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    February 18, 2018 - Snoopy tells all. 

      Hello ! My name is Snoopy and the big boss, Cocoa, has given me honour of doing today's DogBlog post. He says that he picked me because I am more intelligent and observant than most of the other guests staying here right now. I'm feeling very privileged and I hope he will be happy with my efforts. 

    We all rushed out the door this morning expecting it to be bitter cold but it wasn't and in fact, it started to snow right about that time. We ran all around sniffing the ground and reporting to each other on what creatures had been there during the night. Cuffs and Hunter both came across the trail of a rabbit but he had lost since disappeared. Jasper flushed a big ring-neck pheasant from the bushes which was very exciting as Marty, Kelty and Max all dashed in to see if they could get a tail feather as a trophy.  Pepper and Brenna watch the activity from the veranda looking bored and aloof when all they really want is to get their breakfast. The clever little ones that know how to get their breakfast before anyone else, dash back into the house without bothering with the native wildlife round-up. That would be Zig, Zag, Hali, Chester, Atticus and Marty and they are quite a daunting bunch who know how to slip through the gates and line up in the mudroom. The one regular size critter that they will tolerate at the trough with them is Saki who never wastes any time nosing around the yard when he could be lining up for his grub.  Mary gets the others organized into smaller groups for the feeding frenzy while Kelsea prepares the various meals and what can take thirty minutes to prepare, takes about five minutes to consume. I am in group three and I enjoy the meal before heading back outside with a dog biscuit. 

    The snow continued to fall most of the day and there was a stiff easterly wind behind it but we didn't let that get in the way of our fun. Kelsea took most of us over to the cabana while Mary took charge of the rest in the house. As the snow started to pile up, Owen T's human arrived at the gate to get him and shortly after that, Rollie came by with the plow to push some of the deeper drifted snow out of the way and clear the driveway. When the snow started to ease off, Kelsea took a bunch of us down to the beach where we had a great time snuffling around in the fresh snow and leaving lots of tracks for anyone who might come along after we left. I stuck close to Kelsea and her puppy, Lavie so I could watch the antics of the others and have some stuff to report. Mostly, they raced around and splashed in the tide pools and soon we found ourselves heading back to the house where Kelsea got busy with some shoveling, snow as well as horse manure, as she cleaned the barn for Mary. 

    After that long snowy beach walk we were all tuckered out so we napped until it was time for dinner and then Marley got picked up by her human and we settled down to a long quiet evening. I had time to get my observations recorded in the DogBlog after we took our late night walk, which was very exciting as Duke kept barking at some mysterious intruder and getting everyone riled up.  


    February 15, 16 & 17, 2018 - Another catch-up DogBlog. 

      I can't believe how lazy and unreliable this younger generation of critters can be as I haul myself from my death bed to try and get the DogBlog up-to-date. I left Arthur   in charge on Thursday as I had to go to the Grooming Salon with Owen and Chester. I guess Mary figured I should look my best if I do breathe my last, any time soon, and I have to say I felt a lot better after a bubble bath and a trim.  I should have known that Arthur would be totally distracted by such a perfect stick and he would forget all about keeping track of the day's activities. 

    By the time we got back from the groomer, I had to retire to my bed and rest and I only woke up long enough to eat the pork chop Mary prepared for my dinner. That's when I found out that Stephane's brother Kirt was here helping out while Kelsea had a special school assignment and couldn't come today. Kirt tried his best to keep the bunch of critters busy and they did Poop Patrol with him while Stephanie was busy welcoming Oliver, Benson and Juno. The other arrivals on Thursday were our old friends, Brenna and Pepper, the Collies, and as usual their human brought treats, for the horses, for Audrey, the barn cat, for Mary, Stephanie and Kelsea, I had some difficulty getting any details from Arthur about the high points of the day. He spent most of his time following Owen around, comparing haircuts and I had to listen to Hali and Chester tell me about their time spent getting bathed and clipped.   

    Friday was another day of rain so I slept in and Kelsea took the gang over to the cabana so they cold wrestle and play inside and stay dry. Stephanie came up, on her day off, to help out since Mary had to go into the city for another appointment and she was there when Winnie and our Doodle buddy, Owen, from down the road, arrived. Once everyone was introduced to Owen , Stephanie was able to resume her day-off plans and the critters played and hung out with Kelsea until Mary got back. Then Mary made me some lunch and I settled down in a comfy corner, while she got caught up on the phone calls and emails. That's when I tried to get some good gossip for the DogBlog but no one was getting into any trouble or maybe they just weren't getting caught. It continued to rain for the rest of the day and into the evening so most of the pack were happy to nap until it was time for the late walk. 

    Now Saturday was a lovely sunny day, still cold mind you, but when the sun is warming the south end of the house, we can put up with some cold. Mind you, I didn't get out of bed until almost noon so by that time it was almost tropical in the house. Karter joined the party just after breakfast  and he is staying much longer than his usual golf-weekend which means there was a big supply of his raw meat destined for the freezer. The gang were still giving Karter a thorough inspection when we were introduced to a new friend call Otis,. He is a cousin of our old gal friend, Lumie, and just nine months old and a real friendly guy who loves to play chase. He got to meet everyone except me and Flika since we were both sound asleep when he arrived and we saw no reason to get out of bed to sniff bums with a nine month old pup. Otis played with us for about half and hour and it sounds like he will be coming to stay for a week when Lumie is here this spring. 

    Stephanie got busy snapping some photos  while they awaited the arrival of  Snoopy who is coming just for the weekend. 





    After lunch Stephanie gave Flika a lovely bath and the others continued their regular round of games throughout the afternoon. Around three o'clock they took a long walk with Mary and then were encouraged to rest until dinner time.  After Stephanie got us all fed, she went home and she will enjoy a two day break with her family so we won't likely see her until Tuesday. Kelsea is back tomorrow and she'll be bringing her puppy, LavIe so everyone is hoping for some good weather so they can get down to the beach. 


    February 14, 2018 - Grooming, Games and Gaelic. 

    Wednesday turned out to be a busy day for many reasons. First, it was house cleaning day, it was also grooming day for Arthur and Hali who had a ten o'clock Scruff to Fluff appointment, LaVie was dropped off early and Lola and Hunter both arrived and Mary and Stephanie had to move us over to the cabana before Mary left for the groomer. Some of us didn't cooperate as well as we should have so Stephanie had to resort to leashes in order to get all of us moved and Mary got the car loaded and took off, late for the groomer. That's when Norman arrived to spend the day and he was happy to join in the fun as the rest of us had lots of time to play while the house was getting cleaned. 

    Poppy's human arrived to take her home and they had a very happy reunion. Stephanie used the rest of the morning to get some more photos of us  (as if there aren't enough) and we cooperated by taking the time to pose for her. Kali and Jasper both got lovely close up shots as well as an action shot. 


    Hunter, Marty and Norman enjoyed the photo session.  


    We all moved back to the house with Stephanie so she could get her lunch and a short while after, Mary arrived back with Owen and Hali, both of them fragrant and looking very spiffy. 

         Hali's Haircut   

    Our little Westie friend, Kelty, arrived for his mid-winter vacation and he and Max hit it off right away. It seems they both speak the same Gaelic tongue and they referred to their family as a bunch of 'abhag' which didn't sound very flattering. Max suggested they go for a 'coisich' around the fields and Kelty was happy to follow along. While all this was going on, dinner time was fast approaching so LaVie and Norman both made their exit and Stephanie started the preparations. We were all good eaters and, once fed, we laid down and had long naps, not even noticing when Lola was picked up by her human.      



    February 13, 2018 - Jiminy, it's Jasper.

    This was last evening's spectacular sunset     which promised a sunny day to come and that's what we got. Tuesday dawned clear and cold and Benny arrived at the gate, along with LaVie, wanting to spend the day playing and running and making new friends. We were happy to oblige and in between the outings , we enjoyed the warm sunroom. 



    At noon our buddy Jasper D got here and he was real excited to see all of us even though he hadn't met some of us before. He was happy to race around the yard with anyone who could run as fast as him or faster and Kali along with Hubble were happy to show off their talents. Mary had a job on her list that she wanted to get done so out came the tools and the tape measure. During those wind storms in January, the big wooden garbage box that normally was on the veranda got blown off and ended up on the north side of the house. Since then, with all the rain, it got water logged many times which made it too heavy to move so the job today was to put rope handles on it so she and Stephanie could get it back on the veranda.  After trying two drills, three batteries and four drill bits, the holes were made, the rope handles were operational and the box was back on the veranda. Scratch that job off the list! 

    Just in time as the afternoon departures were soon upon us with Hubble and LaVie being picked up, then Stanley and Gracie and Benny all departing for home. We had our dinner and then said goodbye to Tali and rushed back inside to grab our favorite dog bed for our after dinner nap.    


    February 12, 2018 - Saying goodbye to Biscuit.  

    Our day got off to a sad start as we had to say goodbye to our dear girl, Biscuit  .  She was thirteen years old and very tired so she stopped wanting to live. Meals were always of top importance in Biscuit's life and when she decided that she didn't want to eat anymore, we knew she had turned a corner and there was no going back. She was the most agreeable and friendly Yellow Lab, with a lot of patience and a very strong desire to please people as well as her own kind. The beach was Biscuit's favorite place and today when her friends went for their walk, a tribute to Bisquit was left behind by Ellie. Please forgive the spelling ... Ellie's only six. 


    We were a very lively group that raced down the hill this morning to explore the beach and play our games of chase, splashing through the tide pools. 



    When we got back from the beach, Mary had lunch ready so we took the opportunity to have a nap in the sunroom. In celebration of the plus nine degree, no wind and no rain day, the horses got saddled up and Stephanie and Mariah took them out in the North Field to stretch their legs but after such a long winter break they were feeling a little frisky and Thor decided to try unseating Mariah. She managed to stay on after several balks and small bucks but eventually when she let down her guard he managed to buck her off into the mud. Her pride was the only thing hurt so she took him around a couple more times so he wouldn't get the idea that he could get back to his hay by doing his rodeo bronc routine.  

    We had been enjoying the comforts of the sunroom while all of this was going on and soon it was time for Caper and Oliver to say so long and head home so we could have our dinner. The temperature began to drop sharply and the wind picked up briskly from the North-West so that when we took our last walk at ten o'clock, we hustled pretty quick in order to keep warm.     


    February 10 & 11, 2018 - Meeting Trudie and a rainy weekend.  

    The rain this weekend didn't stop us from enjoying two trips to the beach. Charlie and Luna arrived right after breakfast for an overnight stay and they were both keen to set off for the beach but we had to wait until our visitor, Trudie, arrived. She was a Yellow Lab lady, very friendly and happy to go for a walk around the fields with us in spite of the cold. She would like to stay with us when her humans are travelling and she seemed to be pretty happy with the situation here so it looks like it's a go. 

    Stephanie took us down to the beach for a long walk in spite of the cold and we had a good time with plenty to investigate, lots of balls to chase and a Bald Eagle to keep us company.  




    Sunday was even rainier than Saturday but Kelsea found a short window of opportunity when it wasn't too bad and took us down to or favorite place. Rooney, our Chocolate Lab buddy, had arrived to spend the day with us and he was real happy that he didn't miss the beach hike. We did lots of swimming and racing around before heading back to the house to get dried off and have a nap while Kelsea had a bowl of turkey soup. In the afternoon, our little buddies, Hubble and Tali , were dropped off to spend a couple of days with their friends and that created lots of excitement since both of them are fast moving and love a game of chase.  It was busy for the next hour or so as Packer was picked up by his human and then Rooney said his goodbyes and Kelsea started getting our dinner ready. 

    After we all ate and found a comfy dog bed, we only opened an eye briefly when Charlie and Luna departed and we hardly even noticed when Marley was picked up. And the rain continues tonight so Mary will have a tough time convincing us to go for a late walk.  


    February 9, 2018 - Henry, Nash and Dash

    Friday and we welcomed back our regular day players,  Henry and Nash. They were both excited to be back for a visit along with Winnie and they were even more excited when they heard a beach hike was in the plan with Kelsea.  The line up for the beach included, Gracie M and Gracie B, Cuffs, Henry, Nash. Poppy, Duke, Saki and just as they were going through the gate, Packer drove up and raced down the hill to join the fun. While they were exploring the piles of driftwood and seaweed and wading across the channel, Mary was busy introducing the rest of the gang to a new friend, Dash.  He was a Husky type, five months old from Northern Labrador with the sweetest face you ever did see and he loved meeting all the critters. He was still at the house when the gang got back from the beach so he got a  thorough inspection from a lot of big dogs and he was well matched to LaVie when it came to play techniques. He got along so well that it looks like he will be welcome to come back. 

    Our little buddy, Marty arrived for a two week stay and as usual he had to go out and inspect every fence post and tree and introduce himself to all the other critters. The afternoon was spent playing lots of games, wrestling and chasing and napping and when our gal Marley arrived, we got to do it all over again. We had to say goodbye to Henry and Nash, then Gracie M and Winnie, who's humans brought two  big bags of carrots for the horses and a big box of dog biscuits for us. After dinner, we were all ready for a long nap after such a busy day. 



    February 8, 2018 - Inspecting the beach after the storms. 

    Thursday we went to the beach with Kelsea and Stephanie and we had a good time. Oliver and Benson came for the day and Gracie M arrived for an overnight stay so it was a fun-filled beach crowd that raced down to the shore around ten o'clock. Kelsea had her puppy, LaVie with her and she is getting to be a real fine looking Black Lab girl. 




    The recent storms have left their mark on the beach and the big waves have been eroding the bank. The Bell Buoy that got swept ashore after the big storm in January is still upended on the gravel beach. The Coast Guard must be very busy these days since they haven't come to put it back in it's proper location at the mouth of Chezzetcook Harbour. The Harlequin ducks seem to be content to stick around as long as the ice doesn't get in their way.  


    Once we got back to the house, it was time for a warm up nap and some lunch for Kelsea and Stephanie. Today's menu was Meat Loaf, still warm from the oven along with smashed potatoes and sliced carrots followed by butterscotch pudding with bananas and whipped cream. The afternoon passed quickly with a few walks and lots of play until it was time for Pace to go home.  Her human arrived with two boxes of fancy donuts but I don't think we're going to get a taste. They got divided up between Kelsea, Stephanie and Mary and we're sure they are not going to be around for long. Oh well, we enjoyed our dinner after Oliver and Benson went home and had a quiet evening in front of the TV where Max keeps us on our toes, alerting us to the presence of any animal on the screen. 


    February 7, 2018 - Fun with Murphy, LaVie and Norman.  

    Wednesday was house cleaning day and we waited until Norman got here to spend the day with us before we headed over to the cabana with Stephanie. Little Murphy was also here for the day and he played with LaVie until they were both worn out. Mary had to go back into the city for an appointment  and she is going to pick up Saki while she is there. We enjoyed the pleasant weather and the vast expanse of the North Field was our playground. There were lots of interesting smells and trails to follow since a lot of wildlife passes through everyday and it was great fun to jump up and down on the patches of ice and make them crack. ‚Äč




    Once the house was cleaned, we headed back there so Stephanie could have some lunch and we enjoyed the warm sunroom while we waited for Mary to get back with our old buddy, Saki. He was pretty excited to see us and wanted to go out and explore all the hot spots before Murphy and Norman had to head home. We hear there is another storm forecast for tonight, the same pattern that we have had recently. Snow, followed by freezing rain followed by rain and lots of high winds. Sure enough, when we went out for our last walk, the snow had covered the ground and it was already raining.   


    February 6, 2018 - Sunny weather but sad news.

    It was back to a sunny and pleasant Winter day today after the fifty plus mm of rain yesterday. Kali was dropped off before breakfast so she could have her play day and Oliver, having spent Monday at home, dropped by as well. The regular Tuesday boy, Benny, got here just after Oliver and  then LaVie joined the fun. This foursome were off to the races along with Cuffs and Max and for the next hour they pretty much just had a good time. They welcomed Pace into the game when she arrived for a short stay and we all raced outside to say hello to the newest arrival. 

    Mary had a long list of errands that needed to be done so she left around ten o'clock, hoping to be back by noon. Well, as usual, she underestimated and she didn't get back until two o'clock with a carload of groceries and road salt. We had spent most of the day outside enjoying our play time and it didn't take much persuasion for Mary to convince us to come inside and let Stephanie have a break so she could go and pick up Ellie. 

    Here are some of the photos that Stephanie took while we were outside enjoying the sun and mild temperatures. 


    Biscuit, age thirteen years, and Atticus, soon to be twelve years, discuss the merits of being seniors while Flika, at fourteen years, refuses to admit that she's slipped past her 'Best Before Date' and Kali tries to get a valuable stick away from LaVie. 


    Pace, Oliver and Cuffs are always looking for some adventure but at this time of year, there isn't much wildlife to investigate. They'd be lucky if they see a pheasant or a raven. 


    Max looks like he's on a mission of some kind while Hali, Duke and Chester wait for the first opportunity to get back into the warm sunroom. 


    At least some critters enjoy posing for their pictures, like Gracie, Benny and LaVie. 

    We did get some news that would touch just about everyone here. Willow, our wonderful friend and Golden Girl, will no longer be coming to stay as she passed away yesterday. She would have been twelve years old on her next birthday and she was a best friend and mentor to hundreds of dogs over the past ten years. Mary said that she was an excellant water dog, she could swim all day and never failed to bring back those orange balls that drifted out too far in the waves. She was loving, well mannered and full of fun and she will be missed by all of us. 


    October 2007                                             October 2017 


    Time raced by and it was soon time for Oliver, Benny and Kali to go home and we all got ready for our dinner after which we curled up on our favourite dog beds and had a long nap. 

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