with the exception of Holly,  very brave and went out without complaint.  Mary had to bundle Her up in her coats and even then, she insisted on sitting right in front of the door, shivering like a poor mistreated creature. Mary gave in and let her back in the house after the little minx made a quick dash down the steps and relieved  herself. We had an early arrival as Kali was dropped off to stay for the week and then Kelsea arrived at the usual time to get our breakfast ready. 

    After we had eaten and had our biscuits, we headed outside again to await the arrival of Angel and our day visitor, Gracie McE. Angel got busy with the vacuum cleaner trying to hunt down those big piles of dog hair so that was our cue to head over to the cabana with Kelsea so we wouldn't be underfoot. Mary got Enzo and his stuff organized for his departure but he wanted to go back to the cabana with his buddies and  that's when an old friend called Marlo arrived. He is a very tall and gentle guy and this is his first visit since his knee surgeries last year. Then our girlfriend, Cuffs, was dropped off and her human brought a big box of blueberry muffins as well as a bag of special dog treats which Cuffs has to share with all her friends. Kelsea had to help Mary with some  barn fixes as Thor was busy last night rearranging his water bucket and hay net. The water bucket was separated from its handle and had been trampled on the floor while the hay net had been flipped up and hung upside down from the overhead rafters. After Thor and Tallen were moved outside, Kelsea climbed on the ladder to untangle the net and Mary tried to put the water bucket back together. 

    Meanwhile, back at the house, Angel had finished the vacuuming and washing up the floors and she took Marlo, Rusty and cuffs for a walk out back and Mary chased down Holly and got her dressed so she could join them. A quick trip to the grocery store was needed so Mary grabbed her list and took off, getting back just in time to say goodbye to Oliver who had been picked up by his human. After lunch, Kelsea and Angle took a bunch of us to the beach for a brisk walk and the channel which was dredged last week is now shallow enough to be forded so we had lots of beach to cover. Marlo really enjoyed himself and Cuffs was running wild trying to cover every pile of seaweed and tidal pool before having to head back to the house.  Kali was focused on trying to fetch anything that was available and Jasper was acting like a puppy, racing up and down the beach, trying to catch Trinity and Rusty. Gracie, Breton and Reggie were very busy keeping watch on Kelsea to see if she was going to throw any balls in the water so they could be sure to fetch them. Once we were all tuckered out and the sun was losing its heat, we headed back to the house and had a nice long drink and napped in the sunroom with Angel until it was time for Gracie and Price to go home which marked the start of our dinner preparations. 

    Tonight we are all very tired and after our late walk under the stars, we all raced inside to claim our favorite sleeping spots while Mary tried to watch a little TV and promptly fell asleep in her chair. 


  • November 10 & 11, 2018 -  Hearing from Holly. 

    Hi , I'm Holly   , the Italian Greyhound, and I took matters into my own paws so that I could post the DogBlog this weekend because i wanted my humans to see what a clever girl I am. The other critter guests didn't object probably because they're intimidated by me so I won't tell any tales about their naughty behavior. 

    Saturday was another day of heavy rain and wind so my fellow critters didn't spend much time outside but when they did venture out the door, it didn't take long for them to get soaked.  I too had to go outside but the trips were very brief and I had my blue raincoat on with the hoodie. Stephanie was here to give us out dinner and Mary went to the community Hall to deliver the pies and enjoy a serving of the Dutchman's Supper. It was still raining when she got back but by the time we took our last walk, the skies had cleared and the stars were very bright. 

    Sunday greeted us with a lot of low-lying grey clouds but eventually it did clear off and we saw blue sky and the sun. We took a lot of walks with Mary and Kelsea after breakfast and later on Kelsea took a bunch of beach lovers down the hill to enjoy themselves. I stayed home with Mary and kept guard on the house until it was time for Juno to go home with her human. Then the other's returned from the beach with very muddy paws and they got some long drinks from the buckets before settling down and enjoying a nap in the sunroom.  Mary took me out for a walk but I found that west wind to be very cold even though I had my red fleece jacket on so i made a quick tour and headed back to the warm house while Kelsea was busy walking the big critters. 

    I had worked up such a big appetite with my walk, that I ate my bowl of food in record time and then tried to eat Rusty's food as well. Mary had to put me in another room so Rusty could finish his meal in peace but I did manage to grab his liver treat because I'm much faster on my feet than he is. Tonight it is cold and windy but our late walk was still on Mary's agenda after she managed to round me up and get me out the door. One circuit around the north field and then we were back to the house to get ready for bed.     

  • November 9, 2018 - More Friday fun in the sun.  

    Friday was another lovely day here in Seaforth with sunny skies and warm temperatures. The first arrival of the day was Kelsea and she got busy right away making our breakfasts. After we ate, we went on a Poop Patrol with her while Mary waited for the arrivals to get here and soon we were saying hello to Trinity, Sophie, Sam L and then Price. What excitement as we raced to greet each of them and introduce them to the new guy, Enzo. Handyman Keegan was also on duty today and he got the paint and brushes out so he could paint the shed doors and the lattice trim on the front veranda. We had loads of fun with Kelsea     and at noon Stephanie came on duty so Kelsea could take the afternoon off. Stephanie was ready to escort us down to the beach for our hike and we raced down the hill to the water and enjoyed our investigation of seaweed, sand and sky. Speaking of sky, this pilot looked like he/she was thinking about dropping in for a visit but I guess he/she just wanted to see a handsome group of dogs on the beach.  

    In the warm afternoon, after we had a nap and a drink,  Stephanie took us out back to get some more photos and most of us cooperated by posing and not making too many funny faces. 




    All in all, it was a jolly good day and tonight Mary is busy making pies for tomorrow night's Dutchman's Supper at the Community Hall. This time it's Banana Split Pie, heaped with cream filling, pineapple, bananas and whipped cream on top sprinkled with peanuts. What a job Arthur could do on those if he had a chance.  


  • November 8, 2018 - Enzo's having a great time. 

    Thursday was a lovely warm and sunny day in Seaforth and a welcome change from the recent rain. Our three regular, Thursday visitors arrived and immediatly ramped up the energy level as Shelby, Baxter and Benson love to play.  The handymen, Joe and Keegan also made an appearance and got busy with their respective chores while Stephanie took care of getting the horses fed and turned out. The decision was made to wait for Reggie's arrival and Sophie and Jazz's departure before we would head down to our beachfront playground. 

    Both Stephanie and Kelsea accompanied us on the hike and Stephanie was able to get lots of great shots as you can see below.  The first six are all of Enzo enjoying himself at the beach with all his new friends. He wanted his human to see how much fun he's having. 



    Here's the rest of the gang living it up in the surf and on the sand. 



    After we all got back to the house, it was time for lunch and today's menu was featuring Tuna Macaroni Casserole, still in the oven. Stephanie took care of the lunch service as Mary had to go to the dentist for a cleaning and then we said so long to Sasha when her humans arrived to get her. We enjoyed napping in the warm sunroom until it was time for Bear and Rosie, Shelby and Benson to go home . After dinner, the sunset was a brilliant show on the front veranda, Baxter got picked up and the quiet settled around us as all that fresh air and exercise too their toll. 




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